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Marriage: Children:
  1. Hetty "Elizabeth" Barrett: Birth: 29 May 1799 in Hawkins Co., TN.

  2. Pleasant Barrett: Birth: 1 Mar 1802 in Hawkins Co, TN. Death: Aft 1880 in Hawkins Co, TN

  3. Elizabeth "Betsy" (65) Barrett: Birth: 1 Oct 1803 in Hawkins Co., TN. Death: 20 Apr 1869

  4. Hugh William (54) Barrett: Birth: 16 May 1805 in Hawkins Co., TN. Death: 16 May 1860 in Hawkins Co., TN

  5. John (91) Barrett: Birth: 2 Jan 1807 in Hawkins Co., TN. Death: 1898 in Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO

  6. Clinton (49) Barrett: Birth: 30 Mar 1809 in Hawkins Co., TN. Death: 20 Apr 1858 in Greene Co, MO

  7. Mary "Polly" J. Barrett: Birth: 9 Jan 1811 in Hawkins Co., TN. Death: Aft 1880 in Hawkins, TN (Unmarried)

  8. Nancy Barrett: Birth: 27 Sep 1812 in Hawkins Co., TN. Death: Aft 1880 in Hawkins Co., TN

  9. William Nelson (45) Barrett: Birth: 27 Dec 1814 in Hawkins Co., TN. Death: 27 Mar 1860 in Hawkins Co., TN

  10. Louisa (28) Barrett: Birth: 4 Feb 1817 in Hawkins Co, TN. Death: 1845 in Hawkins Co, TN

  11. Malinda "Lindy" (52) Barrett: Birth: 23 Sep 1819 in Hawkins Co., TN. Death: 29 Dec 1871 in Bourbon, KY

  12. Thomas "Tom" T. (74) Barrett: Birth: 26 Oct 1821 in Hawkins Co., TN. Death: 9 Jul 1896 in Hawkins Co., TN

  13. Alfred P. Kendrick (66) Barrett: Birth: 27 Dec 1824 in Hawkins Co, TN. Death: 1890 in Hawkins Co, TN

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3. Title:   Family Bible provided by Judy Hewitt Council, ID

