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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Ann BYRNE: Birth: 1862. Death: 1913 in Ardon, Iowa

  2. Joseph P. BYRNE: Birth: 1864 in Hershey Hospital Muscataine Ardon, IA. Death: 1934 in Ardon, Iowa

  3. Sarah BYRNE: Birth: 1865 in Ardon, Iowa. Death: 1914 in Ardon, Iowa

  4. Louis F. BYRNE: Birth: 15 DEC 1867 in in Hershey Hospital Musataine, Iowa. Death: 4 JUN 1944 in Ardon, Iowa

1. Title:   History collected and mailed to me via e-mail 2002 about the O'Byrne family. She believes that John and Peter were brothers. Sheila has traveled to Ireland 3 times and stopped at Wicklow Heritage Society. She believes that John Byrne Sr.'s father (brother to my Peter) was Hugh. She is the one that said that they were from the area of county Wicklow called Hamilton Lodge or even possibly County Carlow.

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