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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob, Jr. Mann: Birth: 1751 in Augusta County, VA. Death: 6 Apr 1819 in Monroe County, WV

  2. MOSES Mann: Birth: Abt. 1753 in Virginia.

  3. Mary Mann: Birth: Abt. 1755.

  4. ADAM Mann: Birth: 1758 in ROCKINGHAM County, VA. Death: 17 Aug 1840 in Monroe County, WV

  5. Elizabeth Mann: Birth: 1760 in AUGUSTA County, VA. Death: Aft. 1801 in TENNESSEE

  6. James Mann: Birth: Bef. 1765 in Greenbrier County, WV. Death: Aft. 1810

  7. PRISCILLA Mann: Birth: Abt. 1768 in Virginia.

1. Title:   Arnold R. Keaton

a. Note:   Alias:<ALIA> John Jacob /Mann/ 1810 Monroe Jacob Mann age 45 and up 2 white females 26 to 45 1 white female under 10 2 white males 10 to 16 2 white males under 10 1 slave Living on adjoining farms to Adam Mann and James Maddy The Record of Jacob Mann of Indian Creek By Margaret B Ballard M.D. July 31,1961 Jacob Mann, the pioneer, who settled on Indian Creek in what is now Monroe County WV in the 1770 is said by some to have come directly from the Danube in germany. Others say his sons Jacob and Adam were from GERMANY and werethe pioneers. Esten Mann was inclined to believe that Jacob 1st was the sonof John and Mary Mann who were in William Penn's Colony in Pennsylvania. Johnand Mary Mann did have a son, Jacob Mann, who according to Charles S Mann ofHatburrough PA went to Virginia before the Revolutionary War. This Jacob Mann married Barberry Miller. We believe she was the daughter of Jacob and and Catherine Charlotte (Mueller) Miller. Esten Mann says that Jacob and BarbaraMiller Mann had 4 children when they settled at Indian Creek. However, no written record has been found to support this statement 1. Jacob Mann II, who according to Esten Mann was 18 years old when he came with his father to Indian Creek, married Mary Kessinger 24 Aug 1779 2. Adam Mann married 1st Mary Maddy on 9 Dec 1783 and married 2nd Polly Flinn on 3 May 1790 3. Elizabeth Mannwho married William Maddy 25 Feb 1783 4. Mary Mann, who may have been the MaryMann, who married Jesse Meador 23 Feb 1789. Jacob and Barbary (Miller) Mannmay have been the parents of 5. Moses Mann who married 10 Mar 1778 GreenbrierFrances Bland 6. James Mann who married 10 Oct 1792 Greenbrier Nancy McKinsley Jacob and Barbara Mann settled on Indian Creek in Monroe County, near thesite of what is now known as Springfield, or Hunter's Springs about 3 miles fromm Greenville on Rt 3. Very little is known of the early days of this family in Monroe County, then in Botetourt County Va. We do know that they broughtall their farm and blacksmith tools with them and set up a blacksmith shop under a cliff on the creek bank. Their home was probably on or near the same site of the house now owned by Mrs. Eva Pence on the road between Rt 3 and theroad up Cook's Run that passes the old Keaton Cemetery. The blacksmith shopwas on the opposite side of the creek from the house. The anvil from the blacksmith shop is now in the possession of Hugh ballard Miller of Cook's Run andthe fro is in the possession of Margaret R Ballard of Baltimore MD (myself).Apparently the 4 children were born before they came to Indian Creek. This is from Esten Mann, but he does not give a source for this infomation. We dobelieve, and have every right to do so, that the two sons helped to build Cook's Fort, near Greenville and that the family of Jacob Mann Sr spent some time in the Fort at the time of the Indian uprisings. No list of any of the inhabitants of the fort is in existence that the writer knows of, but the familylived closer to Cook's Fort than to any oter fort in the area It is said that Barbara (Miller) Mann died in Cook's Fort during an Indian Raid and was buried near the fort. Jacob is said to have died later and to have been buried in the Halstead Cemetery. Cook's Fort stood about where the home of Mattie Johnson now stands, her husbnd J. R. Johnson, was once sheriff of Monroe County My note: I have that Jacob Mann died 16 May 1815 and that Barbara (Miller) Mann died 1819. I have no source for these dates (Loretta Presley) Jacob MannJr Early Pioneer of Monroe County WEST Virginia And his Descendants By Merilyn K. Fleshman Page 7 John "Jacob" Mann was born 3 Dec 1724 in Kraichgau, Baden Wurtemberg, GERMANY and died after 1810 Monroe County. He married BarbaraMiller, daughter of Jacob and Rebecca Miller 1750 in Patrictic Service, Va. Barbara Miller was born c 1730 and died 1819. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.