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Jesse Hanson: Birth: 1802 in Loudoun County, Virginia. Death: 1853 in Pulaski County, Kentucky
Joseph Jesse Hanson: Birth: 6 Jan 1886 in Virginia. Death: 1920 in North Carolina
Joseph R. Hanson: Birth: 1912 in Washington County, Kentucky. Death: 31 Dec 1979 in Illinois
Joseph Rufus Hanson: Birth: 1912 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Death: 6 Feb 1966 in Owen County, Kentucky
Josephine I. Hanson: Birth: 1919 in Mississippi. Death: 7 Mar 1973 in Webb County, Texas
Josephine Laura Hanson: Birth: 1863 in Kentucky. Death: 30 Sep 1953 in Lawrence County, Alabama
Josephine Ruth Hanson: Birth: 16 Jul 1907 in Ohio. Death: 27 Sep 1955 in Hamilton County, Tennessee
Joshua Parrish Hanson: Birth: 1873 in Boyle County, Kentucky. Death: 1923 in Gordon County, Georgia
Julia Rose Hanson: Birth: during 1918 in Kentucky. Death: 20 Jun 1965 in Hamilton County, Ohio
Lewis L. Hanson: Birth: 8 Apr 1931 in Brown County, Indiana. Death: 1 Dec 1991 in Stanley County, South Dakota
Lucy Frances Hanson: Birth: 1894 in Indiana. Death: 18 May 1976 in Summit County, Colorado
Lucy Henrietta Hanson: Birth: 1928 in Indiana. Death: 6 May 1958 in Oklahoma
Lucy I. Hanson: Birth: 1922 in Kentucky. Death: 18 Jul 1978 in Ionia County, Michigan
Lucy J. Hanson: Birth: 4 Dec 1909 in North Carolina. Death: 31 Jan 1963 in Ohio
Margaret A. Hanson: Birth: 24 Sep 1892 in Virginia. Death: 18 Apr 1957 in Spencer County, Indiana
Margaret H. Hanson: Birth: 1883 in Kentucky. Death: 31 Dec 1975 in White County, Illinois
Mark Jennings Hanson: Birth: 8 Apr 1901 in Patrick County, Virginia. Death: 31 Dec 1959 in Medina County, Ohio
Mark O. Hanson: Birth: 20 May 1924 in Ohio. Death: 1997 in Montgomery County, Ohio
Mark Hanson: Birth: ABT 1835 in Pickaway County, Ohio. Death: 1880 in Stewart County, Tennessee
Martha J. Hanson: Birth: 1900 in Roane County, West Virginia. Death: 29 Jul 1982 in Paulding County, Ohio
Mary V. Hanson: Birth: 1904 in North Carolina. Death: 11 Dec 1967 in Cass County, Texas
Matilda Isabella Hanson: Birth: 24 Aug 1931 in Weakley County, Tennessee. Death: 12 Oct 1971 in Brown County, Kansas
Matthew H. Hanson: Birth: 13 Jan 1902 in Washington County, Kentucky. Death: 29 Mar 1983 in Pawnee County, Kansas
Michael Howard Hanson: Birth: 1848 in Orange County, North Carolina. Death: 30 Aug 1942 in Scott County, Kentucky
Michael Phillip Hanson: Birth: 1901 in Virginia. Death: 21 Sep 1983 in Illinois
Mildred Hanson: Birth: 1790 in Virginia. Death: 15 Jul 1862 in South Carolina
Nancy Amanda Hanson: Birth: 17 Nov 1902 in West Virginia. Death: 16 Aug 1945 in Greene County, Ohio
Nathan Hanson: Birth: 1888 in Virginia. Death: 15 Mar 1979 in Yadkin County, North Carolina
Paul T. Hanson: Birth: ABT 1858 in North Carolina. Death: 28 Jan 1931 in Kentucky
Paula Lucy Hanson: Birth: 19 Oct 1873 in Virginia. Death: 11 Feb 1941 in Macon County, North Carolina
Phillip George Hanson: Birth: 1910 in Washington County, Kentucky. Death: 10 Nov 1950 in Illinois
Phillip S. Hanson: Birth: 1925 in Ohio. Death: 25 Dec 2001 in Oregon County, Missouri
Phillip Hanson: Birth: 1768 in New Jersey. Death: 1803 in Virginia
Rachel Helen Hanson: Birth: 1 Mar 1898 in West Virginia. Death: 5 Jul 1987 in Wisconsin
Rebecca F. Hanson: Birth: 22 Jun 1913 in Virginia. Death: 4 Jun 1949 in Fulton County, Ohio
Rebecca I. Hanson: Birth: 14 Apr 1932 in Cherokee County, South Carolina. Death: 12 Jun 1983 in Allen County, Kentucky
Rebecca P. Hanson: Birth: 1914 in North Carolina. Death: 11 Mar 1983 in Cleburne County, Alabama
Rebecca Hanson: Birth: 1792 in Loudoun County, Virginia. Death: 1797 in Virginia
Reuben D. Hanson: Birth: 1917 in Alleghany County, North Carolina. Death: 25 Jun 1995 in Henderson County, Tennessee
Reuben Henry Hanson: Birth: 1882 in Virginia. Death: 28 Oct 1957 in Kentucky
