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Marriage: Children:
  1. Arial Ariel: Birth: 1775.

  2. Daniel Harris: Birth: 31Mar1776 in Colchester,NewLondon,CT. Death: 9Apr1865

  3. Alvan Harris: Birth: 1778. Death: 21Mar1843

  4. Elijah Harris: Birth: 1780.

  5. Gilbert Harris: Birth: 1783.

  6. Lucretia Harris: Birth: 1783 in CT, USA.

  7. James P Harris: Birth: 1785. Death: 15Sep1858

  8. Elisha Harris: Birth: 15Mar1787. Death: 27Sep1868

  9. Sarah Harris: Birth: 1793.

  10. Eliza Harris: Birth: 1795.

  11. John Harris: Birth: 21Jun1795.

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