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  1. Mary LAMB: Birth: 7 MAR 1680/81 in Roxbury Village (Suffolk) Massachusetts Bay Colony. Death: 3 JUL 1755 in Suffield Village (Hartford) Connecticut Colony

a. Note:   1642, November 27: Joshua, a son of Thomas and Dorothy (Harbottle) Lamb, was born at Roxbury Settlement, Massachusetts Bay Colony. 1642, November 28: He was baptized at Roxbury, Massachusetts. "Thomas Lamb of Roxbury, Massachusetts" by Patricia C. Lamb from "The American Genealogist" 1980 (Per SCGS) * Joshua Lamb served in the King Philip War and was paid �2-02.10 at Roxbury and credited under Captain Thomas Brattle. "Thomas Lamb of Roxbury, Massachusetts" by Patricia C. Lamb from "The American Genealogist" 1980 (Per SCGS) 1676, April 17: Ownership of Roanoke Island: "To All Christian People to whom these presents shall come, greeting: Know ye that I Sir William Berkeley, Knight, Captain General and Chief Governor of Virginia and one of the Proprietors of Carolina and Albemarie send Greeting, Know yee that I the said William Berkeley for and in consideration of the sum of �100 Sterling to me in hand already paid or secured to be paid have Bargained, sold, agreed, alienated, enfeeoffed, and confirmed and by these presents Do fully Clearly and absolutely bargain sett Alienate enfeoffe and confirm unto JOSHUA LAMB of New England, Merchant, the whole Island of Roanoke Scituate and Being in the County of Albermarie in the Province of Carolina, Together with [sic ] is thereon standing Growing or being with all the Profits privileges and advantages, thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining and also all the Cattle hoggs and other Stock with the Marishes houses and Buildings thereon, he the said Joshua Lamb, To have and to hold the premises and every part and parcell thereof to him his heirs, Executors, Administrators and Assigns forever free from any lett hindrance or molestation of me the said Sir William Berkeley or any other person or persons Whatsoever, And I do hereby further Authorize and Impower the said Joshua lamb his heirs Executors, Administrators and Assigns to enter upon & possess himself of all and every of the premises and to oust Eject and Expell any person or persons whatsoever pretending any right, Title or Interest thereunto. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Seventeenth Day of April, 1676. WILLIAM BERKELEY (Seal) Signed Sealed and Delivered in the prsence of James Bray, Darby Maguire, John Culpepper This 20th Day of December, 1676, p me Paul Latham Clerk Cout. John Culpepper this 19th December 1677, that he was present and saw Sir William Berkeley sign and seal the above mentioned Deed to which his name is Subscribed as a witness. Taken before us Simon Bradstreet, Edward Tyng assistants p Isa Addington Cler. A true copy as is entered with the Records of Deeds for the County of Suffolk, MA Libre 13, folio 180, etc; Examined p John Ballentine Regr. 1678, October: In answer to the petition of Zachariah Whitman, JOSHUA LAMBE and John Alcock, children and heirs of the estate of the late Mr. John Alcock, phisition, humbly desirng liberty to exchange a parcill of land assigned to their brother Palsgrave Alcoks, with a like quantity and goodness from Joseph Dudley, Esquire, the Court grants their petition and allows them liberty for the said exchange. "Thomas Lamb of Roxbury, Massachusetts" by Patricia C. Lamb from "The American Genealogist" 1980 (Per SCGS) 1679, February 6: Joshua Lambe et ux Mary, granted to Samuel Ruggles, Jr., one-half part of 24 acres Land in Roxbury, on the hills near the meeting-house, the common and highway North and West; Samuel Ruggles and (unknown) Tay South; land late of John Watson and John Chandler and homestead of John Alcock, deceased, East. "Thomas Lamb of Roxbury, Massachusetts" by Patricia C. Lamb from "The American Genealogist" 1980 (Per SCGS) 1681, July 11: The fire - Maria, a negro servant to Joshua Lambe of Roxbury, in the county of Suffoike in New England, being presented by the Grand Jury was