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Marriage: Children:
  1. Christopher Ash: Birth: Abt 1772 in At Sea. Death: 20 Aug 1828 in Tyler County, Virginia

  2. Henry Ash: Birth: 22 Jan 1774 in Frederick County, Maryland.

  3. Elizabeth Ash: Birth: Abt 1775 in Pennsylvania.

  4. Caroline Ash: Birth: Abt 1778 in Pennsylvania. Death: Abt 1789 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania

  5. Lucinda Ash: Birth: Abt 1780 in Pennsylvania. Death: Abt 1781 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania

  6. Catherine Ash: Birth: Abt 1783 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: Abt 1804 in Harrison County, Virginia

  7. Mary Ash: Birth: Abt 1784 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: Jun 1860 in Harrison County, Virginia

  8. John Ash: Birth: Abt 1785 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 24 Jun 1867 in Tyler County, West Virginia

  9. Eve Ash: Birth: Abt 1787 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 14 Dec 1865 in Harrison County, West Virginia

  10. Margaret Ash: Birth: Abt 1789 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

  11. Jacob Ash: Birth: 30 Aug 1791 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 25 Jun 1849 in Hanover Twp., Shelby County, Indiana

  12. Peter Ash: Birth: 10 Mar 1792 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 30 Mar 1885 in Gregory's Run, Harrison County, West Virginia

  13. Conrad Ash: Birth: 12 Jul 1794 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: Mar 1874 in Gregory's Run, Harrison County, West Virginia

  14. Adam Ash: Birth: Abt 1795 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: Abt 1855 in Harrison County, Virginia

1. Title:   Engagement & Marriage Register. Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
Author:   Evangelical Church (Blessenbacbach, Hessen-Nassau, Germany)

