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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Ione BYRNE: Birth: 25 NOV 1908 in Florence, Arizona, Pinal County. Death: 23 MAY 2001 in Yuma, AZ

  2. *Alice Monica BYRNE: Birth: 22 JUL 1911 in Florence, Arizona, Pinal County. Death: 1 Nov 1983 age 72 in Tucson, Arizona, Pima Co.

  3. Frances Edna BYRNE: Birth: 17 AUG 1912 in Yuma. Death: Apr 1980 (age 67) in Yuma, AZ

  4. Peter C. BYRNE: Birth: 18 APR 1916 in Yuma, AZ.. Death: 22 Jan 1994 (age 77) in Yuma, AZ

1. Title:   copy
2. Title:   Copy of the Marriage License of Rites of Matrimony of Peter F. Byrne and and Alice Irene Greenleaf. 25 April 1908. Ceremony was solomized by James M. Ochiltree, and the witnesses were J. S. Murray, Marion Thomas, and Thomas Rynning and Margaret E. Rynning.
Text:   Provided to me by my first cousin Frank (Patrick) Keller

a. Note:   Uncle Peter Byrne told me this of his mother's achievements.
b. Note:   lice and Ione graduated from Tempe Normal school in June of 1905. Ione taught for a while at Sunnyside school in the Yuma Valley and later moved to Riverside California. Ione married Squire Scott. Their son taught at Cornell University and later retired in Mexico. My cousin Patrick Keller, in a letter to me dated March 26, 1989 told me that I probably was not aware of the fact that there was no school in Yuma past the eighth grade. My own mother said that Clara Belle Parton Greenleaf was very interested in educating her daughters, and moved to Tempe so that they all could attend college. Thus Edna, Alice and Ione and Amy all graduated from Tempe Normal, now known as Arizona State University. Grandmother was a long time Yuma educator, well beloved, who went on to become a school principal. As a honor the Yuma school system dedicated a elementry school "THE ALICE BYRNE SCHOOL" after her death. A great achievement for a woman in those days.
Note:   Alice Irene Greenleaf (my grandmother ) was a fraternal twin to Ione, A
c. Note:   n Tucson and her son, my Uncle Pete - in Yuma, and sometimes with my Aunt Margaret also in Yuma.) from 1940 until her death in a rest home in San Diego in 1952. I only remember being told that she had a stroke about 12 years before her death in approximately 1940, and that is the only way I remember her while living with us, she frequently experienced strokes throughout those years with us. I had also been told that she had a condition of high blood pressure, which may have been the reason for her strokes. Her death certificate copy stated that she had died of heart failure, with coronary occlusions and Modem and enlargement of heart.
Note:   Grandmother Byrne periodically lived with my family (her daughter Alice i
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