Anne /De Neville/
B: Abt 1411
P: Westmorland, England
D: 20 Sep 1480

 Ralph /De Neville/
B: 1364
P: Castle Raby, Raby With Keverstone, Durham,...
M: 29 Nov 1396
P: Chateau DE Beaufort, Meuse-Et-Loire, France
D: 21 Oct 1425
P: Raby Castle, Durham, England

 Joan /De Beaufort/
B: Abt 1375
P: Chateau DE Beaufort, Meuse-Et-Loire, France
D: 13 Nov 1440
P: Howden, Yorkshire, England

 John /Neville/
B: 1328
P: Raby With Keverstone, Durham, England
M: Jul 1357
P: Alnwick, , Northumberland, England
D: 17 Oct 1388
P: Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England

 Maud /De Percy/
B: Abt 1335
P: Warkworth Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland,...
D: 18 Feb 1378-1379

 John //
B: Mar 1340
P: Ghent, Flandre-Orientale, Belgium
M: 13 Jan 1396-1397
P: Lincoln, , Lincolnshire, England
D: 3 Feb 1398-1399
P: Leicester, , Leicestershire, England

 Catherine /De Roet/
B: 1350
P: Picardy, Somme, France
D: 10 May 1403
P: Lincoln, , Lincolnshire, England

 Ralph /Neville/
B: Abt 1290-1300
P: Raby, Durham, England
M: 14 Jan 1326
P: Stratton Audley, , Oxfordshire, England
D: 5 Aug 1367
P: Durham, England
 Alice /Audley/
B: Abt 1304
P: Hadley, Staffordshire, England
D: 11 Jan 1373-1374
P: Greystoke, Northumberland, England
 Henry /De Percy/
B: 6 Feb 1300-1301
P: Leconfield, , Yorkshire, England
M: 1314
P: Yorkshire, England
D: 26 Feb 1351-1352
P: Warkworth, , Northumberland, England
 Idonea /De Clifford/
B: Abt 1300
P: Appleby, Westmoreland, England
D: 24 Aug 1365
P: Alnwick, , Northumberland, England
 Edward //
B: 13 Nov 1312
P: Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
M: 24 Jan 1328
P: York Minster, York, Yorkshire, England
D: 21 Jun 1377
P: Shene Palace, Richmond, Surrey, England
 Philippa Countess Of /Hainault & Holland/
B: Abt 1312-1314
P: Mons, , Hainaut, Belgium
D: 14/15 AUG 1369
P: Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
 Payn /De Roet/
B: Abt 1310
P: Hainaut, Belgium
B: Abt 1315
P: Picardy, Somme, France
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