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Marriage: Children:
  1. Roger la ZOUCHE: Birth: ABT 1241 in Ashby, Leicester, England. Death: 1285

  2. Oliver la Zouche: Birth: ABT 1250. Death: BEF 1328

  3. Margery la ZOUCHE: Birth: ABT 1251 in Ashby, Leicestershire, England.

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a. Note:   N12190 “The next that occurs is Alan le Zouche, (or Zuche,) who was descended from Alan, viscount of Roham, in Little Britain, and Constantia his wife, daughter of Conan le Grosse earl of Britain, and Maud his wife, the natural daughter of king Henry the First. Mr. Brooke calls this daughter Mabel, and saith she bore to Conal, Howel a son, and two daughters, Bertha and Constance. This Conan le Grosse bore ermin on his shield; from whence the Zouches might assume the canton ermine in their coat, in remembrance of such their honourable descent.
As for Alan, I find thatin 34. hen. III. 1250, he was constituted justiciary of the king, that is, chief justice of the Common Pleas, with very large and full powers. And the next year he was made governor of that part of Wales that bordered on Cheshire, in the room of John de Grey, which he farmed of the king at one thousand six hundred marks. In 1255, he was appointed and came justiciary into Ireland. He was also in 46. Hen. III. 1262, appointed, by patent, one of the itinerant judges for Huntingdon, Bucks. and Northamptonshire. In 1267, he was custos of London, and a baron of the realm. And A.D. 1272, he was one of one hundred worthy patriots that withstood the papal usurpation.
These marks of confidence and trust shew him to have been an active and considerable man in his day. However, he came to a sudden and fatal end, being slain in Westminster Hall, as he was sitting in judgment on the bench, by John Plantagenet earl of Sussex, Surrey, and Warren, who, being called upon to shew by what title he held his land, drew an old rusty sword, and answered, By this did my ancestors gain my lands, and by this will I keep them. Upon which Alan Zouche, lord chief justice, replied, If he could give no better reason, judgment must proceed against him: whereat the earl being provoked grievously wounded him, so that he died soon after.
The account that Mr. Camden gives of this matter is, that Alan Zouch having commenced a suit against the earl of Warren, the earl choosing rather to determine the matter by the sword, than by the law, the judge was killed by him in the King’s Hall, at Westminster, A.D. 1279. The Winchester annals place it under the year 1270.
He was possessor of Ashby (from him still retaining the title of De la Zouch) in Leicestershire, and bore for his arms, gules, ten besants, 4. 3. 2. 1.
What children this Alan left, I know not; but his younger son, the founder of the distinguished family at Harringworth, was Eudo, (or Ivo,) by his wife Hellen,the second daughter of Roger de Quincy earl of Winchester, by Hellen his first wife, daughter and heir of Alan lord of Galloway, in Scotland, who was buried at Brackley, com. Northampton. This Roger de Quincy, (by the way,) in the 42d of king Henry the Third, A.D. 1258, gave to the monks of Tame all his demesne lands in Sydenham, and likewise what was held of him in villenage with the tenants thereto, and all their offspring.”
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