Reuben Hanson: Birth: 18 Mar 1819 in Rockingham County, Virginia. Death: during 1881 in North Carolina
Richard Bean Hanson: Birth: 31 Mar 1896 in Virginia. Death: 14 Jan 1964 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Richard Rufus Hanson: Birth: 27 Nov 1941 in Scott County, Mississippi. Death: 22 Dec 1999 in Rapides Parish, Louisiana
Rose Rebecca Hanson: Birth: 5 Sep 1832 in Ohio. Death: 21 Aug 1902 in Indiana
Rose Sarah Hanson: Birth: 23 Mar 1916 in Kentucky. Death: 1 Mar 2003 in Van Buren County, Michigan
Rose Hanson: Birth: 1889 in Kentucky. Death: 24 Sep 1932 in Washington County, Missouri
Rufus George Hanson: Birth: 1896 in Indiana. Death: 16 May 1965 in Stewart County, Tennessee
Rufus L. Hanson: Birth: 5 Nov 1938 in Pike County, Indiana. Death: 3 May 1995 in Wright County, Missouri
Sally E. Hanson: Birth: 5 Feb 1899 in Ohio. Death: 14 Oct 1988 in Linn County, Iowa
Samuel C. Hanson: Birth: ABT 1907 in Roane County, West Virginia. Death: 19 Apr 1977 in Johnson County, Illinois
Sophia E. Hanson: Birth: ABT 1859 in Kentucky. Death: 1894 in Van Wert County, Ohio
Stephen C. Hanson: Birth: 1899 in Virginia. Death: 16 Sep 1972 in South Carolina
Susan Edith Hanson: Birth: 1901 in Alleghany County, North Carolina. Death: 8 May 1965 in Marion County, West Virginia
Susan Isabella Hanson: Birth: 2 Oct 1838 in Ohio. Death: 1879 in Iowa County, Wisconsin
Theodore Martin Hanson: Birth: 1918 in Virginia. Death: 11 Dec 1991 in Franklin County, Indiana
Thomas Christian Hanson: Birth: ABT 1868 in Kentucky. Death: 10 Apr 1943 in Knox County, Illinois
Violet I. Hanson: Birth: during 1846 in Pickaway County, Ohio. Death: 1906 in Illinois
Violet Mary Hanson: Birth: 16 May 1935 in Guilford County, North Carolina. Death: 23 Aug 2006 in Campbell County, Tennessee
Virginia Henrietta Hanson: Birth: 26 Sep 1896 in Hopkins County, Kentucky.
William Bean Hanson: Birth: 29 Oct 1933 in Illinois. Death: 23 Mar 1969 in Texas
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Charlotte Henrietta Harden: Birth: 28 Oct 1931 in Jackson County, Kentucky. Death: 15 Mar 1982 in Troup County, Georgia
David Alfred Harden: Birth: 1880 in Pennsylvania. Death: 3 Oct 1938 in Vermillion County, Indiana
David Elmore Harden: Birth: 18 Apr 1907 in Miami County, Ohio. Death: 31 Jan 1975 in Harrison County, Kentucky
Evelyn F. Harden: Birth: 2 May 1941 in Jackson County, Kentucky. Death: 19 Oct 1980 in DeSoto County, Mississippi
Frances Ellen Harden: Birth: 1922 in Miami County, Ohio. Death: 30 Nov 1952 in DeWitt County, Illinois
Frank R. Harden: Birth: 9 Nov 1910 in Ohio. Death: 17 Feb 2005 in Dunn County, Wisconsin
Hannah Josephine Harden: Birth: 1917 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Death: 12 Apr 1987 in Grainger County, Tennessee
Henry S. Harden: Birth: 15 Apr 1934 in Jackson County, Kentucky. Death: 12 Sep 1993 in Butler County, Missouri
Isabella M. Harden: Birth: 1924 in Michigan. Death: 8 Jun 1971 in Lewis County, Kentucky
Joseph Crosby Harden: Birth: 27 Aug 1916 in Ohio. Death: 3 Oct 1946 in Tipton County, Tennessee
Joseph Stephen Harden: Birth: ABT 1916 in Ohio. Death: 3 Oct 1982 in Brown County, Wisconsin
Josephine Harden: Birth: 1800 in Hertford County, North Carolina. Death: 1867 in Lancaster County, South Carolina
Laura B. Harden: Birth: 1921 in Michigan. Death: 28 Oct 1954 in Hocking County, Ohio
Mark Hugh Harden: Birth: ABT 1905 in Louisiana. Death: 1 Jun 1988 in Texas
Mark McCoy Harden: Birth: 15 Mar 1932 in Victoria County, Texas. Death: 27 Oct 1986 in Kiowa County, Colorado
Michael R. Harden: Birth: 30 Jul 1942 in Kent County, Michigan. Death: 23 Mar 1982 in Saline County, Missouri
Nathan Scott Harden: Birth: 1913 in Ohio. Death: 15 Apr 1981 in Hennepin County, Minnesota
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