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Marriage: Children:
  1. Claibourne Cash: Birth: 15 Aug 1783 in Crawford County, Virginia. Death: 20 Nov 1873 in Howevalley, Hardin County, Kentucky

  2. Mary Polly Cash: Birth: 3 Dec 1785 in Hardin County, KY. Death: in North Hardin County, KY

  3. William Cash: Birth: 3 Mar 1787 in Woodford County, KY. Death: 14 Feb 1843 in Woodford County, KY

  4. John Cash: Birth: 15 Feb 1789 in Woodford County, KY. Death: UNKNOWN

  5. Jeremiah Cash: Birth: 15 Nov 1791 in Woodford Co., KY. Death: 1850 in LaRue Co., KY

  6. Elizabeth Cash : Birth: 24 Aug 1793 in Woodford Co., KY. Death: 1833-1888 in Hardin County, KY

  7. Nancy Cash: Birth: 24 Aug 1793 in Woodford Co., KY. Death: 4 Mar 1860 in Woodford County, KY

  8. Martha Cash: Birth: 31 Dec 1795 in Woodford Co., KY. Death: UNKNOWN

  9. Abraham Cash: Birth: 8 Jan 1798 in Shelby County, KY. Death: 22 Jul 1864 in Keyteville, Chariton Co., Missouri

  10. Thompson Cash: Birth: 7 Jul 1800 in Hardin County, KY. Death: BEF. 1810 in Hardin County, KY

  11. Susannah Cash: Birth: 9 Jun 1802 in Nelson Co., KY. Death: 1802 in Hardin County, KY

  12. Warren Thompson Cash: Birth: 3 Jun 1804 in Nelson Co., KY. Death: 31 Jul 1846 in Hardin County, KY

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a. Note:   Warren Cash was born in Albermale Co., Virginia, probably in that part of the county which later formed into Fluvanna County. By two separate affidavits, he stated he was living in Louise County, Virginia in 1772.
 Family stories say that Warren (during his younger years) had a violent quarrel with his adopted father over wages due Warren for work performed for a neighbor. As a result of this, Warren left home in anger, probably in 1773. In 1776 he joined the Revolutionary Army, taking back the name of Cash at the age of 14. About 1774, Warren's grandfather, the senior Thomas Cash made an appearance and Warren lived with his grandfather for about 3 years. This is per his own affidavit.
 A lawsuit is recorded in Louise Co., Virginia where Warren is known to have lived at one time, in which Francis FIDLER and Son (name not given) settled with Samuel Henson a judgement for 2 pounds and 7 shillings. Details of this proceeding are lacking other than the judgement and settlement. The lawsuit was terminated Jan 20, 1773 and it is probable the son mentioned was Warren Cash Fidler, who at this time was near 13 years of age. (Lewis L. Cash, grandson of Warren, relates that the said Warren Cash was hired to a neighbor farmer and his father, Fidler, entered suit to collect his wages. Warren's attorney advised him to fight the case in the name of CASH, which legally was his name.) There is also a record (1774) in Louis County of a Warren Fidler who was to be bound out to learn the trade of brick layer. These records, while not conclusive, give some authenticity to family stories that have persisted for 150+ years.
 A marriage record in Fluvanna County shows Warren Cash as a witness to the marriage of Nancy Cash and Merrey Humphrey, Aug 8, 1780. Merry Humphrey was listed as a minor. (Lewis L. Cash, in his writing, gives the name of Warren's sister's husband as David Humphrey. This was the name of Merrey's father. Warren's cousin, Alsie Fidler, married a David Humphrey.
 Just before his 16th birthday, Warren Cash enlisted in the Revolutionary Army at Charlottesville, Virginia in Captain Mathew Jouett's Virginia Military Company. This company was placed in the Continental Line in the autumn of 1776. He served four years in General Washington's army before being discharged in March of 1780 at Alexandria, Virginia.
 Warren was in the 7th Virginia Regiment, and participated participated in the Battle of Brandywine in June of 1777. The 7th Virginia Regiment was the fifth of six new regiments raised by the fourth Virginia convention in December, 1775. It was taken into Continental Service in February of 1776, and the men recruited for the regiment met at Gloucester Courthouse to muster. In September of 1776, most of the personnel of the regiment were reported sick, but 15 men were well enough to sent north two months later. In January of 1777, the remainder of the regiment met Gen. George Washington. They suffered greatly at that time, as they lacked adequate tentage. The Regiment fought at the Battle of Brandywine in Gen. Woodford's brigade and was decimated. Captain Mathew Jouett, who Warren Cash served under, was seriously wounded and later died. The next morning, the regiment's 23 year old