indicted by the name of Maria Negro for not having the feare of God before hir eyes and being instigated by the devil at or upon the eleventh of July last in the night did wittingly, willingly and feloniously set on fire the dwelling house of Thomas Swann of said Roxbury by taking a Coale from under a still and carried it into another roome and laide it on the floore neere the doore and presently went and crept into a hole at a back doore of thy Masters Lambs house and set it on fier also taking a live coale betweene two chips and carried it into the chamber by which also it was consumed. As by uour Confession will appeare contrary to the peace of our Souevaigne Lord the King his croune. (General Court Records, Massachusetts Bay Colony) "The Descendants of Thomas Lamb of Roxbury, Massachusetts" by James Gordon Lamb; Privately published; Houston, Texas, 1993 (Private Collections) * Joshua Lamb was a witness for the will of John Clapp who was a grandson of John Gorham who married Desire Howland, daughter of John Howland of Mayflower fame. (Barbara Webster, GenWeb) "The Pioneers of Massachusetts: a descriptive list, drawn from records of the colonies, towns, and churches, and other contemporaneous documents" by Charles Henry Pope; The Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc.; Baltimore, Maryland; 1965 (974.4 P81P, 1965 ACPL) 1681, August 13: Caleb Lamb and JOSHUA LAMB Lamb pledged bond of �20 to the Selectmen that the town shall be at no charge because of the late wife of John Culpepper as long as she is Roxbury. "Town Records of Roxbury Massachusetts, 1647 to 1730" 1686, December: Lambstown Plantation/Hardwick, Massachusetts - Joshua Lamb acquired title from the Indians for �20 to the land upon which Hardwick, Massachusetts was later founded. Before Hardwick was incorporated it was known as Lambstown Plantation. 1) The Nipmuck Indians returned to the Massachusetts Colonies after King Philip's War. They asserted their hereditary rights to the land. The English recognized their valid claim. The Colony Charter was abrogated in 1684. The inhabitants of many towns then tried to obtain title which might be respected, and procured and placed on record deeds of release and warranty from the aboriginal owners. Others purchased tracts of unoccupied territory, intending to organize new townships where they would have refuge if driven from their present habitations by arbitrary power. 2) For the sum of �20, current money of New England: JOSHUA LAMBE, Nathaniel Paige, Andrew Gardiner, Benjamin Gamblin, Benjamin Tucker, John Curtis, Richard Draper and Samuel Ruggles of Roxberry; their hers and assigns�the following: A certain parcel of land, estimated at 12 mites long, n and s times 8 miles e and w, near Quabaug, known as Wombemesiscook, etc. Signed by: John Magus and seale; Lawrence Nasowanno, his mark and seale; James, his mark and scale. 3) Proprietors-owners petitioned for legal recognition of title. Refused several times, the reason being that all of the land could not be found in the records. The owners finally received recognition. The Council concurred on June 20nd and Govenor Belcher consented on June 30, 1732. This land was to be settled in five years; 60 families, natives of New England. 4) A legal meeting was called by Joseph Ruggles in Roxbury on December 27, 1732. They voted and chose JOSHU LAMB, JR., Esquire, Moderator of said meeting. (All original grantees were deceased.) Heirs were received as associates. Voted Colonel JOSHUA LAMB as one of a Committee of five to manage settling according to warrant. Joshua drew 100 acres by lot. He was evidently the sole owner of the share purchased by his father. Hardwick was incorporated on January 10, 1739. "History of Hardwick, Massachusetts, with a genealogical register" by Lucius Robinson Paige; Houghton, Mifflin and Company; 1883 (974.402 H22P ACPL) 1690, September 23: Joshua Lamb, died at Roxbury Village (Suffolk) Massachusetts Bay Colony. "Thomas Lamb of Roxbury, Massachusetts" by Patricia C. 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