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Marriage: Children:
  1. Maria Luisa Borja: Birth: 1748 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador.

  2. Maria Micaela Borja: Birth: 1749 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador.

  3. Maria Luisa Micaela Borja: Birth: 1750 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador.

  4. Francisco Manuel Jose Luis Borja: Birth: 1752 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador. Death: in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador

  5. Juan Ramon Borja: Birth: 1753 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador. Death: 1819 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador

  6. Francisco Jose Mariano Borja: Birth: 1754 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador.

  7. Mariana Josefa Luisa Borja: Birth: 1757 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador.

  8. Joaquin Estanislao Diego Borja: Birth: 1758 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador.

  9. Maria Manuela Josefa Borja: Birth: 1760 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador. Death: aft 1816 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador

  10. Jose Manuel Mariano Borja: Birth: 1762 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador. Death: in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador

  11. Mariano Jose Angelo Borja: Birth: 1763 in Guachala.

  12. Juan Borja: Birth: 1767 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador. Death: 29 Dec 1842 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador

  13. Maria Ignacia Borja: Birth: 1769 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador. Death: 20 Jan 1834 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador

  14. Barbara Maria Francisca Borja: Birth: 1773 in Quito,Pichincha,Ecuador.

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