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Reuben Harry Chafee: Birth: 17 Jun 1835 in Pennsylvania. Death: 3 Mar 1908 in Greenville Borough, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
William Banfield Chafee
David Chambers: Birth: Jul 1869 in New York.
David Chambers: Birth: Apr 1894 in Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Chambers: Birth: Jan 1850 in Ireland. Death: 29 Jan 1917 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mary Chambers: Birth: May 1892 in Pennsylvania.
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Silas Charmelia: Birth: ABT 1842 in Cape May County, New Jersey.
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Joanna Chew: Birth: 1846/1847 in New Jersey. Death: 30 Dec 1885 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Mary Jane Smith Chism: Birth: 26 Nov 1862 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 22 Jul 1866 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Robert Chism: Birth: 1843/1844 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 1 Jun 1864 in Armory Square Hospital, Washington DC
Sarah Claar: Birth: 16 Feb 1831 in Pennsylvania. Death: 8 Apr 1915
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Catharine Clark: Birth: 25 Oct 1849 in Pennsylvania.
Edward Clark: Birth: 1847/1848 in Pennsylvania.
George Clark: Birth: 1836/1837 in Pennsylvania.
James Clark: Birth: 1815/1819 in Talbot County, Maryland. Death: 16 Mar 1862 in Washington, DC
John Clark: Birth: 1845/1846 in Pennsylvania.
Louisa Baker Clark: Birth: 30 Dec 1856 in Pennsylvania.
Mary Clark: Birth: 1839/1840 in Pennsylvania.
Rudolph Clark: Birth: 1879/1880 in Pennsylvania.
Sarah Jane Clark: Birth: 19 Feb 1852 in Pennsylvania.
Susannah Clark: Birth: 1843/1844 in Pennsylvania.
William Henry Clark: Birth: 18 Aug 1854 in Pennsylvania.
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Person Not Viewable
Annie M Clauser: Birth: Jan 1885 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1908
Clinton Clauser: Birth: 1870 in Pennsylvania.
Daniel Boyer Clauser: Birth: ABT 1810 in Berks County, Pennsylvania.
Eliza Clauser: Birth: ABT 1879 in Pennsylvania.
Harry Clauser: Birth: ABT 1875 in Pennsylvania.
Harvey Clauser: Birth: Aug 1872 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1937
Orlanda Brumbach Clauser: Birth: 18 Dec 1845 in Pennsylvania. Death: 18 May 1913 in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Edith Clayton: Birth: May 1886.
Edward Clayton: Birth: 1851/1852 in Pennsylvania.
Frances Irene Clayton: Birth: Feb/Mar 1884. Death: 4 Jul 1884 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
George W Clayton: Birth: 1844/1845 in Pennsylvania.
Hester Ann Clayton: Birth: 1846/1847 in Pennsylvania.
JAB Clayton: Birth: 1814/1815 in Pennsylvania.
James H Clayton: Birth: 19 Dec 1882 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
James Henry Clayton: Birth: 22 May 1843 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 25 Jan 1920 in Masonic Home, Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
John Edward Clayton: Birth: 2 Jun 1885 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Josephine Clayton: Birth: 1837/1838 in Pennsylvania.
Adda Clemens: Birth: 23 Jul 1885. Death: 23 Mar 1895
Annie V Clemens: Birth: 1868/1869 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1873
Fred H Clemens: Birth: 12 May 1871 in Pennsylvania.
Hannah Clemens: Birth: May 1821 in Carlisle, Schoharie County, New York. Death: 5 Nov 1901 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Herbert Clemens: Birth: 30 May 1882 in Pennsylvania.
Jennie Clemens: Birth: 29 Oct 1879 in Pennsylvania. Death: 14 Dec 1891
John Clemens: Birth: 10 Mar 1845 in Pine Grove, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Death: 9 Mar 1935
Lizzie Clemens: Birth: 5 Aug 1877 in Pennsylvania.
Peter Clemens: Birth: 1811/1812 in Pennsylvania.
Alice Josephine Closson: Birth: 1859 in Pennsylvania.
Barbara A Closson: Birth: 1822/1823 in Pennsylvania.
Edmund Marion Closson: Birth: 1854 in Pennsylvania. Death: 28 Aug 1855
Edward Foster Closson: Birth: 1855/1856. Death: 6 Oct 1861
Eliza Closson: Birth: 1838/1839 in Pennsylvania.
Franklin Banes Closson: Birth: 1851/1852. Death: 24 Jan 1858
James Harwood Closson: Birth: 23 Sep 1826 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 22 Nov 1864 in City Point, Virginia
James Harwood Closson: Birth: 27 Nov 1861 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
John Closson: Death: prob bef 1850
Mary Closson: Birth: 1832/1833 in Pennsylvania.
Robert Dickenson Closson: Birth: 1853/1856 in Pennsylvania. Death: 11 Oct 1861
John Cloud: Birth: 1873/1874 in Pennsylvania.
Margaret Cloud: Birth: 20 Oct 1901 in New York, New York.
William Cloud: Birth: 22 Jun 1844/1845 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Death: 16 Jan 1907 in New York, New York
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Joseph Clowney: Birth: 1834/1835 in Pennsylvania or Delaware. Death: 21 Nov 1869 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Joseph Clowney: Birth: 1868/1869 in Pennsylvania. Death: 2 Jan 1872 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mary Clowney: Birth: 1866/1867 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 16 Oct 1869 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Clymer: Death: BEF 1900
William T Clymer: Birth: Apr 1887 in Pennsylvania.
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Person Not Viewable
Emma Cody: Birth: 1874/1875 in Pennsylvania.
Person Not Viewable
Mary E Cogan: Birth: Dec 1869 in Pennsylvania.
William S Cogan: Birth: 1868/1869 in Pennsylvania.
Joseph Daniel Koken (aka John Cogan): Birth: 1840/1841 in Pennsylvania. Death: 2 Feb 1873 in Conshohocken, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Fannie Cohen: Birth: Jul 1846 in England. Death: 24 Oct 1911
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David Cole: Birth: 1799/1800 in Pennsylvania. Death: Jan 1851 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fannie Mather Cole: Birth: Jul 1846 in Pennsylvania. Death: AFT 1930
Francis C Cole: Birth: 1840/1844 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 18 Jan 1864 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Maria Cole: Birth: 1837/1838 in Pennsylvania.
Robert Cole: Birth: 1831/1832 in Pennsylvania.
Sarah Cole: Birth: 1834/1835 in Pennsylvania.
Benjamin Coleman: Birth: 12 Jan 1843. Death: 16 Jan 1867
Susan Coleman: Birth: 1866/1867 in Pennsylvania.
Person Not Viewable
Rebecca Colflesh: Birth: Jan 1847 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1924 [?]
Charles Colkitt: Birth: 20 Feb 1849 in Medford Township, Burlington County, New Jersey.
Francis Colkitt: Birth: Mar 1827 in Medford, Burlington County, New Jersey. Death: 5 Jan 1904 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Francis Colkitt: Birth: Sep 1860 in New Jersey.
James Colkitt: Birth: Jul 1850 in Southampton, Burlington County, New Jersey.
Andrew Collins: Birth: ABT 1805 in Pennsylvania.

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