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Marriage: Children:
  1. Edward BYRNE: Birth: ABT 1829. Death: 1902 in Ardon , Iowa Seventy-Six

  2. Mary Ann BYRNE: Birth: 1832.

  3. Agnes BYRNE: Birth: ABT 1834.

  4. *Clement John BYRNE: Birth: JUN 1836 in Seskin, County Wicklow, Ireland. Death: 21 FEB 1904 in Guthrie, OK

  5. Mathew BYRNE: Birth: 1838.

  6. Julia BYRNE: Birth: ABT 1841 in Ireland.

  7. Margaret BYRNE: Birth: 15 AUG 1842 in Wicklow, Ireland. Death: 27 MAR 1901

  8. Nicholas B. (Frances) BYRNE: Birth: 1844.

1. Title:   William Joseph (Bud) Byrne, William Joseph (Bud) Byrne born 29 Nov. 1934, Thanksgiving day, Muscataine IA. Recollections of the Byrne family in April 2002.
Page:   Sites that Peter's brother John Byrne Sr. came from Hamilton Lodge, Rathdangan, Co. Ireland. I had already discovered that Hugh the father of thse boys was from the Hamilton Lodge, Rathdangan area.
Text:   History according to the memory of " Uncle Bud" has been used to "blend in with my own family history, and has filled in the "holes" of the Byrne family. Bud believes that Judith Byrne who died enroute to America was age 21, and not an infant child as some other family members believe. She was buried in New Orleans. The Byrne family was from Hamilton Lodge, Rathdangan, County Wicklow Ireland, which is near Dublin.

a. Note:   o not have dates on Anthony and Thomas Byrne. I do not have proof that these two brothers imigratedto the United States as did John Sr. and Peter did. The Byrne's entered the United States through New Orleans, Louisiana. This couple, Peter and Mary Kehoe Byrne may have been accompanied by two brothers: Thomas. and John Sr. Byrne. I have since found out that John Byrne Sr. arrived 2 years before Peter Byrne's family emigrated to the United States. All settled in the Ardon area outside of Muscatine, Iowa. All are buried in the Ardon Cemetery.
Note:   It appears that Peter was the youngest of the Byrne brothers, although I d
b. Note:   n Ardon, IA for me. Peter may have decreased his age by a few years as he aged, which was not at all uncommon. Someone had given me the birth year of Peter as being 1800, but originally I had 1795 to 1798.
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