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Arthur A. Stroud: Birth: 1854 in Overton County, Tennessee. Death: 5 Jun 1936 in Randolph County, Indiana
Arthur Abraham Stroud: Birth: 1879 in Tennessee. Death: 15 Jul 1939 in Floyd County, Georgia
Benjamin Carter Stroud: Birth: 1907 in Georgia. Death: 27 Jul 1961 in Henry County, Illinois
Benjamin L. Stroud: Birth: 1892 in Brown County, Ohio. Death: 1923 in Kentucky
Benjamin Lewis Stroud: Birth: 14 Jun 1946 in Ohio. Death: 5 Aug 1999 in Saint Louis County, Missouri
Benjamin W. Stroud: Birth: 1927 in Missouri. Death: 16 Jan 1966 in Mower County, Minnesota
Caroline Helen Stroud: Birth: 3 Jan 1887 in Dunklin County, Missouri. Death: 1 Feb 1955 in Colorado
Catherine M. Stroud: Birth: 1908 in Macon County, Missouri. Death: 18 Oct 1949 in Oklahoma
Charles Mullen Stroud: Birth: 27 Jun 1859 in Overton County, Tennessee. Death: 16 Feb 1949 in Shawano County, Wisconsin
Charlotte S. Stroud: Birth: 10 Jan 1931 in Butler County, Ohio. Death: 18 Sep 1996 in Warren County, Kentucky
Christina L. Stroud: Birth: 26 May 1935 in Pepin County, Wisconsin. Death: 10 Feb 2000 in Mitchell County, Iowa
Christopher Francis Stroud: Birth: 1852 in Overton County, Tennessee. Death: 14 Nov 1892 in Louisiana
Clara R. Stroud: Birth: during 1849 in Overton County, Tennessee. Death: 22 Feb 1922 in Indiana
Clara Sally Stroud: Birth: 1899 in Georgia. Death: 11 Sep 1964 in Calhoun County, Georgia
Cora L. Stroud: Birth: 13 Dec 1945 in Carroll County, Missouri. Death: 7 Mar 2004 in Merrick County, Nebraska
David Thomas Stroud: Birth: 7 Oct 1904 in Georgia. Death: 12 Aug 1972 in Fayette County, Texas
Edward Jacob Stroud: Birth: 1888 in Pennsylvania. Death: 14 Feb 1923 in Ogemaw County, Michigan
Edward M. Stroud: Birth: 1891 in Kentucky. Death: 23 Feb 1960 in Madison County, Missouri
Edward Nathan Stroud: Birth: 6 Nov 1942 in Fayette County, Kentucky. Death: 30 Oct 1994 in Meriwether County, Georgia
Elizabeth Alice Stroud: Birth: 1919 in Scott County, Indiana. Death: 18 Apr 1983 in Smith County, Tennessee
Elizabeth C. Stroud: Birth: 6 Nov 1861 in Tennessee. Death: 3 Aug 1919 in Indiana
Elizabeth R. Stroud: Birth: 10 Feb 1931 in Tennessee. Death: 5 Apr 2004 in Jackson County, Mississippi
Ellen Rachel Stroud: Birth: 1921 in Michigan. Death: 21 Jun 1982 in Miami County, Ohio
Esther C. Stroud: Birth: during 1918 in Ogemaw County, Michigan. Death: 22 Jul 1969 in Wisconsin
Esther R. Stroud: Birth: 1898 in Kentucky. Death: 9 Mar 1988 in Ohio
Francis Cobb Stroud: Birth: 1927 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Death: 22 Jul 1962 in Saint Francois County, Missouri
Francis Starks Stroud: Birth: ABT 1926 in Ohio. Death: 28 Jan 1972 in Colbert County, Alabama
George E. Stroud: Birth: 11 Jun 1917 in Missouri. Death: 4 Nov 1955 in Macon County, Missouri
Hannah H. Stroud: Birth: 21 Aug 1932 in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. Death: 7 Mar 2006 in Indiana
Hannah Ruth Stroud: Birth: 9 Jun 1901 in Georgia. Death: 13 Jul 1958 in Kentucky
Harriet Virginia Stroud: Birth: 1915 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Death: 24 Nov 1948 in Orange County, Indiana
Helen J. Stroud: Birth: 16 Jul 1901 in Clinton County, Kentucky. Death: 23 Aug 1951 in Haralson County, Georgia
Henrietta Caroline Stroud: Birth: 1896 in Kentucky. Death: 12 Apr 1971 in Woodruff County, Arkansas
Henry Hugh Stroud: Birth: 1907 in Kentucky. Death: 26 Dec 1990 in Steele County, Minnesota
Henry Rufus Stroud: Birth: 16 Dec 1870 in Ohio. Death: 29 Jan 1961 in Fannin County, Georgia
Hiram Michael Stroud: Birth: 1842 in Athens County, Ohio. Death: 21 Apr 1903 in Arkansas
Hiram Warner Stroud: Birth: 1910 in Georgia. Death: 7 Oct 1956 in Mississippi
Isaac Paul Stroud: Birth: 15 Feb 1899 in Clinton County, Kentucky. Death: 21 Oct 1959 in Bartholomew County, Indiana
Isaac William Stroud: Birth: 1894 in Kentucky. Death: 31 Dec 1977 in Marshall County, Tennessee
Isabella Mildred Stroud: Birth: 4 Aug 1913 in Tennessee. Death: 1 May 1959 in Caldwell County, Kentucky
Jane Sarah Stroud: Birth: 20 May 1877 in Missouri. Death: 17 Aug 1962 in Carroll County, Mississippi
Jesse Stroud: Birth: 1895 in Clinton County, Kentucky.
