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James Thompson: Birth: 5Oct1850 in Ontario, Canada. Death: 1959
Jerusha Thompson: Birth: Abt 1740.
John Thompson: Death: 16 Jun 1696
Rebecca Thompson: Birth: 1613 in Cambridge,Middlesex,MA. Death: 1Dec1661 in Roxbury,Suffolk.MA
Sarah Elizabeth Thompson: Birth: 6Jul1895 in Morton,Manitoba, Canada.
Unkn Thompson: Birth: Abt 1810 in Mifflin,PA.
William James Peter Thompson: Birth: 28May1899 in Boissevain,Manitoba, Canada.
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Ann Thomson: Birth: Abt 1817.
Anne Thomson: Birth: 8Dec1819 in Prestonpans, East Lothian,Scotland. Death: 10Sep1877 in Prestopans Parish, East Lothian,
Eliza Thomson: Birth: Abt 1835. Death: Aft 27 Mar 1871
George Thomson: Birth: 16Feb1767 in Prestonpans, East Lothian,Scotland.
Isabel Thomson: Birth: 24Apr1779 in Prestonpans, East Lothian,Scotland. Death: 15Aug1841 in Prestonpans Parish, East Lothian, Scotland
Jane Thomson: Birth: Abt 1849. Death: 17Jan1884
Margaret Thomson: Birth: 1610 in Glasgow,Lanark,Scotland.
Thomas Thomson: Birth: Abt 1737 in Prestonpans, East Lothian,Scotland.
William Thomson: Birth: 25may1765 in prestopans, East Lothian,Scotland.
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Janett Thorburn: Birth: 1707. Death: 1776
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Hlodver Thorfinnsson: Birth: Abt 924 in Of Orkney, Scotland.
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Ulf Thorgilsson: Birth: Abt 993 in Of Halland, Sweden. Death: 29 Sep 1027 in Roskilde, Denmark
Alice Thorpe: Birth: Abt 1198 in Of Thorpe,M,England.
Elizabeth Isabel Thorpe: Birth: Abt 1410 in Of A,England. Death: 10 Nov 1436
Esther C Thorpe: Birth: 19Jul1837 in Indianapolis,Marion,IN. Death: 18Sep1911 in Fairbury, Jefferson,NB
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Nor Thorrasson: Birth: Abt 345 in Of Raumsdal, Norway.
Groa Thorsteinsdatter: Birth: Abt 873 in Of Hvammi, D, Iceland.
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Ingeberg Thrandsdotter: Birth: Abt 886 in Of Uppsala, U, Sweden.
Appolonia Throckmorton: Death: 19 Jan 1748/49
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UNKNOWN Thrond: Birth: Abt 625.
Eystein Throndsson: Birth: Abt 668 in Of Trondheim, S, Norway. Death: 710 in Norway
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B Thuringia: Birth: Abt 438 in Of Thuringia, Germany. Death: Aft 470
John Thwaytes: Birth: in Of Lofthouse. Death: 1469
Maud Thwaytes: Birth: Abt 1478 in <Church, H, England>.
UNKNOWN Thyre: Birth: Abt 844.
George Marquis Tibodeau: Birth: 8Aug1906 in BigLake,MartinCity,MN. Death: 27Jun1994 in Oceanside,SanDiego,CA
Isadore Tibodeau: Birth: 17Oct1848 in Fond du Lac,WI. Death: 1Jul 1935 in Blue Earth,MN
Oliver H Tibodeau: Birth: 5Dec1879 in Prescott Twp,MN. Death: 18Nov1958 in Blue Earth,MN
Marytje Tietsoort: Birth: 2May1699.
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Elizabeth Tilney: Birth: Abt 1450 in Of A,England. Death: 4 Apr 1497 in England
Frederick Tilney: Birth: Abt 1430 in Of A,England.
