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William Hill: Birth: 1781 in Otsego, NY. Death: 25Jul1852 in Oxford Co, Ontario
William Hill: Birth: Abt 1809 in Ontario.
William Hill: Birth: 1746 in VT. Death: 1828 in Erie Co,NY
William Hill: Birth: in Poundesford,Sommerset,England. Death: 6Jun1592 in England
William Hill: Birth: 1470.
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Margaret Hilliker: Birth: 1834 in Orleans,Jefferson,NY. Death: 1904 in Orleans,Jefferson,NY
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Anthony William Hills: Birth: 1580 in Of Halstead,Essex,England.
Blanche Hills: Birth: 8Apr1603 in Upminster,Essex,England.
Elizabeth Hills: Birth: 6Apr1601 in Upminster,Essex,England. Death: 16Feb1670 in Charlestown,Worcester,MA
Frances Hills: Birth: 1607/1615 in Of Halstead,Essex,Eng. Death: 1690/1693 in Of Farmington,Hartford,CT
Jane Hills: Birth: 17Sep1598 in Upminster,Essex,England.
John Hills: Birth: 1531 in Poundesford,Sommerset,England.
Margaret Hills: Birth: 1533 in Poundesford,Sommerset,England.
Mary Hills: Birth: 4Mar1604 in Upminster,Essex,England.
Mary Hills: Birth: 1529 in Poundesford,Sommerset,England.
Robarge Hills: Birth: 12Oct1600 in Upminster,Essex,England. Death: 1634 in England
Thomas Hills: Birth: 1570 in Upminster,Essex,England.
Thomas Hills: Birth: 1Jun1606 in Upminster,Essex,England. Death: Nov1634 in Roxbury,Litchfield,CT
William Hills: Birth: 27Dec1608 in Upminster,Essex,England. Death: 15Aug1683 in Hartford,Hartford,CT
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Alice Hiltoft: Birth: Abt 1333 in Of H,England.
William Hiltoft: Birth: Abt 1303 in Of H, England.
Elizabeth Hilton: Birth: 1402 in England. Death: Aft 1455 in England
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UNKNOWN Hiltrude: Birth: Abt 744 in Upper Alsace, France.
UNKNOWN Hiltrude: Birth: Abt 786 in Of Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia.
UNKNOWN Himiltrud: Birth: Abt 746 in Of Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia.
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Maria Hindricksdotter: Birth: Abt 1668 in Christiana Hundred,DE. Death: 15Mar1726/27 in DE
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Hijllebrantt Hinkamp: Birth: 26 Sep 1686 in Miste, Netherlands. Death: Bef 1758 in Winterswyk, Holland
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UNKNOWN Hipoltus: Birth: Abt 1187 in <Of Plumpton, ,England>.
Jacob Hipple: Birth: 1785.
Catharina Hirsch: Birth: 13Jan1820 in Glan-Muenchweiler,Pfalz,Bayern.
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Margaretha Hitz: Birth: 26Jun1611. Death: 11Feb1682
Grim Hjaldursson: Birth: Abt 745.
Eylimi Hjalmthersson: Birth: Abt 688 in Of Norway.
Anna Karina Ingegretsdtr Hjelmelandsvag: Birth: 1833. Death: 17 Dec 1893
Sigurd Hlodversson: Birth: Abt 960 in Of Orkney, Scotland. Death: 23 Apr 1014 in B, Ireland
Abigail Hoar: Birth: 2Nov1682. Death: 2Dec1762
Elizabeth Hoare: Birth: Abt1655 in Scituate,MA.
Margaret Hobart: Birth: 1767 in Pomeroy,Meigs,Ohio. Death: 31Mar1850 in Pomeroy,Meigs.OH
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Marguerite Matilda Hobbs: Birth: 19May1893. Death: 16Dec1940
Elizabeth Hobson: Birth: Abt 1564 in Of Hingham,N,England. Death: 11 Apr 1602 in Hingham, Norfolk, England
Unkwn Hobson: Birth: Abt 1530 in Norfolk, England. Death: in Norfolk, England
Maria Catharina Hoch: Birth: 1741 in <PA>. Death: 6 Dec 1873 in Greenwich Twp, Berks Co, PA
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Clarissa A Hockenberry: Birth: 20 Jun 1853.
Lottie M Hockenberry: Birth: 3 Apr 1879.
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David Hockenshildt: Birth: Abt 1841.
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Robert Hodgson: Birth: 1740.
Robert Hodgson: Birth: Abt 1776. Death: 1844
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Eunice Hodsdon: Death: 19 Nov 1843
Anna Hoeppner: Death: 1931
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Johann George Hoerner: Birth: Abt 1687.
Margarita Catherina Hoerner: Birth: Bef 5 Mar 1728/29 in Hoehefeld, Mosbach, Baden, Germany.
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Heidrek Hofundsson: Birth: Abt 512 in O, Norway.
Charles Hogan: Birth: 6 Nov 1838 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Death: 25 Dec 1926 in Huron Co,MI
Ella Adelia Hogan: Birth: 29Apr1883 in Ingersoll,Ontario, Canada. Death: in Royal Oak,MI
Ethel May Hogan: Birth: November 1879. Death: Bef 1926
Francis Henry Hogan: Birth: 30Nov1892. Death: 11Oct1967
Mildred Pearl Hogan: Birth: 23Aug1897 in Meade Twp,Huron,MI. Death: 29Mar1996 in Harbor Beach,Huron,MI
Rachel Agnes Hogan: Birth: 15May1888. Death: Bef 1926
Eystein Hognasson: Birth: Abt 738 in Of Trondheim,S,Norway.
Andrew Tressler Hohenshilt: Birth: 1839.
David Hohenshilt: Birth: 1845.
George E. Hohenshilt: Birth: 21 Feb 1808. Death: 26 Apr 1860
George Hohenshilt: Birth: 1834.
Henry Hohenshilt: Birth: 1842.
Sarah Hohenshilt: Birth: 1836.
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Frederick I "Barbarossa" Hohenstaufen: Birth: 1122 in Swaben, Bavaria. Death: 10Jun1190 in The Holy Land
Henry VI Hohenstaufen: Birth: Nov 1165 in Nijmegen. Death: 28Sep1197 in Messina
Alianore Holand: Birth: Abt 1405.
Eleanor Holand: Birth: 1392. Death: 18 Oct 1405
Eleanor Holand: Birth: 1392. Death: 18 Oct 1405
T Holand: Birth: 1354. Death: 25 Apr 1397 in Of Woodstock,Kent,England
T Holand: Birth: 1314 in Of Broughton,B,England. Death: 26 Dec 1360 in Normandy, France
Cornelius Holbrook: Birth: 19Nov1662 in MA. Death: 14Dec1742 in MA
Hopestill Holbrook: Death: 12 Jan 1705/06
Jane Holbrook: Death: Aft 1702 in MA
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