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  BORN: FULTON COUNTY, OHIO. 21 OCT. 1868 DIED: SUPERIOR, NEB. 14 NOV. 1956 Lewis was the first child of Charles and Jerusha. He was born in Fulton County, Ohio, but was reared in the extreme south-central area of Nebraska, near Red Cloud. He was married to Asenath Harris, also of Nebraska, on 13 Dec 1891. (Asenath�s mother was Emeline Cameron, of Nebraska. A wealth of genealogical information on the Cameron family history has been compiled by Sandra Carmichael, 549 S. 23rd. St., Blair, Neb.)
  Lewis and Asenath owned and operated a small farm located about three miles southwest of Bostwick, Neb., near Superior, Neb. The farm is still in the Teachworth family, now owned by James Teachworth, of Superior, Neb. In 1934, Lewis retired from active farming and worked as a barber for several years in Burr Oak, Kansas, just across the state line from Neb. Asenath died on 3 Apr. 1944. Lewis and Asenath are buried in Superior, Neb. Lewis and Asenath had seven children, all born in Superior:
  Leon, (Samuelson) �see name explanation below- 23 Apr 1893 � 25 Jan. 1981
  Lawrence, 14 Sep 1895- d.od. unknown James, Dec. 1897�d.o.d. unknown Florence (Hampton), 6 May 1900 �Feb. 1963 Kenneth, 8 Feb 1902-___, 1963 Esther (Stephens) 27 Oct. 1904- 9 Jan. 1992 Gaylord Harris 12 Oct. 1910 � 16 Nov. 1963 (see below) From about the age of six, Leon was reared by Asenath�s sister, Gladys Harris (Samuelson) of Franklin, Neb., a town near Superior. The circumstances surrounding this matter are unknown. According to his son, Leon was well aware of his family background, but for all appearances, and in actuality, he was raised with the Samuelson surname. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.