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John Baker: Birth: 1836/1837 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
John Baker: Birth: 1841 in Virginia. Death: 6 Jan 1891
John Baker: Birth: 1833/1834 in Pennsylvania.
Joseph T Baker: Birth: 1863/1864 in Pennsylvania.
Joseph Baker: Birth: 1844/1845 in York County, Pennsylvania.
Joseph Baker: Birth: 1808/1809 in Pennsylvania.
Levi Baker: Birth: 1835/1836 in Pennsylvania.
Lewis Baker: Birth: 1837/1838 in Pennsylvania.
Lydia Baker: Birth: 1862 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.
Mary Ann Baker: Birth: 1840/1841 in Ohio. Death: BEF 1872
Rachael Baker: Birth: 13 Jan 1851 in Pennsylvania.
Solomon Baker: Birth: 1848/1849 in Pennsylvania.
Susana Baker: Birth: 1839/1840 in Pennsylvania.
Thomas C Baker: Birth: 1836/1837 in Pennsylvania.
Francis Baldwin: Birth: 1835/1836.
John Bales: Birth: 1834/1835.
Augustus Ball: Birth: 1837/1838 in Pennsylvania.
George Ball: Birth: 1842/1843 in Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.
Henry Ball: Birth: 1846/1847 in Pennsylvania.
John J Ball: Birth: 1812/1813 in Pennsylvania.
John Ball: Birth: 1844/1845 in Pennsylvania.
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Abraham Van Ranst Bancker: Birth: 1802/1804 in Baltimore, Maryland. Death: 12 Nov 1869
Caroline Bancker: Birth: 23 Mar 1865 in Pennsylvania. Death: 23 Jun 1956 in Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware
Hiram Lee Bancker: Birth: 1833. Death: 1859
John Henderson Bancker: Birth: 1830. Death: 1880
Josiah Bancker: Birth: 1835.
Lueza Bancker: Birth: 1832.
Mary Bancker: Birth: 1825.
Mary Bancker: Birth: 1840.
Meriners Edward Bancker: Birth: Aug 1845 in Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Death: 3 Apr 1919 in Springfield, Massachusetts
Van Rance Bancker: Birth: 1837.
William Willett Bancker: Birth: 1830. Death: 1884
William Bancker: Birth: 14/15 Oct 1866 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 20 Aug 1867 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
William Bancker: Birth: 1873/1874 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Martha Jane Josephine Banes: Birth: 24 Jun 1829 in Matanza, Cuba. Death: 31 Jul 1862 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Abraham Banker: Birth: 1813/1814 in Maryland.
Edmund Banker: Birth: 1846/1847 in Pennsylvania.
Ephraim Banker: Birth: 1840/1842 in Littlestown, Adams County, Pennsylvania. Death: 9 May 1894 in Southern Branch, National Soldiers Home, Elizabeth City County, Virginia
James L Banker: Birth: 1847/1848 in Pennsylvania.
Jane Banker: Birth: 1837/1838 in Pennsylvania.
Adolph Bankerd: Birth: 8 Mar 1840 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Death: 30 Mar 1934
Blanche C Bankerd: Birth: ABT 1875.
Caroline Bankerd: Birth: Dec 1867 in Pennsylvania.
Edwin A Bankerd: Birth: Jan 1872 in Pennsylvania.
James M Bankerd: Birth: 1811/1812 in Virginia.
Julia H Bankerd: Birth: Oct 1882 in West Virginia.
Mary E Bankerd: Birth: 1868/1869 in Pennsylvania.
William Bankerd: Birth: Jul 1870 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1956
Charles Bankers: Birth: 1847/1848 in Virginia.
Elizabeth Bankers: Birth: 1844/1845 in New Jersey.
James Bankers: Birth: 1841/1842 in Pennsylvania.
Juliann Bankers: Birth: 1835/1836 in New Jersey.
Mary Bankers: Birth: 1834/1835 in Pennsylvania.
William Bankers: Birth: 1837/1838 in Virginia.
John Banning: Birth: 1830/1831 in Dublin, Ireland. Death: 3 May 1863 in Chancellorsville, Virginia
Alana Barclay: Birth: 1831/1832 in Pennsylvania.
Andrew Barclay: Birth: 1843/1844 in Pennsylvania.
Annie Barclay: Birth: 1868/1869 in Pennsylvania.
David Barclay: Birth: 1841/1842 in Pennsylvania.
Ellen Barclay: Birth: 1863/1864 in Pennsylvania.
George Barclay: Birth: 1839/1840 in Pennsylvania.
Jacob Barclay: Birth: 1835/1836 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 10 Nov 1897
Jacob Barclay: Birth: 1803/1804 in Pennsylvania.
Jennie Barclay: Birth: 1864/1865 in Pennsylvania.
Jonah Barclay: Birth: 1829/1830 in Pennsylvania.
Martha Barclay: Birth: 1833/1834 in Pennsylvania.
Samuel Barclay: Birth: 1845/1846 in Pennsylvania.
Sarah Barclay: Birth: 1848/1849 in Pennsylvania.
Thomas Barclay: Birth: 1835/1836 in Pennsylvania.
William W Barclay: Birth: 1878/1879 in Pennsylvania.
Mary Ann Barger: Birth: 1831/1832 in Pennsylvania. Death: 5 Aug 1881 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Margaret Barkman: Birth: 1799/1800 in Pennsylvania.
Emily Barnes: Birth: 1847/1848 in Pennsylvania.
Israel Hughes Barnes: Birth: 14 Apr 1844 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 3 May 1863 in Chancellorsville, Virginia
John H Barnes: Birth: 1822/1823 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 14 Apr 1891 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mary Barnes: Birth: 1844/1845 in Pennsylvania.
Paul Henry Barnes: Birth: 18 May 1841 in Pennsylvania. Death: 8 Jul 1896 in Billingsport, New Jersey
Paul Barnes: Birth: 9 Jun 1805 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 5 Feb 1860 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sarah M Barnes: Birth: 1844/1845 in Pennsylvania.
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Almira Barnett: Birth: 1859 in Pennsylvania.
Annie Barnett: Birth: 1863/1864 in Pennsylvania.
Cyrus Barnett: Birth: 1861/1862 in Pennsylvania.
John S Barnett: Birth: 1857/1858 in Pennsylvania.
Mary Jane Barnett: Birth: 1855/1856 in Pennsylvania.
Samuel Barnett: Birth: 1820/1830 in Pennsylvania. Death: 21 Sep 1888
Stewart S Barnett: Birth: 1868/1869 in Pennsylvania.
George P Barnhart: Birth: 1807/1808 in Pennsylvania.
George P Barnhart: Birth: 1842/1843 in Pennsylvania.
Isaac Barnhart: Birth: 1853/1854 in Pennsylvania.
Priscilla Barnhart: Birth: 1850 in Pennsylvania.
Rebecca Barnhart: Birth: 1841/1842 in Pennsylvania.
William Barnhart: Birth: 1844/1845 in Pennsylvania.
Zachariah Barnhart: Birth: 1846/1848 in Pennsylvania. Death: 20 May 1865 in Washington DC
Carrie Barr: Birth: Aug 1883 in Pennsylvania.
Charles O Barr: Birth: Sep 1886 in Pennsylvania.

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