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a. Note:   (AKA Billie Cassin, Joan Crawford) According to her adopted daughter, Christina, Joan was actually born in 1904. But Joan's older brother, Hal, was born in Sep. 1903, meaning she would have been born six months later. (?) At any rate, her age was recorded as 5 on the 1910 census: 1910 Comanche Co., OK, Federal Census, Lawton Township, Lawton City (Part of), 910 D St., Apr. 20, E.D. 52, Sheet 7 B, Page 247 B, with stepfather & mother, Lines 73 & 74, Henry J. & Anna Casson [sic], Line 76, Lucil [sic] Casson [sic], Dau. [sic], F, W, 5, S, TX, U.S., TX, Eng., Y, Y.
  In 1922, she registered at Stephens (Girls) College in Columbia, MO, giving her birth year as 1906 [sic]. However, Joan later claimed, for the rest of her life, that she was born in 1908, which was obviously false.
  1930 Los Angeles Co., CA, Federal Census, 56th Assembly Dist., Los Angeles City, Block No. 1010, 426 N. Bristol Ave., Apr. 12, E.D. 75, Sheet 16 B, Page 199 B, with husband, Line 64, Douglas Fairbanks, Line 65, Joan C. Fairbanks, Wife, F, W, 21 [sic-25], M, (Age wh. m.?) 21 [sic], N, Y, TX, U.S., U.S., Y, Actress, Moving Pictures, W, Y.
  Adopted Children:
  1)F) Christina "Tina" Crawford
 b. 11 Jun 1939 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA
 m. (1) (Div) Harvey Medlinsky
 m. (2) (Div) 14 Feb 1976 Palos Verdes, Los Angeles Co., CA, C. David Koontz
 m. (3) Michael Brazzel
  2)M) Christopher Crawford
 b. Abt 15 Oct 1943
 m. (1) (Div) Abt 1962 Nancy ____ (b. Abt 1942) (1 daughter b. Abt Dec 1960, 1 son b. Jul 1962 ,,NY, 2 more daughters)
 m. (2) Gale ____
 (1 daughter, Chrystal)
  3)F) Cynthia "Cindy" Crawford
 b. 13 Jan 1947 Dyersburg, Dyer Co., TN
 m. 1967 (Div) Joel Jordan
 (2 sons, Jan b. Abt 1968 and Joel b. Abt 1971)
  4)F) Cathy Crawford
 b. 13 Jan 1947 Dyersburg, Dyer Co., TN
 m. Jerome LaLonde
 (2 children, Carla b. Abt 1970 and Casey b. Abt 1972)
  (Joan adopted Christina in 1940 while a single woman. In June 1941, she adopted a son, Christopher Crawford (b. Abt Apr 1941). But in 1942 his biological mother found out where he was and wanted him back.
  In April 1943, Joan adopted an 8 year old son, this time with Phillip Terry, and named him Phillip Terry, Jr. (b. Abt 1935). But she did not keep him either.
  She then adopted another son while married to Phillip Terry, Christopher b. 1943 (Who remained her son after she and Mr. Terry divorced.)
 (Christina said that Christopher's birth date was changed by Joan to Oct. 15 because she was afraid he would also be taken away. (?)
  Joan adopted the last two girls while a single woman. Christina said Joan called them twins when they weren't. (?) But Cynthia and Cathy both say they really are twins and have learned of their biological family in East TN. Their unwed mother died seven days after they were born; their father, who they have met, is J.W. Jordan. They said that Joan was afraid their real parents might try and get them back, and would therefore say they were not twins.
  (Article: "Quest led Joan Crawford twins, others to Tenn. by Shirley Downing, The Memphis Commercial Appeal, Sep. 11, 1995.")
  (Los Angeles Times, Jun. 2, 1947, Joan Crawford Adopts Two More Children, "Two little baby girls had a new mother yesterday--Actress Joan Crawford.
 With two other adopted children--Christina, 8, and Christopher, 4--Miss Crawford now has one of the largest "families" in Hollywood.
 The new ones are Cynthia, 3 months, and Cathy, 2 months old.
 Cynthia--"I've already shortened it to Cindy," said Miss Crawford last night--arrived here from the East last week. Little Cathy arrived yesterday.
 "I am," Miss Crawford confessed last night, "a very busy woman.")) S.S. Death Index, online, Joan Crawford, b. 23 Mar 1908 [sic], S.S.# 568-10-8455, Issued CA, d. May 1977, Last Residence 10021 (New York, New York Co., NY, Last Benefit 10017 (New York, New York Co., NY).
  Joan Crawford was cremated. The urn with her ashes was placed in the Steele Family crypt; Main Mausoleum, Unit 8, Alcove E, is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.