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a. Note:   Date of birth based on Broderbund Family Archive #304, Ed. 1, Census Records, Indiana, 1860, Date of Import: Mar 10, 1998, Internal Ref. #1.304.1.16171.54]
  Individual: Nevins, Lucy A.
 Age: 9 Year(s)
 Ethnicity: White
 Birthplace: Indiana
 County: Parke
 Township: Raccoon
 Post Office: Bridgeton
 State: IN
 Census Page Number: 0438
 Census Line Number: 22A
 National Archives Series Number: M653
 National Archives Microfilm Number: 287
 Real Property: $0
 Personal Property: $0
 Literate: Yes
 School Within Year: Yes
 Family Number: 0444
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