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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob Ash: Birth: 18 Oct 1792 in Sardis, Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 15 Oct 1840 in Tyler County, Virginia

  2. Catherine Ash: Birth: 3 Feb 1793 in Sardis, Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 5 Mar 1857 in Harrison County, Virginia

  3. John Jacob Ash: Birth: 16 May 1796 in Sardis, Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 23 Apr 1889 in Doddridge County, West Virginia

  4. Elizabeth Ash: Birth: 26 Dec 1798 in Sardis, Harrison County, Virginia. Death: Bef 1810 in Harrison County, Virginia

  5. Lavinia Ash: Birth: 16 Jan 1800 in Sardis, Harrison County, Virginia. Death: Abt 1885 in Jay County, Indiana

  6. Adam Ash: Birth: 6 Oct 1802 in Sardis, Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 27 Jul 1855 in Doddridge County, Virginia

  7. Sarah Ash: Birth: 13 Mar 1804 in Sardis, Harrison County, Virginia. Death: Aft 1870 in Harrison County, West Virginia

  8. Mary Ash: Birth: 30 Oct 1806 in Sardis, Harrison County, Virginia. Death: Abt 1875 in Doddridge County, West Virginia

  9. Nancy Ash: Birth: 17 Mar 1808 in Sardis, Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 19 May 1893 in Doddridge County, West Virginia

  10. Thomas Ash: Birth: 9 Sep 1809 in Sardis, Harrison County, Virginia. Death: Aft 1880 in Doddridge County, West Virginia

  11. Rebecca Ash: Birth: 8 Sep 1813 in Sardis, Harrison County, Virginia. Death: 2 Aug 1873 in Tyler County, West Virginia

a. Note:   �Cb�D BIOGRAPHY:�C/b�D Christian Ash (1772-1828) Christian, the oldest son of Adam and Catherine Ash, according to all available information, was born on the ocean during the voyage of his parents from Amsterdam, Holland to Philadelphia. His birth was abt. 1772. He married Libby Swiger sometime around 1790 or 1791. Libby was born 17 October 1770, the daughter of John William and Mary Swiger. The name, Libby, was used in both the Mittong and Swiger accounts. This may have been a nickname. All of the written records of Doddridge County gives her name, sometimes Levinia, and at other times it was variously spelled Lovina, Lovinia and Lavinia. For easy reading and following this account, the name Libby will be used. In the book, "Genealogy of the Mittong Family and Connections", by Benjamin F. Wilson, it is said that Libby was the daughter of William and Mary Swiger, and a grand daughter of John Swiger, a native of Germany, who came to America sometime before the Revolution and settled in Philadelphia, where he was engaged in the mercantile business. In the book, "A Genealogical and Biographical History of the Swiger Family", by Ira Swiger, it is stated that John William Swiger and his wife, Mary, immigrated to America and settled in Louden county, Virginia, about 1755. This book gives the children of John William and Mary, as Christian, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Jacob, Libby and Eve. This account differs from the Mittong account in that it states that the Swiger family moved to Fayette County in western Pennsylvania where John William engaged in the mercantile business and had a large distillery in Green County. The year is not given, but it probably was before or during the Revolution. The Swiger account says that after the war, John William Swiger sailed for the homeland to replenish his mercantile stock and was never heard from again and it was presumed that he was lost at sea. His widow and at least some of the children later moved to Harrison County, Virginia where Mary was remarried, and where Libby married Christian Ash. The Mittong account says that Christopher Swiger, brother of Libby, setteled in Doddridge County,Virginia now West Virginia. Both accounts referred to state that John Swiger came into possession of a large sum of Continental money, and that after his death the executors of his estate invested in a large tract of land in what is now Barbour County, West Virginia. This being the only way the new government would redeem the money. Both accounts also say that the heirs failed to pay taxes and revenues on the land and it reverted back to the government. The Swiger account of the parentage of Libby is probably the correct one since she was born in 1770. Had she been the granddaughter of John, her birth year would have been some twenty years later and that would have been about the time she and Christian were married. Peter W. Ash says in the Exponent - Telegram account that Christian settled in Doddridge County, near Center Point, and died there 20 August 1842. The Doddridge County census for 1850 says Lovina Ash was residing with her daughter, Mary, who married James Weekly. Lovina, or Libby, died 20 September 1856 at nearly 86 years old. Another reference to Christian Ash is made in the Swiger account. This book states that Christian came from Germany to Pennsylvania and then to Harrison County, Virginia, sometime after the Swiger family had settled there. It was said that he never was able to talk but broken English, and his wife was German, they both spoke that language instead of English. This account also stated that they settled and died on Gregory's Run. Since they definitely lived in Doddridge County, not Harrison County, it is felt that this reference should have been to Adam and Catherine Ash, not Christian and Libby Ash. All of the available information on the family of Christian and Libby Ash is not set down here. Only the children and their families are shown. There is much more information in the records that have been compiled, but much of it is so sketchy that it would serve no useful purpose. What is shown should allow any of the present descendants of Christian and Liby to build up their complete family history. �Cb�DSource:�C/b�D The following was taken from the article �Ci�D"Genealogical Information on the Family of Adam and Catherine Ash their Descendants and Related Families"�C/i�D compiled by Arvil A. Ash, Fairmont West Virginia, 1961-1964.
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