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George Benson: Birth: 1842/1843 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Benjamin Franklin Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 3 Nov 1867 in Pennsylvania.
Benjamin Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 1811/1812 in Pennsylvania.
Carrie Louemma Berger [or Barger]: Birth: May 1885 in Pennsylvania.
Catharine Rebecca Berger [or Barger]: Birth: May 1882 in Pennsylvania.
Christopher Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 1834/1835 in Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 1839/1840 in Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 13 Jan 1874 in Pennsylvania.
Jacob Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 1845/1846 in Pennsylvania.
John Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 1837/1838 in Pennsylvania.
Leslie Venice Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 1868/1869 in Pennsylvania.
Loffer Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 1831/1832 in Pennsylvania.
Mary Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 8 Feb 1878 in Pennsylvania.
Reuben A Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 5 May 1840 in Perry Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. Death: 20 Mar 1916 in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
Samuel L Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 1853/1854 in Pennsylvania.
Saville Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 1848/1849 in Pennsylvania.
Susan A Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 13 Aug 1871 in Pennsylvania.
Susannah Berger [or Barger]: Birth: 1848/1850 in Pennsylvania.
Frederick Berger: Birth: 1824/1825 in Germany. Death: 18 Dec 1887
John Berger: Birth: 1858 in Pennsylvania.
Ann Bergin [or Burgin]: Birth: 1851/1852 in Pennsylvania.
Catharine Bergin [or Burgin]: Birth: 1840/1841 in Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Bergin [or Burgin]: Birth: 1858/1859 in Pennsylvania.
John Bergin [or Burgin]: Birth: 1854/1855 in Pennsylvania.
Mary Francis Bergin [or Burgin]: Birth: 1849 in Pennsylvania.
Michael J Bergin [or Burgin]: Birth: 1842/1843 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 16 Nov 1912 in National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, Washington County, Tennessee
William Bergin [or Burgin]: Birth: 1809/1810 in Ireland.
William Bergin [or Burgin]: Birth: 1846/1847 in Pennsylvania.
John Bergner: Birth: 1836/1837.
Ann E Berkey: Birth: 1841/1842 in Pennsylvania.
Annanias Berkey: Birth: 14 Dec 1833 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Death: 9 Apr 1917 in Friedens, Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Catharine Berkey: Birth: 1845/1846 in Pennsylvania.
Charles Royal Berkey: Birth: 1872/1873 in Pennsylvania. Death: AFT 1912
Elizabeth Catharine Berkey: Birth: 1 Jul 1862 in Pennsylvania. Death: BEF 1912
Emma Berkey: Death: BEF 1912
Harrison Berkey: Birth: 1839/1840 in Pennsylvania.
Henry Berkey: Birth: 1809/1810 in Pennsylvania.
Ida Berkey: Birth: 1868/1869 in Pennsylvania. Death: BEF 1912
James Henry Berkey: Death: BEF 1912
Mary Ann Berkey: Birth: 1837/1838 in Pennsylvania.
Mary Louisa Berkey: Birth: 1865/1866 in Pennsylvania. Death: BEF 1912
Philson Berkey: Birth: 1848/1849 in Pennsylvania.
Rosanna Berkey: Birth: 1843/1844 in Pennsylvania.
Samuel Austin Berkey: Birth: 1878. Death: AFT 1912
Sarah Berkey: Birth: 1859 in Pennsylvania. Death: BEF 1912
Silas William Berkey: Birth: 1871 in Pennsylvania. Death: AFT 1912
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Clelly Berkheimer: Birth: 1863 in Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Berkheimer: Birth: ABT 1830 in Pennsylvania.
Hannah Berkheimer: Birth: ABT 1837 in Pennsylvania.
John Berkheimer: Birth: ABT 1806 in Pennsylvania.
Leah Berkheimer: Birth: 25 Jul 1862.
Peter Berkheimer: Birth: 22 May 1834. Death: 19 Sep 1864
Thomas E Berkheimer: Birth: 1862/1863 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1913
William Berkheimer: Birth: May 1833 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 16 Oct 1916 in Osterburg, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
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James Bernard: Birth: 1818/1819 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania OR Maryland. Death: 27 Jul 1869 in National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio
Mary Bernard: Birth: 1856/1857 in Pennsylvania.
Emma Bernstein: Birth: ABT 1857 in Pennsylvania.
George Bernstein: Birth: 1859 in Pennsylvania.
Gustavus Bernstein: Birth: 1842/1843 in Germany. Death: 13 Apr 1862 in Washington DC
Harry Bernstein: Birth: 1864/1865 in Pennsylvania.
Herman Bernstein: Birth: ABT 1851 in Pennsylvania.
Julius Gustavus Bernstein: Birth: 1816/1818 in Prussia.
Lewis Bernstein: Birth: ABT 1845 in Prussia.
Sevilla [or Sybilla] Bernstein: Birth: 1861/1862 in Pennsylvania.
Wilhelmina Bernstein: Birth: ABT 1847 in Prussia.
William Bernstein: Birth: ABT 1854 in Pennsylvania.
Rebecca Betterton: Birth: 1811/1812 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 9 Dec 1889 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Barbara Beveridge: Birth: 1839/1840 in Pennsylvania. Death: BEF 1887
Annastatia Bibby: Birth: 2 Jul 1879 in Pennsylvania.
Charles Bibby: Birth: 11 Sep 1866 in Pennsylvania.
Egbert Bibby: Birth: 5 Oct 1881 in Pennsylvania.
Helen Bibby: Birth: 28 Dec 1884 in Pennsylvania.
Hugh Bibby: Birth: 21 Aug 1887 in Pennsylvania.
James Bibby: Birth: 5 Sep 1875 in Pennsylvania.
John Bibby: Birth: 25 Dec 1870 in Pennsylvania.
Katie Bibby: Birth: 2 Apr 1891 in Pennsylvania.
Mary Bibby: Birth: 26 Jun 1873 in Pennsylvania.
William Bibby: Birth: 31 Aug 1836 in Lancashire, England. Death: 25 Jul 1909 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
John or Isaac Biddle: Birth: 1816/1817.
John Biedel or Biddle: Birth: 1840/1841 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 31 Dec 1875 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
William Biedel or Biddle: Birth: 1868/1869 in Pennsylvania.
Mary Bigley: Birth: 1835/1836 in Pennsylvania. Death: 22 Jul 1872 in Venango Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania
Alva Bilby: Birth: Sep 1881 in Pennsylvania.
Catharine Adaline Bilby: Birth: 1842/1843 in Pennsylvania.
Christopher Bilby: Birth: ABT 1819 in Pennsylvania.
Daniel M Bilby: Birth: Oct 1878 in Pennsylvania.
James M Bilby: Birth: 1855/1856 in Pennsylvania.
Jeanetta Bilby: Birth: Nov 1876 in Pennsylvania.
Martin Bilby: Birth: 1853/1854 in Pennsylvania.
Morrison Bilby: Birth: 1839/1848 in Pennsylvania. Death: 17 Jan 1925 in Sharon, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Rena Bilby: Birth: 1871/1872 in Pennsylvania.
Sallie Bilby: Birth: Sep 1874 in Paradise, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Death: 1 May 1954 in Niagara Falls, Niagara County, New York
Semoin Bilby: Birth: 1845/1846 in Pennsylvania.
Mary J Billby: Birth: 1850/1851 in Pennsylvania.
Albert J Billhartz: Birth: Dec 1876 in Pennsylvania.
Albert Billhartz: Birth: 1841/1842 in Pennsylvania.

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