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  1. Hancock Taylor: Birth: 29 Jan 1781 in , Orange, Virginia, America. Death: 29 Mar 1841 in , Warren, Kentucky, USA

  2. William Dabney Taylor: Birth: 1782 in Hare Force, Orange, Virginia, USA . Death: 3 Jun 1808 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

  3. Zachary Taylor: Birth: 24 Nov 1784 in near Barboursville, , Virginia, USA. Death: 9 Jul 1850 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA

  4. George Taylor: Birth: 24 Sep 1790 in , Orange, Virginia, USA. Death: 18 Sep 1829 in Lousiville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

  5. Elizabeth Lee Taylor: Birth: 14 Jan 1792.

  6. Joseph Pannill Taylor: Birth: 4 May 1796 in near Lousiville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA. Death: 29 Jun 1864 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA

  7. Sarah Bailey Taylor: Birth: 11 Jun 1799.

  8. Emily Richard Taylor: Birth: 30 Jun 1801.

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Author:   Ariclu, Janet
Publication:   World-Wide Web
Text:   2. James Taylor JR, born March 14, 1674/75 in Caroline Co., VA; died June 26, 1729 in Bloomsbury, Orange CO., VA; married Martha Thompson February 23, 1698/99. Children:(1 George and Rachel Gibson children were: Edmund b 1744-96 m'd Sarah Stubbs (to Ky)George b 17700-1823Ky m 1 Mary Berry Taylor and 2 1807 Eliz Pearson> Frances Edloe of Denton County, TX.; 2 Zachary b 1707-68 m'd Elizabeth Lee and others> Richard m Sarah Strother> Zacharey b 1784 m --- Smith and became President of the United States> Sarah Knox m 1835 Jefferson Davis Pres Southern Confederacy;) They had nine children. Two of these were grandparents of Presidents of the United States This Taylor gave ten sons to the Revolution: Charley, Francis, Reuben, William, James, Jonathan, Edmund, Richard, John, and Benjamin. James,Tabitha, Erasmus Taylor.
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