a. Note:   �Cb�D BIOGRAPHY:�C/b�D Johan Adam Esch/Ash (1743/44-1819) Adam Ash was born in Germany, 1 March 1744. He married Catherine Yost, who was also born in Germany abt. 1749. They were married a year or two before they came to America. The year of their immigration is not given, but was probably abt. 1772. Certainly it was before the Revolution [ They were married 21 Mar 1770 and immigrated 24 Dec 1772 ]. They came to America from Amsterdam, Holland. With them on the ocean voyage to Philadelphia, were Adam's two brothers, John and Henry, and their families [ William came abt. 1753 and Henry came in 1754. Adam did not come to America untill 18 years later in 1772 ]. According to the Exponent - Telegram story, it was during the ocean voyage that Adam and Catherine's first child, Christopher, was born. Adam, his brothers and their families settled in Chester County, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Adam enlisted in 1776 and served for a short enlistment in Captain Parker's company, 2nd Battalion, Chester County militia, commanded by Colonel Thomas Hockley. His enlistment was on 5 August 1776 and he left the service on 10 September the same year [ Our Adam never lived in Chester County]. In 1781 he again enlisted, this time in Captain George Ensol's Co. of Bedford County militia. This information is from "West Virginia in the Revolution", by Ross B. Johnson and from the Pennsylvania Archives, Fifth Series, Volume 5, pages 93 and 508. It is also included in the records of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The reference in "West Virginia in the Revolution" says that Adam Ash was probably married in Germany to Catherine Yost, and that he resided in Harrison County, Virginia, after the Revolution. Sometime between his enlistment in Chester County, and before his re-enlistment in 1781, he moved his family some one hundred fifty to one hundred eighty miles westward to Bedford County, Pennsylvania, which at the time was made up of the present counties of Bedford and Somerset. In the Exponent - Telegram story, Peter W. Ash stated that he moved west to near where Brownsville, Pennsylvania, is now located. Since Bedford County as it was then constituted, was several miles to the east of where Brownsville is located, it is felt that the Bedford County, Pennsylvania, place of residence should be given preference. Since the record of his being in the Bedford County militia would indicate he was living there in 1781, and since he did not move to Harrison County, Virginia until 1796, it was thought that he might still have been living in that county in 1790, the year of the first census of the United States. A search was made in the census record of Pennsylvania, which census gave only the names of the heads of families, and it was found that Adam Ash was the head of a family in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and that in his household were listed five free white males under the age of sixteen years and six free white females. Christopher was abt. 18 years of age at the time and may have been married and was not there at the time of the enumeration. An apparent discrepancy in the records is found in the 1850 census for Harrison County, Virginia, the first census that gave the names of all in the household, instead of only the head of the family. This census lists four persons that we know were the children (now adults) of Adam and Catherine Ash. They were May Gain, age 66 years; Eve Gain, age 63 years; Conrad Ash, age 61 years; and Peter Ash, age 59 years. In this census all of these and the husbands of Mary and Eve were listed as having been born in Maryland. There is no record elsewhere that Adam, Catherine and their children ever lived in Maryland although Oressa Teagarden, a descendant of Jacob Ash, states that her mother, Ida Ash Teagarden, often said that her people were from Maryland. As an explanation, it is possible that when living in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, they could have lived so close to the Pennsylvania - Maryland state line, that they carried the impression from their childhood, some sixty years before the 1850 census, that they had lived in Maryland. Another note on the 1790 census for Pennsylvania is a record of a Henry Ash, also of Bedford County. He is listed as the head of a family with four free white males less than sixteen years of age, and one free white female, which might have been his wife or possibly a daughter. There were several John Ashes in other counties in Pennsylvania but none in Bedford County. It is possible that the Henry Ash, listed in Bedford County, and one of the John Ashes were the brothers that came to America with Adam and Catherine. There is a record in Harrison County of a Henry Ash and a Jacob Coon signing the marriage bond of Jacob Coon and Elizabeth Ash, daughter of Adam and Catherine, on 4 February 1797. There is no other record that can be found of a Henry Ash in Harrison County that we have not been able to connect up with the family of Adam and Catherine. Regardless of from near Brownsville, or from Maryland, or from Bedford County, Adam and his family moved to the Gregory's Run section of Sardis District, Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia) about 1796. Adam and Catherine lived out the rest of their lives in this community. Adam died 1 May 1819 and Catherine on 2 February 1830. Both are buried in the old family cemetery on Gregory's Run which is located on a farm that was owned by Archie B. Fortney. The writer visited this cemetery in 1952 and again in 1962. The gravestones of Adam and Catherine were located and are fairly well preserved except that the one for Adam had a cracked due to a flaw in the stone, and sometime during the past ten years has fallen and broken into two pieces. It was not located in 1961, but having evidence that it had been there some ten years before, it was located in 1962 only by uncovering to bare ground the area near the gravestone for Catherine. By the side of the stone for Catherine, is another stone, this one being for Catherine Wigner Ash, wife of Peter Ash who was a son of Adam and Catherine. It is noted here that the spelling on this stone is Catharine. However, in all other records the name is spilled Catherine and this is the spilling that was used in this genealogy. Several of the children and grandchildren of Peter and Catherine are buried here. Some have gravestones, other do not. Many of the stones are getting to be illegible. According to Allie May Fowler, a great -granddaughter of Peter and Catherine Ash, the last person buried here was Mary Ash, known as "Aunt Polly", who was a daughter of Peter and Catherine Ash, and who lived to be nearly 97 years of age. The old log house that served both as a church and a school house and which stood in the churchyard has long since gone and only some stones are left to show where the chimney and foundations once stood. The cemetery is completely grown over with trees, underbrush and vines, and few persons now living in the community know where it is located. According to genealogical information from all available sources, the children of Adam and Catherine Ash were: Christopher, Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary, John, Eve, Margaret, Conrad, Jacob, Peter and Adam. Other than Catherine, these names agree with the names furnished by Dr. Henry and others. Peter W. Ash also gave the names of Caroline and Lucinda as children of Adam and Catherine, but these names cannot be substantiated by any other source. The children named agree with a final settlement of the estate of Adam Ash, found in Harrison County Will Book No. 4, page 429. This accounting was made on 9 February 1822, nearly three years after his death. �Cb�DSourse:�C/b�D �Ci�D"Genealogical Information on the Family of Adam and Catherine Ash their Descendants and Related Families"�C/i�D compiled by Arvil A. Ash, Fairmont West Virginia, 1961 - 1964.
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Note:   His marriage record in Runkel states he is from Blessenbach. The Blessenbach register for the years 1742-1764 are missing, and it is assumed that his birth/Christening would be in it. His marriage record gives his father as Johan Henrich and there is only one man of that name in Blessenbach in that time period, and that man has children in a previous register from 1727-1740 so it is reasonable that Adam's birth would be recorded in the missing register - possibly with other siblings born after 1740.
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