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  1. Robert McKinnis: Birth: 21 MAR 1777 in Westmoreland (now Butler) County, Pennsylvania. Death: 22 AUG 1863 in Dubuque County, Iowa

a. Note:   From the url: Charles McKinnis b. 1722, d. 16 January 1806 Relationship 5th great-grandfather of Craig Allen Kieffer. Birth 1722 Charles McKinnis was born in 1722 in Bona Bornia, Scotland.1 Event 1744 In 1744 Charles McKinnis was impressed into the British Army in England.1 Event 1755 In 1755 Charles McKinnis was involved in a military campaign with General Braddock in Pennsylvania. Charles McKinnis wrote: "It was Braddock who reached the Monongahela river in Pennsylvania on July 8th, 1755. Disregarding the advice of Washington and other frontiersmen, he pushed on, next day, to invest Fort Duquesne, at the junction of that river and the Allegheny. In a two-hour hard fought battle with 900 French and Indians Braddock ws defeated and mortally wounded. He died at 'Great Meadows' on July 13th. In that battle the valiant and brave soldier, Charles McKinnis, was shot through, wounded in the left side and thigh. . . . This soldier, our great grandfather 'was honorably discharged for bravery and wounds with rank of captain and given a charter for several leagues of land in Nova Scotia.2'" Marriage 27 September 1764 He married Martha Butler on 27 September 1764 in the area of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.3 Marriage Record The marriage of Charles McKinnis and Martha Butler could have taken place in the area of either of present day Cumberland County, Pennsylvania or Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Author Charles Wright states that Rev. John Conrad Bucher who performed the ceremony was a traveling minister who serviced communities in both areas.3 Marriage circa 1772 Charles McKinnis married Rachel Carr circa 1772 in Pennsylvania.1,4 Tax 1779 The 1779 tax list of Dublin Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania listed a Charles "McGinnes" with 0 acres, 1 horse, 2 cattle and 0 sheep.5 Tax 1783 The 1783 tax list of Pitt Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania listed Charles "McGinnis".6 Geographic 1788 In 1788 Allegheny County, Pennsylvania was created from parts of Westmoreland County and Washington County. Census 1790 The 1790 census listed Charles "Mcgines" in Versailles Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. His household consisted of: 1. 2 males age 16 or older 2. 5 males under age 16 3. 3 females.7 Geographic 1800 In 1800 Butler County, Pennsylvania was created from part of Allegheny County. Census 1800 The 1800 census listed Charles "McGinnes" in Connoquenessing Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania. His household consisted of: 1. 1 male age 10-16 2. 1 male age 45 or older 3. 1 female age 10-16 4. 1 female age 45 or older.8 Event 7 November 1804 On 7 November 1804 Charles and Rachel McKinnis turned over their property to their son George McKinnis in exchange for his promise to take care of them in their old age. The document stated: Know all men by these presents that I Charles Makinnes and Rachell his wife of Connoquenessing township Butler county and State of Pennsylvania for and in consideration of the conditions and covenants herein and afterwards mentioned and expressed and to be duly performed he the said Charles McKinness and Rachel his wife hath granted bargined and sold aliened and confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargin and sell alien and confirm unto George McKinness of the township and county aforesaid his heirs and assigns forever all the right title Interest claim and demand they now have or ever had to one hundred acres of land the usual allowance on which the said Charles Mckinness at present dwells and resides with his family at present which one hundred acres of land is situate in Connequenessing township and county of Butler with all that the live stock of cattle viz consisting of one horse creature one pair of draft oxen two milch cows one beef cow five head of young cow creatures and all their swine or hogs to have and to hold the above mentioned one hundred acres of land with all its rights members and apurtances proffits and avantages thereunto belonging or any wise appertaining with all the grain in the ground and grain in the barn and all the live stock of cattle and swine or hogs as above mentioned to the said George Maginnis his heirs and assigns forever and to the only proper use and behoof of him the said George McKinness his heirs and assigns forever. And the said George Makinnes for and in consideration of the above one hundred acres of land and the live stock aforesaid and above mentioned so for him his heirs and assigns covenat and agree to and with the said Charles McKinness and Rachel his wife to find and keep the said Charles and Rachell his wife in sufficient victuals and drink washing lodging and clothing as is customary in country families for and during their natural life or lives at his the said George McKinnesses own proper costs and charges and the said Charles and his wife by these presents grant bargain and sell to the said George McKinness all the moveble planshing and furniture consisting of beds & bedding table pots and all furniture of whatsoever nature or kind they be and that they the said Charles & Rachel is now possessed of and the said George McKinness for and in