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Marriage: Children:
  1. Conrad J. Ash: Birth: Abt 1816 in Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 9 Feb 1899 in Shelby County, Indiana

  2. Melinda Ash: Birth: 1 Jul 1817 in Harrison County, Virginia. Death: Aft 1881 in Newton, Jasper, Iowa, United States

  3. Elijah K. Ash: Birth: 30 Sep 1819 in Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 16 Oct 1899 in Appleton, Swift County, Minnesota

  4. James Washington Ash: Birth: 13 Sep 1823 in Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 22 Jul 1897 in Rushville, Rush County, Indiana

  5. Adam C. Ash: Birth: Abt 1824 in Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 22 Feb 1890 in Custer County, Nebraska

  6. Jennetta Ash: Birth: Oct 1824 in Harrison County, Virginia. Death: Abt 1905 in Kansas

  7. Eli Devil Catcher Ash: Birth: 11 Sep 1825 in Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 23 Apr 1904 in Center, Howard County, Indiana

  8. Elizabeth Ash: Birth: 19 Dec 1828 in Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 16 Nov 1921 in Aubry, Johnson County, Kansas

  9. John G. Ash: Birth: 23 Oct 1829 in Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 20 Apr 1868 in Mannington Twp., Marion County, West Virginia

  10. Sarah Ash: Birth: Nov 1835 in Union Twp., Shelby County, Indiana. Death: 29 Mar 1919 in Turman Twp., Sullivan County, Indiana

  11. Japheth Ash: Birth: Abt 1836 in Union Twp., Shelby County, Indiana. Death: 24 Jan 1878 in Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas

  12. Isaac Marshall Ash: Birth: 26 Aug 1837 in Union Twp., Shelby County, Indiana. Death: Jan 1874 in Burton, Wetzel County, West Virginia

  13. Jesse Madison Ash: Birth: 18 Sep 1838 in Hanover Twp., Shelby County, Indiana. Death: 24 Apr 1915 in Garfield, Whitman County, Washington

  14. Mary Adeline Ash: Birth: 22 Jan 1839 in Union Twp., Shelby County, Indiana. Death: 13 Feb 1923 in Miami County, Kansas