major led the survivors out of the woods with a bandana attached to his ramrod as a flag, since the regimental colors were lost in the melee during the previous day. During the winter of '77-'78, the regiment was quartered at Valley Forge, PA. Despite heavy losses at Brandywine, the regiment was fully manned in Sept of '78 when it was reorganized under the arrangement of the Virginia Continental Line at White Plains, NY. In the summer of 1779, the regiment became part of a detachment that was sent to Charleston, SC, where most of its personnel were captured in 1780. In 1781, the 9th VA Regiment (stationed at Fort Pitt during the surrender of Charleston) was renumbered the 7th VA. (The History of 7th VA Regiment -
 Warren served in the 7th, 5th, and 11th VA Regiments and was in the 2nd VA Brigade when he was discharged. After the Battle of Brandywine, he went into Winter Quarters (Oct 19, 1777) with Washington's troops at Valley Forge, remaining there until June 19 of the following year. Eight days later he participated in the Battle of Monmouth. He was at Verplanck's Point across the Hudson River from Stoney Point when General Wayne took the fort from the British, but was probably not in that engagement. Warren was in the retreat from West Plains, New York and later was with Washington at his Winter Quarters at Morristown, New Jersey. He also served under Colonels Dangerfield and McClanachan. He was pensioned for his service, filing his Declaration in 1832 in Hardin County, KY when he was 72 years old.
 On November 24, 1782 in Fluvanna County, Virginia, Warren Cash and Susannah Baskett (daughter of Elder William Baskett, a Baptist preacher) were married.
 Warren and Susannah Cash and son, Claiborne, with a party of Virginians (veterans of the Revolutionary War), came to Kentucky about 1784. They traveled the Old Trading Path in the Shenandoah Valley, entering the District of Kentucky at the Cumberland Gap. From here they traveled the Wilderness Road, a narrow trail not wide enough for carts, northward to Grubb's Station (which was probably a blockhouse fort), and spending the winter of 1784 there. This is located in what is now Madison County, Kentucky on Tates Creek. The following Spring, they ventured north and built a cabin on the present site of Mortonsville, Woodford County, Kentucky. It was about the year 1795 that Warren became a Baptist preacher, serving for the next 50 years as pastor of: Clear Creek, Woodford County; Beach Creek and Fox Run, Shelby County; Simpson Creek, Nelson County; Otter Creek, Meade County; and Bethel, Union and Gilead churches in Hardin County, Kentucky.
 On March 17, 1824 Rev. Warren Cash organized and became pastor of Gilead Baptist Church in Hardin County. Charter members included Abraham Cash, Catherine Cash, Susan Cash, and Deborah Cash -- all family members). Later Warren Thompson Cash became part of the congregation. Both Rev. Warren and Susannah Cash are buried in the Gilead Church yard in Glendale, Kentucky. You can view the historical marker placed at the entrance to the Gilead Church.
  THANKS to Mrs. Maydelle Sharpe who put together a booklet of the history of the Gilead Baptist Church, 1824-1974. This booklet was obtained by Earl Downey (descendent of Warren Cash) at the Cash Family Reunion in Elisabethtown, Kentucky. The booklet contains records of some of the proceedings of the Gilead Baptist Church during its early days.
  More information is available in a book entitled Extracts from Book Re: Gilead Baptist Church 1824-1849, Hardin County, Kentucky and Data on Family of Elder Warren Cash, 1760-1849.
  HISTORY NOTE . . . .
 When Warren and Susannah moved north into what is now Woodford, Nelson, and Shelby Counties between 1785-1790, they lived in the same neighborhood as Abraham and Bathsheba Lincoln, grandparents of ABRAHAM LINCOLN, our 16th president. It was during the years Warren was preaching that the elder Lincoln was killed by Indians and it is likely Warren helped to bury him. Dr. Louis Warren in his book on Lincoln mentions the fact that Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln listened to the preachings of Warren Cash in the backwoods section of Kentucky. When Abraham Lincoln was a lad, he with his parents (Thomas and Nancy Lincoln) moved to Spencer County, Indiana. At about the same time, Jeremiah Cash (Warren's son and also a Baptist preacher) also emigrated to Spencer County and became preacher at the Baptist church the Lincoln's attended.
  Jos. King
