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Marriage: Children:
  1. Matilda Ware: Birth: 4 Jun 1805 in Valley Head, Randolph County, Virginia. Death: 18 Jan 1864 in Mingo, Randolph County, West Virginia

  2. Hiram Ware: Birth: Abt 1807 in Valley Head, Randolph County, Virginia. Death: Abt 1879 in Randolph County, West Virginia

  3. Harvey Ware: Birth: 22 Mar 1807 in Randolph County, Virginia. Death: 14 Apr 1898 in Braxton County, West Virginia

  4. Ruth Ware: Birth: Abt 1808 in Valley Head, Randolph County, Virginia. Death: Bef 1870 in Lewis County, West Virginia

  5. Edward Wesley Ware: Birth: 22 Jun 1810 in Valley Head, Randolph County, Virginia. Death: 25 Mar 1895 in Webster County, West Virginia

  6. Lucinda Ware: Birth: Abt 1811 in Valley Head, Randolph County, Virginia. Death: 7 May 1889 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia

  7. Andrew William Ware: Birth: 13 Feb 1812 in Randolph County, Virginia. Death: 27 Oct 1875 in Braxton County, West Virginia

  8. Benoni T. Ware: Birth: 12 Nov 1814 in Randolph County, Virginia. Death: 9 Nov 1886 in Barbour County, West Virginia

  9. Richard Brooks Ware: Birth: Abt 1816 in Randolph County, Virginia.

  10. Elizabeth A. Ware: Birth: Abt 1817 in Randolph County, Virginia. Death: Abt 1838 in Randolph County, Virginia

  11. George Washington Ware: Birth: 23 Nov 1819 in Valley Head, Randolph County, Virginia. Death: 19 Nov 1900 in Valley Head, Randolph County, West Virginia

  12. James Randolph Ware: Birth: 26 Jun 1821 in Valley Head, Randolph County, Virginia. Death: 10 May 1897 in Barbour County, West Virginia

  13. Jacob See Ware: Birth: Abt 1823 in Valley Head, Randolph County, Virginia. Death: 5 Feb 1865 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee

  14. Infant Ware: Birth: Abt 1825. Death: Abt 1825

  15. John Newton Ware: Birth: Jul 1827 in Randolph County, Virginia. Death: Abt 1906 in Valley Head, Randolph County, West Virginia

