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Marriage: Children:
  1. Christina Magdalene Klein: Birth: 13 Apr 1751 in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

  2. Barbara Klein: Birth: Abt 1753 in Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

  3. Anna Margaret Klein: Birth: 10 Jul 1760 in Trappe Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

  4. Mary Magdalena Klein: Birth: 24 Sep 1761 in Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

  5. Anna Marie Klein: Birth: 25 Sep 1761 in Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Death: 6 Jul 1837 in Chester County, South Carolina

  6. George Cline: Birth: Abt 1762 in Mecklenburg County, South Carolina. Death: Abt 1847

  7. Chloe Klein: Birth: Abt 1766.

  8. Daniel Klein: Birth: 4 Oct 1774 in Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

  9. John Klein: Birth: Abt 1776 in Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina..

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a. Note:   REFN: 7197 Book by A Campbell Cline, "Descendants of Michael Klein"
 He probably is the Michael KLEIN who is shown on the marriage record of
 the Christ Lutheran KB (Mertz's), Bieber Creek, Berks Co,PA, m. 17 Jun
 1750 to Catharina SCHUFERT. He might be the Johann Michael KLEIN who
 arrived on the ship Friendship, 1744 with the BIEBERS, S-H, I: 357; or
 the Hans Mickel KLEIN on the unnamed ship 20 Oct 1747 with others from
 Hirschland and Postorff, S-H, I:370.
 Michael KLEIN died 1792 in Cabarrus Co., NC. His wife Catharina nee
 SCHUFERT died 11 Mar 1798 and was buried in Coldwater. They had14
 children, of whom seven were living in 1798. They also had 54
 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren (in 1798). From the diary of
 Rev. Adam Marcard, Pastor of St. John's and Coldwater Lutheran Churches,
 Cabarrus Co., NC. The will of Michael KLEIN is recorded in Mecklenburg
 Co., NC, Will Book D:126. Dated 1 Dec 1784. Children were: Christina,
 Barbel,Mary Magdalena, Anna Mary, George, Anna Elizabeth, Anna
 Margaret,Medlina, Samuel, John, and Catharine.
 A Hans Nickel KLEIN arrived Philadelphia on the ship Judith on 3 Sep 1734.
 Title: Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America
 Author: Annette Kunselman Burgert
 Publication: Picton Press, PO Box 1111, Camden Maine 04843-1111;
 published in 1992
 Text: Page 337: 328. LENTZ, Joh. Sebastian Postroff Edinburg (ship), 14
 Sep 1753 57930 Fenetrange
 S-H, I:522,524
 Hirschland Lutheran KB (Kirchenbuch=Churchbook): Hans Petrus Lens
 (elsewhere Lentz) and wife Anna Magdalena from Postroff had a son: Joh.
 Sebastian b. 26 Aug 1735 A notation by his baptismal record: "Went to American 1753"
 St. Joseph's (Oley Hills) Lutheran KB, Pike Twp., Berks Co.: Bastian
 Lentz and wife (not named) had a daughter: Anna Catharine, baptized 15
 Aug 1776 Christ Lutheran KB (Mertz's), Bieber Creek, Berks Co.:
 Bastian Lentz and wife Marcretha (should be Mareretha) had (additional)
 1. Peter b. 29 Mar 1762, baptized 8 Apr 1762 Sponsors: Peter Klein and
 Catharina Bechtel
 2. Dewald b. 26 Jun 1766, baptized 20 Jul 1766 Sponsors Dewald Lentz and Maria Klein
 3. Adam, b. 2 May 1768, baptized 22 May 1768 Sponsors: Adam Hartmann and
 wife Gertraut
 Dewald Lentz and wife Elisabetha had:
 1. Anna Marcreta (Mareretha) b. 10 Jan 1768, baptized 13 Jan 1768
 Sponsor: Marcretha (Mareretha) Lentz.
 * * *
 Bastian Lentz, Rockland Twp., Berks Co., naturalized Autumn 1765
 Page: pp. 298, 299.
 Title: Dr. Hein is a German professor who, in doing the ahnentafel of his
 own family, also collected virtually all the entries in all the Lutheran, Catholic, and Reformed churchbooks in Northern Alsace and a portion of
 Lorraine. He published this in a book which is also available in LDS Family History Centers on microfilm and also produced two CD's with the
 same content. I purchased the CD's. Author: Dr Gerhard Hein
 Publication: Johann Heinrich, Schillerstrasse 12, 46047 Oberhausen, tel
 +49 208 863496, fax + 49 208 863431, email, ISBN
 3-00-006742-6. Text: The entry on page 209 of Dr. HEIN's book has the
 entry for LENTZ, Hans Peter (or Petrus, Petrus being the Latin form for
 Peter) and family follows: LENTZ, Hans Peter, Postorf (Postroff), Served
 as a godparent for some child in 1731, 1737, 1741, and 1743.. Died 31
 Oct. 1786 at 76 years of age (which indicates that he was born in about 1710). [Note: The entry for his father, Henrich LENTZ, shows that Hans
 Peter was born on 18 Jan 1711 and confirmed in 1724. Married Anna
 (Susanna) Magdalena KLEIN, who served as a godparent for some child in
 1730 and 1756. Died on 28 Aug 1769 at 56 years and 6 months, which
 indicates that she was born on about 28 Aug 1713 K: (for kinder, meaning children): 1. Johann Sebastian, b. 26 Aug 1735. [Note: This is is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.