consideration of the moveable planshing is to pay a debt due to William Jack Esq. and another Debt due to John Pots of six Dollars. In testimony whereof the contracting parties have hereunto set their hands and seals the seventh day of November 1804. Charles (his mark) McKinness sen. Rachel (her "K" mark) McKinness George McKinness Signed sealed and duly Executed in presence of the same being duly Read before signing and sealing Henry Evans Senior Henry Evans Junior Butler county Pa. On the seventh day of November Anno Domini 1804 personally came before me the subscriber one of the Justices of the peace for said county Charles McKinness senior and Rachel his wife and George McKinnis the parties within named and severally acknowledged the within Instrument of writing to be their act and Deed and may be Recorded as such Given under my hand and seal the seventh day of November 1804 Henry Evans Recorded the 7th Nov. 1804.9 Death 16 January 1806 Charles McKinnis died on 16 January 1806 in (Butler County?), (Pennsylvania?).10,11 Burial He was buried in Old Butler (aka McKean Street) Cemetery, Butler, Butler County, Pennsylvania.10 Gravestone Charles McKinnis was originally buried in the Old Butler Cemetery on North McKean Street, Butler, Pennsylvania. His gravestone indicated: Charles McKinnis, died January 16, 1806, age 85. However, in 1905 the graves on North McKean Street were moved to a large, unmarked mass grave at the North Side Cemetery in Butler to make way for a school building. His gravestone was destroyed or buried in the move and there is presently no gravestone at the North Side Cemetery marking his grave or any of the graves from the original Old Butler Cemetery.12 Event 13 May 1841 On 13 May 1841 (about 25 years after the death of their mother George McKinnis and John McKinnis made a legal agreement to settle a dispute that they had concerning the estate of their parents. They agreed to have the dispute settled by three "referees". The agreement was recorded in the Butler County, Pennsylvania, deed books and it indicated: 1. Both parties, George and John McKinnis, were sons of Charles McKinnis Sr., late of Connoquenessing Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania. 2. All maters between George and John McKinnis concerning the real and personal estate of Charles McKinnis, deceased, were to be settled by referees Israel Gibson, William Richardson and Robert Martin. 3. The referees were to take into account the agreement which was entered into on 7 Nov 1804 between Charles McKinnis Sr. and son George, and how the conditions of that agreement were complied with regards to George taking care of Charles McKinnis and his wife. 4. The referees were also to take into account how son John came into possession of the real or personal estate of the deceased from the time that his brother George left this county, which was 13 Apr 1809, until the time of the death of the mother of both parties, which was 29 June 1816. 5. The referees were to take into account the above mentioned article and the above mentioned services of John and they were to make out an award to the best of their judgement as to what they think was just and equitable between George and John.13 Event 1883 In 1883 a published history of Butler County, Pennsylvania mentioned Charles McKinnis/McGinnis: "The first burial place in Butler, the old graveyard back of the public school building, was set apart and donated to the town by the Cumminghams, one of who lies in an unmarked and unknown grave within its limits. The first person known to have been buried in this place was Charles McGinnis, who died in 1806, at the age of eighty-six years."14 Event 1886 About 1886 Henry McKinnis, grandson of Charles McKinnis, wrote (spelling left as found): "Charles McKinniss was born in Scotland near a town called BonaBonner betwene Edinburgh and Glasgow A.D. 1722. Was impressed into the British Army at age of 22 in England about 1744 His regiment I think was called the GRANEDIER'S. He was in Gen. Ed. Braddack's ARMY in the FRENCH and INDIAN WAR: And was wounded in the left side and thigh. He was made a Caption, in 1755 he recived a PATENT for a track of land in Nova Scotia, Halifax is said to be setuated on the track. The patent called for, when Charles McKinniss died in 1806 his papers were placed in the hand of a SQUIRE_SKIELL and the papers were put into a pine box that would hold about two bushels and mice got into the box ate and destroyed the PATENT Pop was there in 1852 and Hiented for the PATENT but he said that at least half of the papers that were in the box were destroyed, and he could not fine anything like the PATENT. My Father was name James McKinniss. He was the youngest. He was 12 years old when his father died; My Father James, was born April 4-1794 on an island in the Ohio river 4 miles below Pittsburg, Pa. He was married August 18/1837. I am the youngest child. I was Born Nov. 2 1841 and now am 45 past. Have one brother living in california. Father died Sept. 8 1858 age 64 years 5 mo. 4 dats. Charles McKinniss was married to Rachel Carr when he was 50 years old about 1772. Their oldest child was name WILLIAM. he was born 1773 Next was ROBERT then CHARLES JOSEPH GEORGE and MARARET (she raised a family of 5 girles and 1 boy. Her husband was JOHN DICK. Next was JOHN then a girl who died at the age of 2 1/2 years. And last was my father JAMES. My FATHER JAMES used to