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a. Note:   N2050 - 1850 Troup Co, GA, LaGrange (28 Aug 1850): Elizabeth Lane 55 GA; Albert M. Lane 30 GA; Isaac H. Lane 24 GA; Elizabeth Lane 22 GA - 1860 Troup Co, GA: Frederick Ball 40 GA, Bookkeeper; E. W. Ball (f) 33 GA; F. Ball, Jr 6 GA; David Ball 4 GA; E. O. Ball (f) 3 GA; N. H. Ball (f) 1 GA - 1870 Troup Co, GA, LaGrange: Frederick Ball 52 GA, Post Master; E. W. Ball (f) 42 GA, Asst. Post Master; Frederick Ball 16 GA, Printer; Dorick Ball 14 GA; Nellie Ball 13 GA; Nannie Ball 11 GA; C____ Ball (f) 9 GA - 1880 Troup Co, GA, LaGrange: Frederick Ball 64 GA-NJ-GA, Post Master; Elizabeth Ball, wife 52 GA-GA-GA, Asst. Post Master; Frederick Ball, son 25 GA, Printer; Dorrick Ball, son 23 GA, Jeweler; Nellie Ball, dau 21 GA, Teaching School; Nancy Ball, dau 19 GA, Teaching School; Lettie Ball, dau 18 GA; Lizzie Lane, niece 16 GA-GA-GA, At School is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.