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Marriage: Children:
  1. Stanley Munza: Birth: 20 Jan 1914 in Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia. Death: 11 Jun 1990 in Montana Mines, Marion County, West Virginia

  2. Vincent Walter Munza: Birth: 28 Apr 1915 in Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania. Death: 28 Nov 1995 in Montana Mines, Marion County, West Virginia

  3. Walter William Munza: Birth: 12 Apr 1917 in Watson, Marion County, West Virginia. Death: 22 Apr 1992 in Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio

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  5. John Munza: Birth: 13 Aug 1921 in Marion County, West Virginia. Death: 4 Sep 2002 in Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia

  6. Mary Mierzwa: Birth: Abt 1923 in Montana Mines, Marion County, West Virginia. Death: 1 Oct 1925 in Montana Mines, Marion County, West Virginia

  7. Joseph Munza: Birth: 12 Feb 1926 in Montana Mines, Marion County, West Virginia. Death: 16 Nov 2003 in Lynn Haven, Bay County, Flordia

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a. Note:   <img src=""> �Cb�D BIOGRAPHY:�C/b�D Tomasz Mierzwa�Cb�D �C/b�D(1888-1966)�Cb�D �C/b�DTomasz Mierzwa (Munza) was the son of Marcin (Martin) and Malgorzata (Margaret) Mierzwa. He was born in Zaczernie, Rzeszow, Poland Dec 20, 1888 and had three brothers: Walter, Vincent and Stanley and three sisters Victoria, Marcella and Mary. He immigrated from Zaczernie, Poland and arrived in Baltimore, Maryland Jun 26, 1906. He departed from Bremen, Germany Jun 14, 1906 on the "S.S. Neckar". The ship manifest list him as 18, single worked as a farm laborer. He was able to read and write. His nationality was listed as Russian, which might have been a mistake by the Immigration Officer. Any one living in eastern Poland from 1868 to 1917 had records written in Russian. His final destination was West Seneca, New Jersey to visit his cousin Jan (John) Malck. He had in possession a ticket to his final destination and $12.00 in cash. He was stated as being in good health, mental and physical. His whereabouts between 1907 and 1913 is unknown. He could not be found in the 1910 US census. He was in Watson, near Fairmont, W.Va where he met Victoria Chrzaszcz. They were married by Sylvester Bennett in Watson, Marion County on Apr 13, 1914. He and his wife Victoria started out in Watson where their first son Stanley was born. They were in Pennsylvania during 1915 where Vinsent was born and then moving back to Watson, W.Va where their third son Walter was born. They finally settled in the little town of Montana Mines, Marion County which is located on the banks of the Monongalia River across from Rivesville, West Virginia. This is where they worked and raised a family. The 1920 census show him living in the Winfield Dist. of Marion County with his wife Victoria and three sons, Stanley (age 5), Vincent (age 4), William (age 2) and a daughter Josie (age 5 months). The 1930 census list the family under Tom Mierzwa and still living in the Winfield Dist. with his wife Victoria and seven children, Stanley, Vincent, Walter, Josephine, John, Joe and Helen. Thomas worked as a West Virginia coal miner and raised a garden to provide for his growing family. He was a self taught musician and loved to play the violin. He could repair watches and clocks and was an avid carpenter. He died 15 Jul 1966 at his home in Montana Mines, West Virginia. He was 78 years old.
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