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a. Note:   June 15, 1912 The Grand United Order of Oddfellows. BRO. THOMAS MORTON. The subject of this sketch, Bro. Thomas Morton, is one of the firs t members of the Star of Breadalbane Branch, though his connection with Oddfell owship datesfurther back than the forming of that branch, he having joine d the Star ofthe South Lodge, Goulburn in 1873. He retained his connection wit h that Lodge till assisted by th late Bro. H. Chapman (father of our Bro. T . Chapman P.D.M. Goulburn Districe). the Breadalbane Lodge was formed in the ye ar 1879, with a membership of about 30. In 1881 Bro. Morton was elected Financ ial Secretary, and held that position till the present year. Bro. Morton states thathe became a Council Master of the order i n 1878, and was District Trustee with Bros. Betts and Grey, when Goulburn Distric t was formed. In 1897 he was elected District Master and visited Yass Branc h, which was at that time in avery low state, but is now exceedingly prospero us. The present strength of Star of Breadalbane is 62 members, which is considered very good amount of funds in chas. Bro. Morton has recentl y become a subvention member, but in spiteof his age is still enthusiastic in h is work; always a plodder, not easilydisxouraged. The "Star" owes him much fo r his untiring efforts during timesin the history of the Branch that hav e not been so prosperous as at the present. Although he retires as Secretary, h e has been appointed a Trustee, still retains his activity, and still going stro ng. The members unite in wishinghim long life, happiness, and prosperity. Co ntributed by George Brown. THESTAR OF BREADALBANE. On the evening of May 31st. Bro. T. Morton the veteran Secretary o f the Star of Breadalbane Branch, was entertained by his fellow members at the O ddfellows Hall, Breadalbane. A sumptuous repast was provided.The District Secretary, Bro. W.C . Daniel presided. After the toast of the King had been honoured, the health o f the guests was proposed by Bro. C. Betts. Eulogistic speeches were made b y Bros. C. Apps, of Star of Breadalbane, W. J. Geffrey, Star of Newnes and D. S . Bro. Daniel, the latter of whom referred to Bro. Morton's long connectio n with the G.U.O.O.F. On behalf of the Branch, Bro. C. Apps presented Bro. Morto n with an arm-chair, and on his own account handed him a walking stick. Mrs. M orton was the recipient of a beautiful hand-bag and purse. In responding, the B rothers spoke of his long connection with Oddfellowship and his over 30 year s as Secrtary of the Branch. Other toast honoured were the District Secretary, the ladies, an d the new Secretary, Bro. G. Brown. Bro. Brown expressed his thanks to the bret hren for the honour conferred on him in electing him to the position, and desi re to say that he would endeavour to perform his duties faithfully and well. Af ter afew musical items ???? rendered the proceedings terminated - Contribute d byG. Brown. Witness to the Marriage where John Morton and Adaline Povey. Living Breadalbane when married in 1871 Occupation Shepherd. In 1881 Thomas was a Stockeeper living Breadalbane. In 1874 Thomas was a Stockeeper living Breadalbane. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.