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  1. Elizabeth LONGFELLOW: Birth: 3 JUL 1688 in Newbury, MA.

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1. Title:   The Woodmans of Buxton
Page:   Page 13
Publication:   Boston, David Clapp & Son, 1874
Author:   Cyrus K. Woodman
2. Title:   History of Gorham, Maine
Page:   Page 640
Publication:   Somersworth New England History Press 1980
Author:   Hugh D. McLellan

a. Note:   Of Byfield Parish He was a man of talents and education, wrote an elegant hand, but wasnot quite so much of a Puritan as some others. He was very improvident, and loved a frolic rather too well. He waswhat would be called, at the present day, a high buck. He enlisted asan Ensign in the ill-fated expedition to Canada. He lived at Newbury Falls, in what was after his death known asByfield Parish. He lived on land belonging to his father-in-law,Henry Sewall. The title of it was never in Mr. Longfellow, but afterhis death, viz., on the 13th of April, 1692, Henry Sewall, inconsideration of love and affection for his daughter Anne Longfellow,who was then about to be married to Henry Short, gives to her and herchildren a tract of land "lately in y Tenure and Occupation of Mr.William Longfellow decd comonly called the High Field." On the 17th of June, 1873, I went to the "High Field," in company withHon. William D. Northend, of Salem, and took dinner there with Mr.Joseph Longfellow, to whom a portion of it has descended, and which henow owns and occupies.
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