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a. Note:   NI1 �Cb�DBIOGRAPHY:�C/b�D Richard Ware (1764-1834) "Richard Ware may have been born in Scotland about 1764 and came to America with a brother settling in Alexander, Virginia in 1774. Richard and Mary "Polly" Wilson were married 24 June 1804. George Wilson, his father-in-law, lived at Elkwater, Virginia. Surely Richard and Polly had a strong spirit of adventure to have made their home at Valley Head, a beautiful wild forested land with the waters of the Tygart Valley River nearby. Fish and wildlife were abundant. I think this reminded him of his homeland and that it would be a perfect place to raise sheep, cows, horses and pigs, just like in Scotland. Of course he had to build a home large enough for a growing family, but after all, there were many neighbors to help him. His land would be a place to farm. The meadows and hillsides were a wonderful place for hunting all kinds of animals. The last buffalo in West Virginia was killed in Valley Head, Randolph County in 1825. His rifle was very important in this land for food or to kill dangerous animals such as, panthers and wolves. The fur trade was important too. This was also Indian ground. For many years the Shawnee and Mingo tribes like to come back to Valley Head to hunt. My father lived a short time on Windy Run and found several Indian relics and flint arrowheads. He also found some on his own farm on Conley Run, not too far from Valley Head. Richard had a tomahawk, but I never heard where it came from. Previous to peace with the Indians, some forts were built along the Tygart Valley River for the protection of the pioneer settlers, but at the Richard settled here, there was peace in the valley. The Scots were known for their individualism, independence, self reliance and resourcefulness. I am sure this applied to Richard and Polly as they struggled for survival in this new and vital land", [Note #1]. Richard Ware was a constable in Randolph County from 1799-1804. His duties during this period of time were the same as sheriff. Presumably he worked in the Valley Head, Elkwater area which was near his home, [Note #2].�Ci�D�Csup�D �C/i�D�C/sup�DRichard served in the War of 1812 under the command of Lt. Colonel William Boyd's Co., 9�Csup�Dth �C/sup�DRegiment, Virginia Militia. He served for 9 days from 2 Dec to 10 Dec, 1814, [Note #3]. He was given several land grants in Randolph County, Virginia. Many soldiers were given these land grants. The Grants were made by Lord Fairfax of Virginia prior to the Virginia Land Office, by the Commonwealth of Virginia of Lands now embracing the state of West Virginia, and by the state of West Virginia under its first constitution. Richard received 100 acres of land was joint owner of another 500 acres with Michael Huffman between 1825 and 1832 in Randolph County, Virginia, [Note #4].�Ci�D�Csup�D �C/i�D�C/sup�D Richard and Polly were the first pioneers to be buried in the Valley Head Cemetery, a piece of land donated by Richard to the community as a burial place. He died in 1834 of dropsy, and Polly died of tuberculosis in 1828. A tall tombstone marks their burial place in the center of the cemetery. Their children were: Matilda, Lucinda, Elizabeth, Richard Brooks, George Washington, James Randolph, Jacob See, John Newton, Benoni T, Hiram, Edward and Andrew. Many of these children, grandchildren and other family members are also buried in this area. �Cb�D[Note]�C/b�D #1.�Ci�D "The Channel Family"�C/i�D�Csup�D �C/sup�Dby Rose Channel / Phillips (Compiled papers, 1983). �Csup�D �C/sup�D#2.�Ci�D "Mountain Heritage Self-government"�C/i�D, 4th Edition, p.45, by Dr. Norman Simpkins (McClain Printing Co, Parsons, West Virginia. 1980). #3.�Ci�D "Virginia Militia in the War of 1812", �C/i�DVol. II, (Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, Maryland, 2001). These Muster Rolls were part of a supplement to the Pay Rolls printed and distributed in 1851. #4.�Ci�D Virginia Land Office Patens & Grants/Northern Neck Grants & Surveys�C/i�D. Part of the index to the recorded copies of grants issued by the Virginia Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at The Library of Virginia. �Cb�DLAST WILL & TESTAMENT:�C/b�D Richard Ware I Richard Ware of the County Randolph do hereby make up my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say. First I desire that all the perishable part of my estate, after paying my debts and funeral expenses, to equally divided amongst my children Matilda, Lucinda, Elizabeth, Richard B, George, James, Jacob and John Ware. Secondly, Benoni T Ware, I give one hundred acres of land of a four hundred acre survey held by me and Michael Huffman and to be taken from the said four hundred acre survey agreeable to an artical of agreement between Michael Huffman and me. Thirdly, I give to my sons James, Jacob and John Ware, one hundred acres of land from my home plantation. Fourthly, I give to my sons, Richard B and George, two hundred acres of land entered in my name on the Windy Run, and lastly, do constitute and appoint my son, Hiram Ware, Executor of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affirmed my seal this nineteenth day of March 1834. Signed, sealed, published and delivered by Richard Ware at and for his last will and testament in the presence and hearing of us who at his request and in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses. John Crouch, Matthew Whitman. Randolph County Court, June Term 1834. This last will and testament of Richard Ware deceased was proven in court and order to be.
b. Note:   NF1
Note:   Mary "Polly" Wilson, age-19 and d/o George Wilson of Elkwater, Randolph Co, Virginia married Richard Ware, age-40 of Valley Head, Randolph Co, Virginia. Marriage was preformed by Robert Maxwell on 24 Jun 1804 in Randolph Co, Virginia. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.