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  1. Richard Shatswell: Birth: ABT 1627 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Death: 16 JUL 1694 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

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a. Note:   The name of John's first wife is unknown, though she was the mother of Richard. Richard was born about 1627 and, by the time John arrived in Ipswich in 1633, he was was already married to Joanna. From Savage (4:157) "JOHN, Ipswich 1633, was fined, 3 Sept. by our Gen. Ct. for distemper in drink, but 5 yrs. aft. half of the fine was remit. and he was much more correct in deportm." He became, according to the History of Ipswich, Deacon of the First Church. From "Historical and Genealogical Shatswells of Ipswich, No 1" by Augustine Caldwell, p. 1-4: John and Johanna Shatswell came to Ipswich in 1633. He was one of the first to erect a house for himself, and was appointed a surveyor of the land upon which others built. His homestead is still in possession of his descendants, and has never been out of the name. The lands granted to John Shatswell in April, 1635, are found recorded by the Clerk in 1635, April 20, as follows: 'April 20, 1635. Their was granted to John Shatswell, about six acres of ground uppon percell whereof the said John Shatswell hath built an house, lying betweene Mr. Wades house lott on the East, and Mr. Firmans on the west, hauving goodman webster house lotte on the north east. Also a percell of land part marsh part upland, containing twenty-five acres in the whole, lying between Mr. Dudley's toward the Southland humphrey Bradstreet towards the North. Also a farme containing two hundred acres lying beyond the North commonly called Egypt River, adjoying to the bounds of Newbery.' John Shatswell's will was proved 30 March 1646 and was recorded as follows (Essex County Probate Records, Vol 1, page 61, 62):. 'The Last will and Testament of me John Satchwell of Ipswich, though weak in body yet in perfect sence and memory, doe comend my Soul to God who gave it, and my body to ye dust whence it was at first, til the resurrection which I doe expect. And for my Estate I give to my Sonne Richard all my Houses and Land with their appertenances except that part of the 25 acre Lott, from the uper end of the plowd land and soe downward to the sea, and sixtenn acres of pasture beyond Muddy River, part of the Ox pasture toward Rowley, which parcels of Land I give to Johan y wife, during her natural Life, and to her Issue if She have any, and for want of such Issue. Then to return to Richard, my Sonne, his heirs and assigns: further, it is hereby provided and my Will is, That Johan, my wife, shall have the use of my Houses, Barn, Cow-House, Orchard, half my particular (?) during her natural life, or untill she can coneniently provide otherwise for herself. And my will is that if Richard shall not marry with Rebecca Tuttle, which is now intended, Then my Wife shall have her being in the House, as is before mentioned, during her life, unless she see good to dispose of her Self otherwise. But in case my Sonne Richard should decease without Issue lawfully begotten of his body, Then my will is that all that Estate that is not given to his wife, by joynture, shall return to Johan, my wife, if then iving, and if both depart this life without Issue, then my will is. That such Estate of Land as remayne, should be equally divided between my brother and sisters Children that are here in New England. I doe hereby give to my brother Theophilus Satchwell my best Cloth Sute and Coate. To my brother Curwin my stffe Sute. To my Sister Webster about Leaven yards of Stuff to make her a Sute and alsoe a young Heiffer thought to be with calf. Farther I doe hereby make my wife Sole Execitrix and to receive what is due to me, and also to pay if I do owe wnything to any that is justly due. In Wittnesse of this my last Will and Testaent I doe hereto sett my hand the day and yeare first above written. These words (of Land as remayne) were interlined before subcription here of. John Satchwsell Subscribed in the presence of Jonathan Wade, James How. ' This will was moved in Court Holden at Ipsich, 30th March, 1647, uypon the oath of Jonathan Wade and James Hoe. The inventory of the estate of John Shatswell mentions Land in England, 18; Carpet; Curtains; Valence; Matts and Cords, four bibles and several books." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.