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William R Fissel: Birth: 22 Oct 1844 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Death: 17 Nov 1918 in Cairo, Pratt County, Kansas
Anna B Fitzpatrick: Birth: ABT 1830 in at sea. Death: 17 Jul 1908 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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William Fleece: Birth: 1884/1885 in West Virginia.
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Charlotte Flett or Blackwood: Birth: 1810/1811 in New Jersey.
Margaret Elizabeth Florence: Birth: Aug 1849 in Maryland. Death: 13 Mar 1924 in Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois
John J Flynn: Birth: 1858/1859 in England. Death: 31 Mar 1865 in Near Boydtown Plank Road, Virginia
Patrick Flynn: Birth: 1821/1822 in Ireland.
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Anna E Foote: Birth: 1874/1875 in Pennsylvania.
Anna Foote: Birth: Apr 1884 in Pennsylvania.
Charles H Foote: Birth: 1845/1846 in Pennsylvania.
Charles Foote: Birth: 1874/1875 in Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Foote: Birth: 1836/1837 in Pennsylvania.
Maggie Foote: Birth: 1868/1869 in Pennsylvania.
Mary Jane Foote: Birth: 1839/1840 in Pennsylvania.
Skelton William Foote: Birth: 14 Nov 1843 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 4 Mar 1907 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Skelton Foote: Birth: 1819/1820 in Pennsylvania.
Bill Fordsman: Birth: 1874/1875 in Pennsylvania.
David Fordsman: Birth: 10 Oct 1835 in Milton, Northumberland, Pennsylvania. Death: 12 Aug 1887
Edward Fordsman: Birth: 1867/1868 in Pennsylvania.
Elwood Fordsman: Birth: 1881/1882 in Pennsylvania.
George Fordsman: Birth: 1864/1865 in Pennsylvania.
Harry Fordsman: Birth: 1870/1871 in Pennsylvania.
Irvin Fordsman: Birth: 1866/1867 in Pennsylvania.
Sara A Fordsman: Birth: 1858/1859 in Pennsylvania.
Susanna Fordsman: Birth: 1856/1857 in Pennsylvania.
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Lucy A Foster: Birth: 1821/1822 in Pennsylvania.
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Clara Foust: Birth: Oct 1875.
Ellis Elmer Foust: Birth: 3 Nov 1866 in Milton, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.
Emma Foust: Birth: Jul 1864 in Pennsylvania.
Franklin Foust: Birth: ABT 1819 in Pennsylvania.
Henry Foust: Birth: Mar 1841 in Milton, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Death: 1905
John Franklin Foust: Birth: 2 Jul 1867. Death: 25 May 1900
Mary Foust: Birth: Jul 1879 in Pennsylvania.
Oscar Foust: Birth: 10 Jul 1846 in Milton, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Death: 8 Mar 1928 in Iola, Allen County, Kansas
Philip Foust: Birth: ABT 1793 in Pennsylvania.
Allen Fowler: Birth: 1864/1865 in New Jersey.
Edward J Fox: Birth: ABT 1810 in Pennsylvania.
Edward W Fox: Birth: 18 Jan 1843 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 11 Feb 1923 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Harry Fox: Birth: ABT 1867 in Pennsylvania.
Howard W Fox: Birth: Dec 1872 in Pennsylvania.
Laura W Fox: Birth: Sep 1869 in Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Anna Freeman: Birth: Apr 1825 in New Jersey.
Anne Fremier: Birth: 1829/1833 in Delaware. Death: BEF 1899
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Andrew B Friend: Birth: Aug 1858 in Pennsylvania.
Andrew Jackson Friend: Birth: 17 Apr 1836 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 24 Apr 1914 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Angelica Friend: Birth: 1832/1833 in Pennsylvania.
Annie Friend: Birth: 1873/1874 in Pennsylvania.
Armstrong Friend: Birth: 1894/1895 in Pennsylvania.
Charles Henry Friend: Birth: 1859/1860 in Pennsylvania.
Charles Friend: Birth: 1841/1842 in Pennsylvania.
Grant Friend: Birth: 1863/1864 in Pennsylvania.
Lydia Friend: Birth: 1890/1891 in Pennsylvania.
Rebecca Parent Friend: Birth: 1870 in Pennsylvania.
Robert Friend: Birth: 1892/1893 in Pennsylvania.
Thomas Friend: Birth: 1848 in Pennsylvania.
Thomas Friend: Birth: 1865/1866 in Pennsylvania.
William Friend: Birth: 1837/1838 in Pennsylvania.
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Mary Frischknicht: Birth: 1830/1831 in Wurttemburg, Germany. Death: AFT 1880
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Elizabeth Fuhfing: Birth: 1811/1812 in Germany.
Ansen Fuller: Birth: 1834/1835 in Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Fuller: Birth: 1846/1847 in Pennsylvania.
Fanny Fuller: Birth: 1850 in Pennsylvania.
Harland Daggett Fuller: Birth: 1799/1800 in Rhode Island.
Harland Fuller: Birth: Feb 1868 in Dyberry, Wayne County, Pennsylvania.
Harland Fuller: Birth: 1841/1842 in Pennsylvania.
Louisa Fuller: Birth: 1833/1834 in Pennsylvania.
Lucy Fuller: Birth: 1829/1830 in Pennsylvania.
Nancy Fuller: Birth: 1827/1828 in Pennsylvania.
Perry Fuller: Birth: 1838/1839 in Pennsylvania.
William T Fuller: Birth: 2 Sep 1837 in Pennsylvania. Death: 19 Nov 1909 in Dyberry Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania

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