Adam Timerman: Birth: 25Oct1792. Death: 16Aug1857
Abraham Timmerman: Birth: 20Apr1796. Death: 27Oct1851
Adam H Timmerman: Birth: 1Feb1771 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 29Sep1844 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY
Alice Josephine Timmerman: Birth: 14Sep1850 in Jefferson,NY. Death: 21Jul1882 in Jefferson,NY
Anna Eva Timmerman: Birth: 10Jul1784 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 9Jun1853 in St.Johnsville,Montgomery,NY
Anna Rosina Timmerman: Birth: 27Oct1776 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 10Jun1865 in NY
Byron Timmerman: Birth: 2Jan1839 in Jefferson,NY. Death: 16May1842 in Jefferson,NY
Catherine Timmerman: Birth: 1Feb1807 in NY.
Clarinda Timmerman: Birth: 13Sep1842 in Jefferson,NY. Death: Dec1943 in Adams Corners,Jefferson,NY
Cornelia Timmerman: Birth: 1840 in Madison,NY. Death: Bef 1940 in Madison,NY
Daniel Timmerman: Birth: 17May1817 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 2Sep1901 in Polkton,Ottawa,MI
Delia Delilah Timmerman: Birth: 20Oct1794 in Mannheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 18Jan1828 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY
Delia Timmerman: Birth: Oct1809 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 3Dec1874 in Freybush,Montgomery,NY
Delia Timmerman: Birth: Abt 1807.
Delos Timmerman: Birth: 3Nov1840 in Jefferson,NY. Death: 16Mar1844 in Orleans,Jefferson,NY
Dorothy Timmerman: Birth: 16Oct1773 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 11Sep1805 in St.Johnsville,Montgomery,NY
Eber D Timmerman: Birth: 1Oct1843 in Orleans,Jefferson,NY. Death: 22Oct1865 in Jefferson,NY
Elizabeth Timmerman: Birth: 10Mar1820 in NY.
Elizabeth Timmerman: Birth: Abt 1794.
Elizabeth Timmerman: Birth: 22Jun1772 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 3Feb1858 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY
Elizabeth Timmerman: Birth: 28Mar1778 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 25Dec1857 in Minden,Montgomery,NY
Fayette Alonzo Timmerman: Birth: 7Oct1854 in Jefferson,NY. Death: 1May1939 in Jefferson,NY
Frederick Timmerman: Birth: 23May1818 in St. Johnsville,Montgomery,NY. Death: 29Jan1898 in Madison,NY
George F Timmerman: Birth: 31Mar1813 in Mannheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 30Dec1902 in Orleans,Jefferson,NY
George Hemperly Timmerman: Birth: 30Aug1857 in Orleans,Jefferson,NY. Death: in Greenwich,Fairfild,CT
Gertrude Timmerman: Birth: 15Mar1790 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 14Jul1869 in St.Johnsville,Montgomery,NY
Henry F Timmerman: Birth: 8Mar1811 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 29Jan1898 in Jefferson,NY
Jacob H Timmerman: Birth: 19Jan1775 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 8Feb1811 in LittleFalls,Herkimer,NY
John H Timmerman: Birth: 13Mar1782 in Mannheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 26jan1866 in Herkimer,Oneida,NY
Joram Timmerman: Birth: 20Jan1829 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 19Jan1886 in Potsdam,St.Lawrence,NY
Levi Timmerman: Birth: 22Mar1813.
Magdalena Timmerman: Birth: 16Sep1788 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 20Sep1872 in Akron,Niagara,NY
Marcus Timmerman: Birth: 19Mar1797. Death: 22Jun1854
Margaret Timmerman: Birth: 11Jan1783 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 5Apr1862 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY
Martha Ann Timmerman: Birth: 12Sep1848 in Mannheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 1926
Mary Ann Timmerman: Birth: Abt 1777 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 5Feb1856 in Conneautville,Crawford,PA
Mary Jane Timmerman: Birth: 9Jan1845 in Jefferson,NY. Death: 12Jun1923 in NY
Mary Polly Timmerman: Birth: 3Oct1815 in Manheim,Herkimer,NY. Death: 20Sep1862 in Jefferson,NY
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