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Marriage: Children:
  1. Arial Ariel: Birth: 1775.

  2. Daniel Harris: Birth: 31Mar1776 in Colchester,NewLondon,CT. Death: 9Apr1865

  3. Alvan Harris: Birth: 1778. Death: 21Mar1843

  4. Elijah Harris: Birth: 1780.

  5. Gilbert Harris: Birth: 1783.

  6. Lucretia Harris: Birth: 1783 in CT, USA.

  7. James P Harris: Birth: 1785. Death: 15Sep1858

  8. Elisha Harris: Birth: 15Mar1787. Death: 27Sep1868

  9. Sarah Harris: Birth: 1793.

  10. Eliza Harris: Birth: 1795.

  11. John Harris: Birth: 21Jun1795.

a. Note:   n that indicates the parents of Lucretia harris Hill may be Eli (Ely) Harris and Lucretia Ransom..." Source OCL: HSC.
  ...Dawn Thurlow <[email protected] has the list of 11 children of Eli Harris and Lucretia Abigail Ransom and the birthdates as noted here; she has descendants for Daniel only...other researchers have slightly different lists of children and dobs...Unknown <[email protected]> has the same list except does not have 'Eliza', dobs are differing in some cases, lists all born in CT-most in Colchester,CT...he/she has descendants for Ariel only (Dawn Thurlow spells it 'Arial')...
  per Jerald L Chittenden <<[email protected]> "Eli Harris was born 5 Nov 1755 in New London, CY and died 18 Apr 1813 in Oxford,Ontario,Canada...He was the son of Asa II Harris and Anna Ely...
 lists as his source Ancestral File v4.19 of
  Wes Covey <[email protected]> has same dob for Eli Harris and says he married Lucretia Ransom dob 5 Jun 1756 in Colchester, New London, CT about 1774 in Colchester, New London,CT...
  Margaret Nielson <[email protected]> has essentially the same info but has dob for Lucretia Abigail Ransom as 5 Jun 1756 and says Eli was born in Saybrook, CT...also has marriage date as definite 1774...same location...
  Several other researchers use these dates...some cite Broderbund WFT Vol. 14, Ed. 1, Tree #0165...Feb 20, 2000 submitted by Kenneth John Haycock, 11913-77A Avenue, Delta, British Columbia V4C 7K2
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