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a. Note:   910 D St., Apr. 20, E.D. 52, Sheet 7 B, Page 247 B, with stepfather & mother, Lines 73 & 74, Henry J. & Anna Casson [sic], Line 75, Hal Casson [sic], Son [sic], M, W, 6, S, TX, U.S., TX, Eng., Y, Y, Y.
  1930 Los Angeles Co., CA, Federal Census, Assembly Dist. 57 (Part of), Los Angeles City, Block No. 203, 144 N. Sycamore, E.D. 114, Sheet 15 A, Page 267 A, with mother, Line 49, Anna LeSuer [sic], Line 50, Hal LeSuer [sic], Son, M, W, 25, Div., (Age wh. m.?) 19, N, Y, TX, U.S., TX, Y, Actor, Motion Pictures, W, Y, (Vet.?) N.
  Hal and his second wife, Kasha, had one daughter:
  Joan Crawford LeSueur
 b. 2 Dec 1933 Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., CA
 (AKA Joan Lowe. She became a dancer on Broadway. Married ____ Fuller.)
  CA State Death Index, Hal H. LESUEUR, b. 9-3-1903, Mo.'s Maiden: Johnson, Male, d. Los Angeles Co. (70), d. 5-3-1963, 59 yrs.
  Gravestone: Beloved - Hal Hays Le Sueur - Sept. 3, 1903-May 3, 1963
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