 Geo. Southerland WARREN CASH (1760-1849)\National Archives, Washington, DC -- AFFIDAVIT FOR NANCY (MRS. THOMAS) BAILEY - VA #W2991, pp 200-201 (1848), State of Kentucky, Hardin County
 Be it remembered that on the 24th day of May one thousand eight hundred and forty eight personally appeared before the undersigned Police Judge of Elizabethtown in the County and State aforesaid Warren Cash, who being first duly sworn according to law deposith and saith that he is eighty years of age past, that he has resided in the County and State aforesaid forty two years, and previous hereto he lived in Nelson County, KY. That he was born in Albermale County, Virginia. That he was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and draws a pension of eighty dollars per annum. That he is personally acquainted with Nancy Bailey of Hardin County, Kentucky whose maiden name was Nancy Gentry. That he was also personally acquainted with Thomas Bailey, deceased, who was the husband of the said Nancy Bailey. That he was also well acquainted with John Gentry, the brother of the said Nancy. That he, the said Cash, and said John Gentry served in the same company and Regiment. That the said Gentry served out the term of twelve months with him the said Cash, having been drafted for that time. That he is informed that the said Thomas Bailey ENLISTED about the same time the said Gentry was DRAFTED. That he enlisted for twelve or eighteen months. That he can not say from his personal knowledge that the said Bailey served the term aforesaid. But he was [enlisted] to be a Revolutionary soldier & never heard the fact doubted. That he was intimate many years with said Bailey & has often heard him speak of his revolutionary services. That as far as he ever knew, he maintained the character of a truthful and upright man. That he is informed that the said Nancy Bailey is now applying for a Pension of the services of her husband, the said Thomas Bailey. That he has know the said Nancy Bailey a number of years, and believes she is an honest and truthful person, and would not knowingly make a statement which was not true. That according to his recollection the said John Gentry was drafted for twelve months as aforesaid, in the spring of 1778. That he knows the said Bailey was not in the same company with him, but if he was enlisted, he must have belonged to the Virginia troops, which was distinct from the Continental line. That he knew the said Thomas Bailey and Nancy Bailey, as man and wife several years, and knew several of their children, but only recollects one by name, and that is Carter Bailey.
 Warren Cash (his mark) Subscribed & sworn to in the presence of Susan M. Cash [Susan Cash's signature is in the same handwriting as the name of Warren Cash] before me, Police Judge of Elizabethtown, this 24th day of May 1848.
 E. S. Browe, P.J.E. CASH,Warren (1760-1849)/Virginia State Archives, Richmond, VA
 At a Court held for Fluvanna County [on] Thursday the 3rd day of Oct. 1782.
 WARREN CASH came into Court and made it satisfactorily [sic] appear that he enlisted as a Soldier in the Service of the United States for the Term of three Years, and served the same, and was legally discharged therefrom and produced a certificate of his discharge under the hand [of] Christian Febiger Col. Comd 2nd V.B. [bearing] date Jany 20, 1780 and claiming the land allowed by Law. The Court are of the Option that he is entitled thereto. Which is ordered to be certified.
 Jno. Timberlake Dy. Clk.
 a Copy
 Know all men by these presents that we, Warren Cash and Joseph King, are held and firmly bound to his excellency Benjamin Harrison, Esquire, Governor or Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the sum of 50 pounds Current money to be paid to this Governor or to his successors in office to the payment whereof will and truly to be made. We bind ourselves as the Executors and Administrators jointly and Severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated this 23rd day of Nov. Anno Dom. 1782.
 The condition of the above Obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage Shortly intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound Warren Cash and Susannah Basket. Now if there is no lawful cause to obstruct the marriage then this Obligation to be void or also to remain in force and virtue.
 [Signed] Warren Cash (his mark) Joseph King Sealed and delivered in the presence of Jno. Timberlake
 Please to grant Warren Cash marriage license. I am his [betrothed]. Susannah Baskett Test.
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