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Marriage: Children:
  1. Levi Rector: Birth: 1803. Death: 1892

  2. Rhoda Rector: Birth: 1806. Death: 1821

  3. Alexander Rector: Birth: 1808. Death: BEF. 1843

  4. Rebecca Rector: Birth: 1811.

  5. Isaac Rector: Birth: 1816. Death: 1899

  6. Chloe Rector: Birth: 1818.

  7. Jonathan Rector: Birth: 1821.

  8. Person Not Viewable

Marriage: Children:
  1. Samuel Rector: Birth: 10 Aug 1780 in Germantown, Fauquier County, Virginia. Death: 1862

  2. Jane Rector: Birth: 1784.

  3. Mary Rector: Birth: 1787.

  4. Leona Rector: Birth: 1790.

  5. Susanna Rector: Birth: 1794.

  6. Elizabeth Rector: Birth: 1795. Death: 1879

  7. Jonathan I Rector: Birth: 1796. Death: 1809

  8. Joseph Rector: Birth: 1798.

  9. Margaret Rector: Birth: ABT. 1800.

a. Note:   Jesse lived in Fauquier County, Virginia.
  Jesse served in the Revolutionary War at Yorktown with General George Washington, (pension claim R 8639).
  He lived in Fauquier County, Virginia until 1785 when he moved to North Carolina.
  In 1791 Jesse moved back to Virginia as he is shown in the Grayson County tithables 1794 to 1820.
  In 1796 Jesse obtained a grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia for 156 acres of land in Garyson County near Little River. Here he built a house for his mother and her slave to live near his house. He freed his slaves, but his mother's slave refused to go.
  They lived on this land until 1820 when he sold the farm to James Kyle and moved to Lawrence County, Indiana. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.