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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob, Sr. Mann: Birth: 3 Dec 1724 in KRAICHGAU BADEN-WURTEMBURG, GERMANY. Death: 16 May 1815 in Monroe County, WV

  2. GEORG BERNARD Mann: Birth: 25 Nov 1726.

  3. William Mann: Birth: Abt. 1728 in Virginia.

  4. MARIE MARGARETH Mann: Birth: 18 Dec 1729.

  5. Anna MARIA Mann: Birth: 9 Feb 1732.

  6. George ADAM Mann: Birth: 16 Mar 1735 in ROCKINGHAM County, VA. Death: 24 May 1821 in GREEN County, OHIO

  7. GEORG CARL Mann: Birth: 16 Mar 1735.

  8. CARL Mann: Birth: 6 Aug 1735.

  9. GEORG CUNRADT Mann: Birth: 25 Apr 1737.

  10. CATARINA Mann: Birth: 6 May 1739.

  11. Joseph Mann: Birth: Abt. 1740.

  12. John Mann: Birth: 1743 in ROCKINGHAM County, VA. Death: 20 Oct 1781 in Monroe County, WV

a. Note:   Jacob Mann Jr Early Pioneer of Monroe County WEST Virginia And his Descendants By Merilyn K. Fleshman Page 1 George Bernhardt Mann was born about 1701 inBadenWurttemberg, WEST GERMANY and died 15 Mar 1769 inMcGaheysville, Virginia. He married Anna Margretta Geisser 14 Sept 1723 in BadenWurttemberg, WEST GERMANY, daughter of Christian Geisser. She was born 1705 in BadenWurttenberg,Wst GERMANY and died about 1770 McGaheysville, Virginia. George Mann came to Philadelphis on the Pink Plaisance on 21 Sept 1732, with his wife, Anna Margaret, age 27, and his son, Jacob, was listed with the children, By March 1734, the Mann family made another journey by pack-train to Lancaster Co, 36 miles west of Philadelphia. They traveled about 10 miles aday on a trail approximately 2 feet wide. We can only imagine what those first years were like, building houses, barns, clearing virgin forest, plowing, harvesting, tending livstock, and laying roads. Fortunately, there was good hunting and fishing. Asecond son, George Adam Mann, was born 16 Mar 1734. It seems likely in the spring of 1744 or 1755, the Mann family and Jacob Hermon moved from Pennsylvania by wagon to the Shenandoah Valley. The reason of leaving may have been strined relations with the Indians. Whatever the reason, George Bernhardt Mann sold his farm where his family had lived for 6 years to Martin Brown. The children of George Mann and Anna Geisser are 1. John "Jacob" Mann 3 Dec 1724 2.George Bernard Mann 25 Nov 1726 3. Marie Margareth Mann 8 Dec 1729 4. Anna Marie Mann 9 Feb 1731/31 5. George Adam Mann 16 Mar 1733/34 6. George Carl Mann 6 Aug 1735 7. George Cunradt Mann 25 Apr 1737 8. Catrina Mann 6 May 1739 9. Catrina Mann 24 May 1741 10. John Mann born after 1741 married Susanna Unknown is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.