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Lydia Woodward: Birth: in VT. Death: in Erie Co,NY
Thankful Woodward: Birth: 1645.
Thomas Woodward: Birth: 1567.
Prudence Woodworth: Birth: Abt 1776 in <Attleboro,Bristol,MA>.
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Ann Workman: Birth: 1603.
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John Wowen: Birth: Abt 1591 in Eng.
Edward Wright Als Reve: Birth: Abt 1455. Death: Aft 1485
Benjamin Wright: Birth: 13Jul1660 in Northampton,Franklin,MA. Death: 1743
David Wright: Birth: 1793 in <Stubbleville,Monroe,OH>.
Elizabeth Wright: Birth: 1791 in <Stubbleville,Monroe,OH>.
Elizabeth Wright: Birth: 30Jan1856.
Elizabeth Wright: Birth: Abt 1504 in London,Middlesex,ENG.
George Edwin Wright: Birth: 15Jun1875 in TN. Death: 26Mar1962
Grishman Wright: Birth: Abt 1801 in <Stubbleville,Monroe,OH>.
Hannah Wright: Birth: Abt 1809 in <Stubbleville,Monroe,OH>.
Isaiah M Wright: Birth: 21Aug1846.
Jane Wright: Birth: Abt 1500.
Jesse Wright: Birth: 30Jul1840 in OH.
John Conger Wright: Birth: 16May1811 in Stubbleville,Monroe,OH. Death: 14Jul1890 in Sharon Twp,Appanoose,IA
John Wright: Birth: Abt 1550. Death: 1624
John Wright: Birth: 1522. Death: 1588
John Wright: Birth: 1488. Death: 5 Oct 1551
John Wright: Birth: 1450. Death: 9 May 1509
Katherine Wright: Birth: Abt 1805 in <Stubbleville,Monroe,OH>.
Margaret Wright: Birth: 15Jan1849.
Mary Ann Wright: Birth: 31May1843.
Mary Elizabeth Wright: Birth: 7Feb1869 in Centerville,Appanoose,IA. Death: 21July1944
Mary Wright: Birth: 1801 in <Stubbleville,Monroe,OH>.
Melissa Wright: Birth: 8Apr1834 in Monroe Co,OH. Death: 1881 in Henry Co,MO
Melton Wright: Birth: 24Mar1851.
Nancy Wright: Birth: 1795 in <Stubbleville,Monroe,OH>.
Remembrence Wright: Birth: 26Jan1685 in Northfield,Franklin,MA. Death: Aft 1733
Reuben Wright: Birth: 1771 in Northfield,Franklin,MA. Death: 1845 in WayneTwp,Warren,OH
Reuben Wright: Birth: Abt 1807 in <Stubbleville,Monroe,OH>.
Reuben Wright: Birth: 14May1838 in Monroe Co,OH. Death: 23Aug1919 in Exline,Appanoose,IA
Reuben Wright: Birth: 26May1732 in Northfield,Franklin,MA. Death: 11Sep1807
Samuel Wright: Birth: 30Oct1632 in England. Death: 2Sep1675 in Blood Point, Dover, NH
Sarah Ellen Wright: Birth: 19Feb1887.
Sarah Wright: Birth: 28Dec1853.
William M Wright: Birth: 11May1836 in Monroe,OH. Death: 4Mar1921 in Dodge City,Ford,KS
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Penelope Wriothesley: Death: 1667
Agnes Wroth: Birth: Abt 1355 in Of Enfield,M,England.
John Wrothe: Birth: Abt 1325 in Of Enfield,M,England. Death: 1397
John Wrothe: Birth: Abt 1298 in <Of Enfield,M,England>.
Susanna Wyatt: Birth: 26Sep1696 in Hatfield,Hampshire,MA. Death: 27Jul1747 in Colchester,New London,CT
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Joan Wydevill: Birth: Abt 1447 in Of Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, England.
John Wydevill: Birth: 1341 in Of Grafton Regis,Northamptonshire,England. Death: Aft 8 Sep 1403
Richard Wydevill: Birth: 1385 in Of La Mote, M,England. Death: Aft 29 Nov 1441 in Of Grafton,N,England
Anne Wydeville: Birth: Abt 1451. Death: 30Jul1489 in London,Middlesex,England
Anthony Wydeville: Birth: Abt 1440 in of Grafton, Northamptonshire,England. Death: 25Jun1483 in Pontrefract Castle, Yorkshire,England
Elizabeth Wydeville: Birth: Abt 1437 in Of Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, England. Death: 7Jun1492 in Bermondsey Abbey, Bermonsey, Surrey, England
Jacquetta Wydeville: Birth: Abt 1444 in Of Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, England. Death: Bef 1479
John Wydeville: Birth: Abt 1445 in of Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, England. Death: 12Aug1469 in Kenilworth,Northamptonshire,England
Katherine Wydeville: Birth: Abt 1458 in Of Monmouthshire,England. Death: Aft 22 Jul 1525
Margaret Wydeville: Birth: Abt 1454 in England. Death: Bef Mar 1490/91
Mary Wydeville: Birth: Abt 1456 in Of Monmouthshire,England. Death: Bef 1481
Richard Wydeville: Birth: Abt 1412 in Maidstone,Kent,England. Death: 1469
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Elizabeth Wylde: Death: 23 Apr 1656
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Agnes Wylie: Birth: 1544/45 in Thorley, Hertfordshire,England. Death: 11May1561 in Stortford,Hertfordshire,England
John Wylie: Birth: 1515 in Bishop's Stortford,Hertfordshire,England.
Henry Wyman: Birth: Abt 1344 in <Of Yorkshire, England>.
Joan Jane Wyman: Birth: Abt 1370 in Of Yorkshire, England.
John Wymbish: Birth: Abt 1391 in Of Priory,N,England.
Katherine Wymbish: Birth: Abt 1457 in Of Nocton,Lincolnshire,England.
Thomas Wymbish: Birth: Abt 1431 in Of Nocton,L,England. Death: Aft 10 Jun 1505
William Wymbish: Birth: Abt 1359 in Of Priory,N,England.
Catherine Wynn: Birth: 1804 in County Kilkenny, Ireland.
Elizabeth Wynn: Birth: 1708 in Prince Georges, MD. Death: 1771 in Montgomery, MD
John Wynn: Birth: 1769 in Castlecomer, County Kilkenny,Ireland. Death: 7Apr1847 in Prospect, Ontario,Canada
John Wynn: Birth: 1808 in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Death: 15Jun1891
William Henry Wynn: Birth: 1May1849. Death: 1934
Alice Wyse: Birth: Abt 1459 in Of Sydenham,Devonshire,England.

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