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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Roland: Birth: Aft 1784.

  2. Rachel Roland: Birth: Aft 1792.

  3. Daniel Roland: Death: 1805 in ,Warren Co.,KY

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a. Note:   ! RW 24 REF: Lee Osborn 85 Theda Barrett 86 1790C Rowan Co., NC 2 m 16+, 1 m 16-, 5 f, 1 other free person Joseph living next door to John Roland & 5 doors from Gasper. Not all these children migrated to KY about 1799 1800C Bourbon Co., KY 1810C Warren Co., KY 4 daughters near by. 1820C Simpson Co., KY REL: German Baptist Brethern, (Dunkard) RES: Rowan Co., NC Bourbon Co., KY Warren Co., KY Simpson Co., KY Mulenberg Co., KY IL INFO: 1797 Joseph Roland was in Rowan Co., NC. He made purchases at Jacob Rolands estate sale. 1787, Sept 21 Joseph proved deed of John Wilcoxen (kin of Daniel Boone) to heirs of Abraham Welty. 2-2-1788, Abraham Welty descd. heir of Jacob Crow, exec to estate of Abraham Welty descd of Rowan Co. sold to Joseph Roland of Rowan Co. Signed by Leonard Smithlive & John Cronger, Wit by Thomas Todd 1788 Joseph Roland also Daniel Roland & Joseph Shell witnesses to Gasper Roland's land purchase in Rowan Co., NC from Welty estate. (Mrs. Crabtree copied from the Rowan Co. courthouse in summer 1984 in Salsury) (This must be an older Daniel than the one we have recorded who was born about that time.) 1790 In Rowan Co., NC 1796 Joseph & wife Catherine sold land to Edward Parker, Rowan Co., NC 220 pounds for 100 acres, wit by John Hendricks & Wm Hendricks 1798, June 2 Daniel Roland, Joseph Roland & John Welty wit to land sale of four lots in town of Salisbury from John hendricks who moved to Montgomery Co., KY. 1799 Joseph Roland tax list in Bourbon Co., KY, 15 acres, 4 horses. 1800 Joseph on the tax list for Bourbon Co., KY 1804, Jan 12 Warrent on Lick Fork, Drake Creek Warren Co., KY for 200 acres. 1805 Joseph inventoried Daniel Rowland estate in Warren Co., KY. appraisers were James Dell & Jones Heleman. 1806 Warrent on Drake Creek, Warren Co., KY for 246 acres. 1806 Warrent on Barren Fork, Drake Creek, Warren Co., KY for 150 acres. 1807 Joseph Roland recieved from John Dobbins and John McCracken land in Warren Co, KY 1809 Warrent on Drake Creek, Warren Co., KY for 150 acres. 1810 Warrent on Drake Creek, Warren Co., KY for 35 acres. 1810 Warren Co., KY census, Drakes Creek community near Gasper Roland, James Hendricks & Jacob Keithly. 1815 Warrent on Drake Creek, Warren Co., KY for 44 acres. 1816, Sept 5 Joseph sold to Charles Holcomb 20 acres on Lick Fork of Drake Creek, Warren Co., KY for $50. 1816 Joseph & Catherine ,his wife, sold to John E. Eubanks 109 acres on Lick Fork of Drake Creek, Warren Co., KY for $600. 1818 April 14 Joseph & Catherine sold to Jacob Hendricks 37+ acres on Drake Creek in Warren Co., KY for $14 1819 Joseph sold to Polly Snelton 9 acres on Lick Fork of Drake Creek Warren Co., KY for $20. bounded by John Robertson & Joseph Rolands corner. 1822 Joseph Roland lived in Muhlenberg Co., KY sfter the Jacob Hendricks moved there in 1822 & performed marriages there in the 1820s. 1826 Rutherford Co., TN for ordination of Isham Gibson, Attest Abraham Welty (son-in-law of Joseph Roland) ??? 1827, Jul Joseph Roland performed wedding of Esron Hendricks s/o Jacob Hendricks & frany Roland in Muhlenberg Co., KY. 1827 Joseph had deeded 37+ acres for 1 cent on Drakes Creek to Jacob Hendricks adjoining Jacob's 200 acre farm.. It was his wages - erecting house, clearing land, building fence or as uncle to Franey. 1828-29 JosephRoland led a group of Dunkard families from Muhlenberg Co., Ky to Illinois forming the Sugsr Creek church to serve Morgan & Sangamon Cos. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.