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a. Note:   NI11317 �Cb�DBIOGRAPHY: �C/b�DJacob Ash (1791-1849) Jacob Ash and his parents moved from Bedford County, Pennsylvania to Gregory's Run section of Sardis Dist. of Harrison County, Virginia about 1796. He was about five years old then and spent all of his childhood growing up in Harrison County, Virginia. When he was 24 , he met and married Isabella Marsh, daughter of Isaac Elijah and Alathia "Atha" (Hurst) Marsh. Isabella's parents were married in Maryland during 1793. It is unknown when Isaac and his wife moved to Harrison County, Virginia and it is possable that Isabella was born in Maryland shortly after the wedding. Jacob and Isabella were married on 16 Mar 1815 in Harrison County, Virginia. A Marriage Bond was signed by Jacob Ash and Elijah Marsh and dated 11 Mar 1815. It is on file at the Harrison County Courthouse, book 2, pg.479. They lived and started their family in Harrison County Virginia. They had nine children, 6 sons and 3 daughters. Conrad, Jennetta, Melinda, Elijah, James, Adam, Eli, Elizabeth and John were all born in Harrison County. Sometime between 1829 and 1834, Jacob moved his family from Virginia to Union Township, Shelby County, Indiana. This area was located southeast of Indianapolis, between Shelbyville and Rushville and offered lush flat farm land. A far cry from the mountains of now day West Virginia. Here they had four more children, 2 sons and 2 daughters. They were, Sarah, Isaac, Japheth and Adeline. Later, between 1839 and 1842, he moved his family from Union Twp. to Hanover Township in Shelby Co where he lived untill his death in 1848. His last son, Jesse Ash was born in Hanover Twp. about 1842. Hanover Twp is located in the northeast corner of Shelby Co, just north of Union Twp. Jacob and Isabella had a total of 14 children as stated in her obituary, nine sons and five daughters. In 1885, Isabella went to live with her daughter Adeline Crawford in Custer County, Nebraska where she died on May 4, 1885. ============================================================= "Genealogical Information on the Family of Adam and Catherine Ash their Descendants and Related Families" p. 2 CHAPTER ONE THE EARLY ASH FAMILY There is so much information on the early Ash family in America that it is thought best to present here some of the conflicting accounts, early histories and legends, and references to the sources of the information, as a basis for the genealogical information on the Ash family that follows in Chapters two through eleven. There are two accounts on who was the first of our branch of the family in America. Both accounts agree that Jacob Ash, who married Isabella Marsh and had a large family, was a progenitor of ours. It is on who were the parents of this Jacob Ash that will be discussed here. The first account, as related in Wilson's "Genealogy of the Mittong Family and Connections", says that Nicholas Ash was probably the father of Christopher Ash. Nicholas arrived in this country from Alsace-Lorraine on September 4, 1754. The author's assumption that he was the father of Christopher, based on what he thought to be reliable information, caused him to come to the conclusion that Nicholas was the only member of the Ash family that came from Germany to America and settled in Philadelphia, from whence came the descendants of Christopher Ash. However the first census of the United States for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, taken in 17090, lists no less than eighteen persons of the Ash name, residing in Philadelphia and in nearby counties, and the persons listed were only the heads of the families. It is also a matter of record that many of the persons of this name were living in Pennsylvania before 1750, as an early edition of the Archives of Pennsylvania gives many marriages solemnized int he churches in Philadelphia of both men and women of the Ash name, some as early as 1749 and several in 1750 to 1770, other as late as 1790. The Mittong account also says that Christopher Ash Married Liby Swiger and that they were the parents of Jacob Ash who married Isabella Marsh. Supporting this to a great extent is "A Genealogical and Biographical History of the Swiger Family", written by Ira Swiger of Clarksburg, West Virginia. This book was copyrighted in 1916 while the Mittong account was not published until 1925 or later. In the Swiger account, it is stated that Liby Swiger married Christopher Ash and that there were five children, namely: Adam Ash, who married Hannah Hughes in 1825; Coonrod Ash, married in 1822 to Elizabeth Marsh; Peter Ash, married in 1812 to Catherine Wiginer; Jacob Ash, married Isabella Marsh in 1815; and John Ash, married Anna George and lived in Tyler County. The other version of the early Ash family gives Adam and Catherine Ash as the parents of Christopher Ash who married Liby Swiger. Some of the many sources of this version are as given at the end of this chapter. The following is taken from Hardesty's �Ci�D"Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia with Maps and Histories of Marion and Harrison Counties"�C/i�D, published in 1883: "The first cabin in Sardis District, Harrison County, was built by William Johnson. Sometime in 1789, Johnson had gone some distance from home to get salt and when he returned he found his wife and four children missing, the livestock scattered, and the cabin and contents in shambles. The bodies of the children were found some distance away, but Mrs. Johnson was never heard of again. This is the last record of an Indian raid in this section. the second settlement in this district was made on Gregory's Run about 1793, by Adam Ash, and the first child born here was probably Christopher Ash, son of Adam and Catherine Ash." ============================================================= Volunteered to serve the entire War of 1812. Military: private in War of 1812 with VA. Militia. 5th. regiment , Captain Bozarth, Infantry Comm. by Lt. Col. Waddy. Was drafted at Clarksburg, VA. Sept. 1, 1814,Discharged Dec. 10, 1814. Served as a part of the garrison at the fort of Norfolk, placed there to prevent the landing of British ships of War. Widow given a quarter-section of bounty land in Indiana. After marriage settled in Tyler Co. Va. �Cb�DSource:�C/b�D �Ci�DThe Ash Family History�C/i�D by Stephen C. Ash �Ci�DA Genealogical & Biographical History of the Swiger Family�C/i�D, Page 286.
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