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a. Note:   1810 Monroe Adam Mann age 45 and up 1 white female 45 and up 1 white male 16to 26 1 white male 10 to 16 3 white males under 10 1 white female 26 to 45 1 white female 16 to 26 1 white female 10 to 16 1 white female under 10 1 free person of color 3 slaves Living on adjoining farms to Isaac Wiseman and Jacob Mann Jacob Mann Jr Early Pioneer of Monroe County WEST Virginia And hisDescendants By Merilyn K. Fleshman Page 17 Adam Mann, son of Jacob and Barbara, was born 1758 Rockingham County, Va. and died 1840. He married 1st 9 Dec1783 Mary Maddy. He married 2nd Polly Flinn on May 3,1790, daughter of JohnFlinn and Elizabeth Halstead January 20, 1818, Adam Mann and Wife Mary sold toJohn Buckland one half of a salt peter cave known as "old cave" Deed Book 1Ap-87 Children of Adam Mann and Mary Maddy 1. Elizabeth Marie Mann married John Halstead in 1799 (My note: Ms. Fleshman apperas to be confused as to whosechild Elizabeth was. On the next page(page 18) of her book, she says that theElizabeth Marie Mann, who married John Halstead in 1799 was the daughter ofGeorge Adam Mann and that Elizabeth was first married to Adam Shillinger) 2. William Mann born 1787 died 1858 Children of Adam Mann and Polly Flinn 1. James Mann born 1795 died 1835 married Nancy Humphreys. (My Note: Death date for James is definately wrong. He is still alive in 1860 census of Monroe County) 2. Jane Mann 1796.married John Harvey on April 22, 1816 3. Sarah 1793 diedbefore 1890 married William Cummins 21 Auugust 1811 4. John Mann born May 1809 died 2 Nov 1853 5. Joseph Mann born about 1800 married Rebecca Gibson 6. Henry born 25 Dec 1799 died 27 November 1891 7. Adam Mann Jr born 1787 My Note:If year of birth is correct, Adam can't belong to 2nd wife. Adam and Polly Flinn didn't marry until 1790. I have that he was born 1797, not 1787. 8. Chloe Mann born October 1808 died 3 August 1851 married Jonathan Gibson 9. PollyMann born about 1813 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.