write his name with two ss at the end untill about 1855. Then he dropped one S off. Uncle John, Charles, George, and Pop (James) were all together once, concluded to send Uncle John to see to getting the land, and something happenad so that he did not get off so that the claim state or GRANT was never settled. Charles McKinniss and Rachel Carr his wife are buried in -------BUTLER Cemetary, Butler County, Pa. They have TOMBSTONES of GRAY SANDSTONES but I don't know what is engrve on them. Charles was 72 when son James was born, my father was 47 yrs. 8 mo, 28 days when I was born, I had five boys, and three girls one died young in my famly. Henry McKinnis. This record I Jennie Dot McKinniss copies from my father copies that my sister Ellen was keeping was writen by my Father Henry McKinnis I Lorraine took this copy from my Aunt Jennie Dot McKinniss Miller;" [signature at bottom but cut off and unreadable on photocopy of original typed letter].1 Family Rachel Carr b. circa 1751?, d. 29 June 1816 Child 1. Robert McKinnis+ b. 21 Mar 1777, d. 22 Aug 186315 Citations 1. Henry McKinnis, family history notes, about 1886; typed copy provided by Paul Forstad, 4183 Apple Ridge Rd., Sedalia, Missouri; copy in possession of Craig Kieffer, 5409 Wehawken Rd., Bethesda, Maryland. A note at the top of the document states: "A Copy Of The McKinnis Family History That Was Written By Henry McKinnis, The Son Of James McKinnis, In 1886 OR 1887, This Typed Version Of His Original Letter Apparently Having Been Made By His Daughter, Jennie McKinnis Miller, At A Later Date." 2. Charles L. McKinnis, comp., Lineage of Charles McKinnis and Rachel Carr 1722-1914 (n.p., 1914), p. 1. The introduction of the book indicates that it was printed after the 10th annual McKinnis family reunion which was held 28 August 1913 in Tecumseh's Trail, Lafayette, Indiana and before the 11th reunion, which was going to be held in 1914. The book may have been printed in Otterbein, Indiana which was home of the compiler, Charles L. McKinnis. 3. Luther R. Kelker, "Record of Mariages Performed by Rev. John Conrad Bucher 1763-1769" in Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol. 26 (Philadelphia: The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1902), p. 82. 4. Marriage date very approximate based on the birth date of the first known child. 5. Pennsylvania Archives, series 3, vol. 22, p. 190. 6. Shirley G. McQuilles, Listing of Inhabitants in 1783, Wesmoreland County, Pennsylvania (Laughlintown, Pa.: Southwest Pennsylvania Genealogical Services, 1983), p. 11. 7. Charles Mcgines household, 1790 U.S. census, Versailles Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, p. 134 written, line 12. 8. Charles Mcginnes household, 1800 U.S. census, Cannaughquenessung Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania, p. 136 stamped, line 25. 9. Charles and Rachel McKinness to George McKinness, deed and agreement (7 November 1804), Butler County, Pennsylvania, Deed Book A, p. 77. 10. Simeon Nixon, transcribed gravestone inscriptions, Butler Cemetery, North McKean St., Butler, Pennsylvania (not published, 1894), transcribed copy furnished by Butler County Historical Society to Craig Kieffer. Simeon Nixon wrote: "IN MEMORIAM Know all men by these presents that on the 18th day of June, 1894 - - - this record of death was taken from the tomb stones of the "OLD BUTLER CEMETERY" on McKean Street, Butler, Pennsylvania near Nixon's home. The first fathers and the first mothers of Butler County are buried here together with some of the country's first defenders. We honor their memory by placing their names on this directory, believing that to enjoy the last part of the 4th Commandment we should observe the first part. S. NIXON Honor the Dead by preserving this record." 11. Death place probable based on residence at time of death and/or burial location. 12. North Side Cemetery Record Book, Butler, Pennsylvania. On 16 July 1998 Craig Kieffer inspected the North Side Cemetery in Butler, Pennsylvania. He spoke with an employee who pointed out the location of the mass, unmarked burial site of the graves from the Old Butler Cemetery. He also examined the record book of the North Side Cemetery which listed the burials which were moved in 1906 from the Old Butler Cemetery to the North Side Cemetery. The record book indicated that Charles McKinnis (died 16 Jan 1806, age 85) was among one of the burials. 13. Margaret Rettig, comp., research notes on Charles McKinnis, non-published, 1984; Butler Library genealogy room, N. McKean St., Butler, Pennsylvania. Cited Butler County, Pennsylvania Deed Book M, pp. 419-420. 14. Waterman, Watkins and Company, 1883 History of Butler County, Pennsylvania, (Chicago: Waterman, Watkins and Company, 1883), online,, Chapter 17, The Borough of Butler, p. 168; downloaded 31 October 2005. 15. Charles L. McKinnis, comp., Lineage of Charles McKinnis and Rachel Carr 1722-1914 (n.p., 1914), p. 2. The introduction of the book indicates that it was printed after the 10th annual McKinnis family reunion which was held 28 August 1913 in Tecumseh's Trail, Lafayette, Indiana and before the 11th reunion, which was going to be held in 1914. The book may have been printed in Otterbein, Indiana which was home of the compiler, Charles L. McKinnis. Compiler: Craig Kieffer, 5409 Wehawken Road, Bethesda, MD 20816-3139; [email protected] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.