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a. Note:   N8936 169. THOMAS METHAM, knight.
Writ 18 June, 13 Henry VII; inquisition 14 January, 14 Henry VII.
Thomas Metham, the elder, knight, his grandfather, whose heir he was, viz. son of Richard, son of the same Thomas, the elder, was seised of the under-mentioned manors of Metham, Polyngton, Egburgh, Vernoll Hirstcourtney, Marr, Thornour, Wathe in Rydall, Nonmonketon, Wethyngton, Croke, Stapleton, Fletham, Dalton and Wygyngthorp, &c., in fee, and being so seised, in the time of king Henry VI, enfeoffed Ralph Babthorp, knight, Henry Brounflet, knight, John Constable, knight, Richard Burnham, clerk, Thomas Darcy, Thomas Santon, John Portyngton and Thomas Darnall, thereof, to the use of himself and his heirs, except that touching the manor of Stapleton and the tenements in Stapleton and Fletham they should be seised to the use of the said Richard and the heirs male of his body, whereby the said Ralph and the others were seised thereof in fee; and they being so seised, the said Thomas Metham, the elder, died, after whose death the right and use of the said manors, &c. descended to the said Thomas Metham, knight, as cousin and heir of the said Thomas the elder; and afterwards the said Henry Brounflet, Ralph Babthorp, Thomas Santon, Thomas Darnall, Richard Burnham, Thomas Darcy and John Portyngton died, and the said John Constable, knight, survived them and was seised of the said manors, &c. in fee by survivorship; and he being so seised, the said Thomas Metham, knight, named in the writ, by deed dated 14 August, 22 Edward IV, enfeoffed John Vavasour, John Hotham, now knight, and Lion Percy, who survive, and Robert Hilyard, William Vavasour and John Bratilby, since deceased, of the manors of Metham, Thornour, Dalton, Fletham and Wygynthorp, and of the said lands, &c. in Metham, Cotnesse, Laxton, Estryngton, Ousthorp, Houeden, Belacise, Brakan Holme, Saltmersh, Belby, Kylpyn, Skelton, Yukflet, Blaktoft, Newland, Lynton, Askilby, Grenak, Blakholme, Sandholme, Dyke, Bromflet, Northcave, Drewton, Erthorp, Hesell, Hornsebeke, Tyryngton, Northcave, Muscotes, Wilton, Southcave and Byrsay, and of the ferry over the Ouse, to hold to them, their heirs and assigns, to the use of himself and his heirs, and the performance of his last will, and they were seised thereof in fee, and being so seised the said Robert Hilyard, William Vavasour and John Bratilby died, and the said John Vavasour, John Hotham, and Lion Percy survived them and were, and still are, seised thereof in fee by survivorship; and similarly the said Thomas Metham, knight, by divers other deeds, in the time of king Edward IV, enfeoffed the said John Hotham, Lion Percy, and Thomas Alderson, chaplain, of all other the aforesaid manors, &c., to hold to them, their heirs and assigns, to the use of himself and Isabel, then his wife, who survives, and his heirs, whereby the said John, Lion and Thomas were seised thereof in fee to that use, and still are, to the use of the said Isabel for the term of her life. He died 12 September last; the said Isabel survived him and is still living; Thomas Metham, esquire, aged at the taking of this inquisition 30 and more, is his son and heir; and the said Thomas is cousin and heir male of the said Richard Metham of his body begotten, viz., son of the said Thomas, named in the writ, son of the said Richard. YORK. Manor of Metham, 200a. land, 100a. meadow, 100a. pasture in Metham and Cotenesse; three messuages, 40a. land, 30a. pasture, 100s. rent payable at Easter and Martinmas, in Laxton; four messuages, 100a. land, 20a. meadow, 20a. pasture, in Estryngton; two messuages, 40a. land, 6a. meadow, in Owsthorp, or Ousthorp; sixteen messuages, 200a. land, 100a. meadow and 60a. pasture, in Houeden; a messuage, 30a. land, 6a. meadow, in ‘le Belacise’; three messuages, 20a. land, 10a. pasture, 6s. rent, in Brakyn Holme, or Brakenholme, Saltmersh and Belby; two messuages, 30a. land, 3a. meadow, in Kilpyn; three messuages, 40a. land, 10a. meadow and 10a. pasture, in Skelton; a messuage, 30a. land and 3a. meadow, in Blakholme; 45s. rent of assise at Whitsuntide and Martinmas in Blaktoft, Newland, Lynton, Grenake or Grenak and Askilby; two messuages, 30a. land, 4a. meadow in Studholme, or Sandholme, and Dyke; and the moiety of a ferry over the water of Owse, between Metham and Whitgift; worth 50l., held severally of Richard, bishop of Durham, as of the cathedral church of Durham, service unknown. Five messuages, 300a. land, 40a. meadow, and 20a. pasture, in Yukflet; four messuages, 150a. land, 20a. meadow, 100a. pasture, in Northcave, Drewton and Erthorp; worth 10l., held of Thomas, prior of the cathedral church of Durham, in right of his church. Two messuages, 80a. land, 10a. meadow, in Southcave; a messuage and a garden in Bromflet; a messuage, 50a. land, and 20a. meadow, in Birssey, or Byrsay, worth 6s. 8d., held of dean and chapter of the cathedral church of St. Peter, York, service unknown. Manors of Polyngton, Hirstcourtney and Thornour, twelve messuages, 600a. land, 100a. meadow, 200a. pasture, 60a. wood, 3l. 10s. rent payable at Whitsuntide and Martinmas, in Polyngton, Cowyk, Bauncroft, or Bawncroft, Snathe, or Snayth, Goldale, Hewsale, or Hensall, Hekke, or Hekk and Blane or Baln; eighteen messuages, 700a. land, 150a. meadow, 200a. pasture, 50a. wood, 77s. 9 1/2d. rent and three peppercorns yearly at the said feasts, in Thornour, Wortley, or Wyrtley, Gibton, or Gybton, and Eltoft; and 200a. land, 40a. meadow, 60a. pasture in Hyrste Courtney, or Hirstcourtney; worth 60l., held of the king, as of the honor of Pountfret, parcel of the duchy of Lancaster, service unknown. Manors of Dalton, Fletham and Stapleton, eight messuages, 200a. land, 41a. meadow, 300a. pasture, in Dalton, seven messuages, 7 1/2a. land, 40a. meadow, 80a. pasture, in Stapleton, or Stapilton, and Fletham; worth 20l., held of the king, as of the earldom of Richmond. Manors of Nonmonketon, or Nonmonkton, Wethyngton, or Wythyngton, Croke, Egburgh and Marr; four messuages, 350a. land, 100a. meadow, 200a. pasture, in Nonmonkton, Wethyngton and Croke; a messuage, 100a. land, 40a. meadow, 20a. pasture, in Marr; worth 20l., held of Thomas, earl of Derbeye, service unknown. Manor of Wathe in Rydall, a messuage, 150a. land, 30a. meadow, 48a. pasture in Wathe, Muscotes and Northolme, worth 7l., held of Thomas, earl of Derbeie, as of the manor of Hovyngham, service unknown. Two messuages, 100a. land, 50a. meadow, 60a. pasture, in Wygynthorp.
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