a. Note:   Sources: 1. Deed
 2. Will
 3. "Descendants of Thomas & Winnie Barrett", by Ron Pyron
 4. Hawkins County, TN marriage records
 5. 1840 census records
 6. A farmer and early settler in Hawkins County as verified by a Hawkins County deed on which he was a witness. (Bennoni Caldwell to George Waller, 29 Nov 1799)
  Marriage License
 To any minister of the Hawkins Co. gospel. Having care of souls or justice of the peace of said county, Greeting. By the power and athority in me vested, I do authorize and license you to celebrate the right of matrimony between Thomas Barrett and Winnie Shaner and join them together as man and wife in the holy estate of matrimony - Given under my hand and seal at office, this first day of February 1802. Richard Mitchell, Clerk
 ("My grandmother Catherine Barrett Hickman had the original when I was a little girl. No one knows what happened to it" Donna Culbertson Necessary)
  Hawkins County Deed Book 3, Pg. 250
  Deed, 25 May 1813, William Armstrong, Hawkins County, TN, conveys to Thomas Barrot, same place, $1000 pd, tr in sd county in Caney Valley being the place whereon sd Barrot now lives and being 200 acres & being a grant by North Carolina to John Creely, 9 Aug 1787. Ack in May Session 1813 of County Court.
  Hawkins County Deed Book 3, Pg. 498
  Bill of Sale, 18 Feb 1815, John Harrel sells to Thomas Barrett, a negro man named Peter for $60.00. Wit: Wm Armstrong, Wm Phipps.
  Page 50
 Dated: June 26, 1838
 Proven: Feb. and April Term, 1855
 In the Name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Barrett of the County of Hawkins, State of Tennessee, being in a low state of health, but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding-considering the uncertainty of death and the uncertainty of the time thereof, do ordain and constitute this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following , Viz: First. I commend my soul into the hand of Almighty God and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereinafter named: Item. To my beloved wife Winefred Barrett, I leave one horse, two milk cows, one feather bed and furniture, and all the lands on this side of the creek between the lines of William Reynolds where he now lives and where he formerly lived, including the dwelling house and other houses, also the lands on the other side of the creek between the lands of John Barrett and William Reynolds, to her so long as she remains my widow. At her death the lands (are) to belong to our youngest son Alfred Barrett. Item. The land on which our two sons, Pleasant and Hugh now live to be divided between our sons, Hugh and Pleasant's children. The children (are) to have the lower end of the land including the house they live in and as far as they have enclosed in a fence and then up the hollow to Anderson's line. Item. To our son John Barrett, I leave all the lands in the following bounds: Beginning on a stake, corner of the bank of the branch opposite the great hollow that leads down to the creek on the left of my Sugar Camp. Thence up the fence by the side of the branch to a cross fence, then down cross fence to the creek. Then up the creek to the road. Then with the road to my line. Then with my line to the head of aforesaid hollow, then down the hollow to the beginning. To my other two sons, Nelson and Thomas Barrett, I leave a tract of land I purchased of James Donelson, to be divided between them. The line to run with the creek where it will strike the creek after leaving the little meadow near the barn on Thomas' side. Nelson to have the upper end including the dwelling house. The land in Big Poor Valley adjoining the Donalson Tract also to be divided between Nelson and Thomas. My wife to have the care of Thomas until he is of sufficient age to go to himself. Item. My other land in Big Poor Valley to be divided between our sons John and Alfred. Item. I leave to Thomas and Alfred the colts already given them. I leave unto my daughters Polly, Nancy and Malinda each one bed and furniture and to each one a milch cow. Item. After my just debts are paid, what money may be left and...the balance of my property sells for, I wish to be divided between our daughters Holly Ford, Betsy Reynolds, Louisa Grose, Polly, Nancy and Malinda Barrett. Betsy Reynolds to pay $20.00 to the other girls except Holly Ford out of her portion. Item. To William Reynolds I leave all the lands he has under fence where he formerly lived, except a small timothy lot which will belong to Alfred at his mother's death. Item. The land whereon William Reynolds now lives he purchased of our son Clinton Barrett. I leave to said Reynolds-the lines to run as specified in the articles between us now held by Jim Barrett. Our sons John and Nelson are to pay $10.00 each to be divided between our daughters Polly, Nancy and Malinda. As I have previously given to our son Clinton his portion, I now give him the sum of $2.00 to let him know he still lives in my affection. And for the purpose of carrying into effect this my last Will and Testament, I appoint my sons John and Nelson Executors, to see that it is done. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty sixth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight, in the presence of: (interlined before signing)
 Thomas x Barrett (seal)
 B. W. Vaughan David x Anderson (his mark) Elijah D. x Gillenwaters Anthony Samith
  It is possible that Hetty Barrett and Pleasant are the children of Winnie Harrell by a previous marriage to unknown Shaner
 Hetty and Pleasant may be the children of Thomas Barrett by a previous marriage.
  1.) A lot of the data on Thomas Barrett and his descendants, (except data on John Campbell Barrett and Catherine Barrett and their descendants) was provided by Mary Elaine Taylor Ode. Mary Elaine Taylor Ode is a g g great-grand daughter of Thomas Barrett.
  2.) Will of Thomas Barrett copied from internet:
  "By Judy 'Barrett' Peeples" Thomas was a farmer and farmed land in Big Poor Valley, bordering on Poor Valley Creek a north branch of the Holston River in Hawkins County. Thomas appears in a number of Circuit Court records in Hawkins County, On Thursday 4th, April 1822 he is chosen as a juror in State vs. Robert Delap. On Saturday 12th of October 1822, Thomas is referred to as Thomas Barrat Junr when he is called to give a deposition on the behalf of Jesse Howel. Joseph Rogers is suing Jesse Howel for trespass. The case was continued for almost two years until Friday 8th October 1824 Jesse Howel was found not guilty as he did "not assume in manner and form as the Plaintiff in his declaration hath complained" Joseph Rogers was then ordered to pay court cost. Thomas again appeared in court on Monday the 3rd of October 1825 this time he was the defendant "Thomas Barrott and his wife Winny" were being sued for Slander by John Long. "This day came the Plaintiff by his attorney and there upon Thomas Barrot comes into Court and confesses Judgment for the sum of Twenty-five dollars the amount of the fee paid by the plaintiff to his attorney and the costs, and the Plaintiff releases the defendants from all further damages on account of the defameatory words spoken. It is therefore considered by the Court that the Plaintiff recover of the defendants Thomas Barrot the sum of Twenty five dollars and also the costs in this behalf expended as above confessed for which execution may issue". (Since it was almost unheard of to name a wife in a case at that time, I am betting it was our four times Great Grandma Winny who probably said some not so nice things about Mr. Long and Grandpa Thomas had to pay up just because he was her husband. (I bet Mr. Long deserved it.) On Wednesday 6th April 1825 Thomas Barrot Senr jointly with William Phipps and Martin Woods made an appearance bond in the sum of $1000 dollars "to be levied of their proper goods and chattels lands and tenements to the use of the State but to be void on condition that the said Martin Woods make his personal appearance before the Honorable Judge of the Circuit Court from day to day and answer a charge of the State exhibited against him and not depart without leave of the Court". It was a perjury charge vs. the State of Tennessee. Two days later the defendant was discharged as the Attorney General enters a Nolle Prosequi (will not prosecute) and the Clerk was ordered to make out a Bill of the costs and present it to the County Court for allowance.
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