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Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha Patsy Rakes: Birth: 1792 in Franklin county, Va..

  2. Mary Rakes: Birth: 29 Apr 1805 in Patrick Co., Va.. Death: 22 Jul 1861 in Patrick Co., Va.

  3. Levi Chesley Rakes: Birth: Abt 1809.

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a. Note:   Page: 1 Date: Tue. 06 Mar 2001 23:37:41 -0800
 From: Calvin Rakes <[email protected]>
 To: [email protected]@, [email protected]
 Subject: Re: elisha rakes
 I'll send two emails, the first will just tell a few things we h ave
 gleaned about Elisha and the second will have an attachment wit
 h his
 children and ancestors, well at least the ones we know about.
 Insofar as I know, no one has gone back to the actual deed boo
 k and
 read what I found some years ago. About 1975 during the summer
 , I
 spent a few days touring around the courthouses of Virginia wher
 e there were
 Rakes. One of them happened to be Floyd County where I spent per
 haps 3
 or 4 hours. Here is verbatim what was written in my notebook a t the time:
 Deed Book 25 November 1834
 Elisha Rakes and his wife Agness of Franklin County
 Reuben Rakes of Floyd of second part
 Land for $1 to Reuben.
 That told me two things, his wife�s name was Agness and second
 , it was
 very, very likely that Reuben was Elisha�s son, i.e. the one dol lar part.
 I think it would pay to search the deed books of Floyd and Montg
 counties for further info about Elisha; I just have not done it.
 You may know that the courthouse of Buckingham County was burne
 d in
 1869. He probably married Agness in that county. From what I rea d in
 the official records of Patrick and Franklin Counties, it appear s that
 Anthony, Henry Jr, and Elisha are brothers. They seem to behav
 e as brothers as
 much as one can determine that from reading indentures and tha
 t sort of
 I have pretty strong evidence that Anthony�s father is Henry, Se
 This Henry Rakes was present on/near Waltons Fork in 1760 and h e continues
 to live there until death in 1798 or a speck earlier. Hence, the
 se three
 sons were born in Virginia, probably Buckingham County.
 I have yet to see any evidence that William is the f/o Elisha. T
 children of William scatter elsewhere. William�s son John goes t
 o KY
 and produces quite a clan there.
 From whence came Henry Senior? Don�t know. Where does one find
 the name Rakes on the other side of the big pond? In England, es pecially
 Yorkshire --but none in Ireland. The people who want to be Iris
 h can�t
 come up with the evidence. Of course its very possible one of th
 e wives
 was Irish, but with the burned marriage records, we�ll never kno
 In my view at this time of our investigation, Henry Senior could
 have come from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, SE Penna, England
 , or Barbados
 Island. I have placed them roughly in the order of preference or
 Marie, some of the stuff on Internet is good and some is bad.
 Ancestors of Elisha Rakes
 1. Eliaha Rakes, born abt 1775 in VA., died bef 13 Nov 1852 in F
 ranklin Va. Son of Henry
 "our Pater" Rakes. He married Agness (---), died bef 1840.
 Notes for Elisha Rakes
 BIRTH-DEATH: Birth date and place were determined from 1850 cens
 us, death took place after the 1850 census was taken but befor
 e sale of his personal property, 13 Nov 1852. According to the B
 uckingham personal tax list he should have been born about 177
 6 or earlier which is a good check on the 1850 census. Birthplac
 e: probably Buckingham County, his parents were living there app arently since 1760.
 TAX_LIST: Elisha first appears on the Personal Tax list of Bucki ngham in the year 1797 with I tithe and nothing more. That shoul d mean the year he reached 21 years of age. He continues wit
 h 1 tithe through the year 1804, subsequent years his name is mi
 ssing, went west to Montgomery or Franklin. His name does not ap
 pear in the Buckingham land tax records, yet in 1806 he sold (ac
 cording to tax records) 75.5 acres on W. Fork (?Waltons Fork) t
 o Jacob Levi Abrahams, a man �accused� by Dr James Walker of bei
 ng Anthony�s friend. COMMENT: Just a surmise, Elisha may have go tten a good settlement from brothers out of his father�s estat
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