Josephine Edith Stroud: Birth: 1868 in Overton County, Tennessee. Death: 3 May 1950 in Jackson County, Arkansas
Julia J. Stroud: Birth: 1874 in Washington County, Ohio. Death: 2 Oct 1968 in Bath County, Kentucky
Leonard Edward Stroud: Birth: 21 Aug 1921 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Death: 8 Nov 1983 in Shelby County, Texas
Leonard Walker Stroud: Birth: during 1882 in Tennessee.
Lewis Paul Stroud: Birth: ABT 1857 in Tennessee. Death: 31 Jul 1947 in Hickory County, Missouri
Margaret Ada Stroud: Birth: 1889 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Death: 17 Jun 1952 in Stewart County, Tennessee
Martha H. Stroud: Birth: 1925 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. Death: 7 Feb 1956 in Muskingum County, Ohio
Martha Rose Stroud: Birth: 1904 in Kentucky. Death: 18 Jan 1961 in Mower County, Minnesota
Martin England Stroud: Birth: 1918 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Death: 29 Aug 1971 in Dallas County, Missouri
Mary Stroud: Birth: 18 Feb 1889 in Dunklin County, Missouri. Death: 23 Mar 1932 in Allen County, Kansas
Matilda Stroud: Birth: 1884 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Death: 15 Jul 1965 in Jackson County, Arkansas
Michael Thomas Stroud: Birth: ABT 1902 in Wisconsin. Death: 8 Jan 1965 in Goodhue County, Minnesota
Michael Stroud: Birth: 1875 in Virginia. Death: 6 Jan 1913 in Georgia
Mildred Stroud: Birth: 1875 in West Virginia. Death: 16 May 1948 in Lewis County, West Virginia
Peter R. Stroud: Birth: 1911 in Kentucky. Death: 17 Oct 1998 in Kentucky
Peter S. Stroud: Birth: ABT 1924 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Death: 8 Feb 1983 in Hardin County, Tennessee
Phillip A. Stroud: Birth: 9 May 1930 in Putnam County, West Virginia. Death: 8 Jun 1983 in Indiana
Phillip Fields Stroud: Birth: ABT 1924 in Missouri. Death: 27 Dec 1958 in Missouri
Phillip Samuel Stroud: Birth: 1905 in Ohio. Death: 15 May 1988 in Kentucky
Rachel Cora Stroud: Birth: 5 Oct 1877 in Tennessee. Death: 31 Jul 1938 in Loudon County, Tennessee
Ralph A. Stroud: Birth: 1925 in Wisconsin. Death: 25 Aug 1960 in Wayne County, Iowa
Ralph Betts Stroud: Birth: 1864 in Tennessee. Death: 1925 in Tennessee
Ralph Bradshaw Stroud: Birth: 22 Nov 1919 in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. Death: 10 Sep 1990 in Attala County, Mississippi
Richard Samuel Stroud: Birth: 1887 in Kentucky. Death: 1894 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Ruth Evelyn Stroud: Birth: 1928 in Wisconsin. Death: 8 Sep 2002 in Webster County, Nebraska
Sarah Clara Stroud: Birth: 1910 in Illinois. Death: 9 May 1966 in New Mexico
Sarah Esther Stroud: Birth: 7 Mar 1936 in Putnam County, West Virginia. Death: 1 May 2003 in Summit County, Ohio
Sophia L. Stroud: Birth: 1893 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Death: 29 Sep 1966 in Lewis County, Tennessee
Stephen Phillip Stroud: Birth: 3 Jan 1943 in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. Death: 9 Jul 1986 in Sullivan County, Missouri
Susan Edith Stroud: Birth: 23 May 1887 in Tennessee. Death: 20 Mar 1946 in Highland County, Ohio
Thomas Stroud: Birth: 1825 in Preston County, Virginia. Death: 1872 in Kentucky
William R. Stroud: Birth: 1914 in Missouri. Death: 7 Sep 1948 in Cole County, Missouri

Agnes Harriet Stuart: Birth: 1892 in Saint Clair County, Alabama. Death: 10 Dec 1959 in West Carroll Parish, Louisiana
Albert B. Stuart: Birth: 8 Dec 1923 in North Carolina. Death: 19 Jan 1996 in Miller County, Georgia

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