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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah SMITH: Birth: Abt 1642.

  2. Mary SMITH: Birth: Abt 1642.

  3. Hannah SMITH: Birth: Abt 1644.

  4. Elizabeth SMITH: Birth: Abt 1645. Death: 10 Oct 1750

  5. Nehemiah SMITH: Birth: Bef 24 Oct 1646 in New Haven, , Connecticut,. Death: 8 Aug 1727

  6. Lydia SMITH: Birth: Abt 1647.

  7. Ann SMITH: Birth: Abt 1648.

  8. Mehitable SMITH: Birth: 4 Jul 1655 in Marshfield, , New Plymouth Colony,. Death: 14 Mar 1685

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 NEHEMIAH1 SMITH, born in England about 1605, came to America and made application to be admitted a Freeman at Plymouth, March 6, 1637-8. Married Jan. 21, 1639-40, Anne2 Bourne, of Marshfield, daughter of Thomas and Bourne, her full name being doubtless Sarah Ann or Sarann. He settled for a while in Marshfield or Greens Harbor as it was then called and is believed to have been the first religious teacher of that place. Later moved to New London, and remained there until 1655, owing to trouble with the Indians. Norwich was purchased of the Indian Chief and his sons, in June, 1659, and Nehemiah Smith was one of the original proprietors. Died about 1686, and his wife, born about 1615, died after Jan. 12, 1684.
  Genealogical History of the Allen Family page 100
 Rev. Nehemiah (the first of the name), died in Norwich, Conn., about 1686, aged (about) 81 years; his wife (Sarah Ann Bourne), born about 1615, died after January 12, 1684. They were both buried in the Post and Gager burying-ground, in Norwich, in the oldest part of the cemetery. All the early residents were buried there, and all without stones to mark the exact place of their graves. A granite monument which contains the name of Nehemiah Smith, and other proprietors, has been erected on the highest portion of the ground.
  New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Volume II, page 835
 Nehemiah Smith married, January 21, 1639-40, Ann Bourne, of Marshfield, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Bourne. She was born about 1615, died after January 12, 1684. Her full name was very likely Sarah Ann or Sarah, as the New Haven records give her name as Sarah, and it is not likely that he married three times, having Sarah as second and Ann as the first and third wives; his wife's name is given as Ann in all records in other towns than New Haven.
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 Genealogical History of the Allen Family cont pg 100
  It was assigned to John Smyth in 1561, at Newcastle-under-Lyne, County of Stafford. (Smith of Elmhurst and Stafford County.) John Smith was the second son of the Right Rev. Dr. Smith, Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry, whose great-grandson, John Smith, Esq., of Heath-End House, near Newcastle-under-Lyne, was living at the Visitation in 1614, and had his arms confirmed there.
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 John Kitchel and Esther Peck page 98
 Children of Richard Ely.
 (By his first wife Joane Phipps. Recorded in Plymouth, Eng.)
  1. William, bapt. Oct. 15, 1647, d. Feb. 23, 1717, m. May 12, 1681, Elizabeth Smith, b. 1645, d. Oct. 10, 1750, dau. Rev. Nehemiah Smith, b. in England 1605, d. at Norwich, Conn., 1686.
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Note:   New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Volume II, page 835
 Nehemiah Smith married, January 21, 1639-40, Ann Bourne,
 Children: Sarah, born about 1642, baptized in New Haven, December 14, 1645;
 Mary, born about 1642, baptized December 14, at New Haven, perhaps a twin of Sarah;
 Hannah, born about 1644, baptized December 14, 1656;
 Mercy, born about 1645, baptized February 22, 1645-46;
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