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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Branson: Birth: 26 May 1764 in Frederick Co., VA. Death: 3 Mar 1789

  2. Lois Branson: Birth: 4 Jan 1765 in Frederick Co., VA. Death: 26 Jul 1830 in Highland Co., OH

  3. Robert Branson: Birth: 13 Jul 1767 in VA. Death: 23 Nov 1830 in Highland Co., OH

  4. Hannah Branson: Birth: 13 Apr 1770 in Frederick Co., VA.

  5. David Branson: Birth: 30 Jan 1776 in Frederick Co., VA. Death: 1844 in Grant Co., IN

  6. Eunice Branson: Birth: 10 Sep 1778 in Frederick Co., VA. Death: 1846 in Randolph, IN

  7. Jacob Branson: Birth: 18 Nov 1781 in NC. Death: ? Oct 1832 in Delaware Co., IN

  8. Elizabeth Branson: Birth: 1783/1784 in VA.

a. Note:   n many early Frederick Co., VA books as a land owner and member of Society of Friends. His land is referenced on early Frederick Co. maps. The Branson land was
 within a few miles of John Achor's land.
 Following is a summary of the migration of Hannah Branson's immediate family:
 Thomas Branson and family left Crooked Run MM (Society of Friends Monthly Meeting) in VA granted request to New Garden MM NC 9-6-1779. Son, John Branson, traveled with Rev. Thomas Beals/Bales and James Horton (Beals son-in-law) to Shawnee
 Territory with Rev. Beals dream of preaching Christianity to the red men (befriended Tecumseh and Waw-Wil-a-Way). �6 They had killed a large number of bear, deer and other animals and were camped at Bluestone in KY (approx. 1878-early 1880).
 Rev. Beals party returned home but left Horton, John, and 5 other men to bring home their catch. The Indians killed the 5 men. James Horton's gun misfired and he was injured. He told John "You're not going to leave me are you?" John said no
 and they were captured. James Horton was taken to an Indian camp in Chillicothe and killed. John was first supposed to be burned at the stake, then shot, then taken to Lake Erie to be put to death. When the men did not return as expected Thomas Branson and Rev. Thomas Beals left to search for them, receiving approval for Ohio Territory on 7-29-1780 from New Garden MM NC. They returned 9-30-1780 as noted by New Garden MM NC. They did not find him.
 4-24-1784 request from Thomas Branson for Crooked Run MM VA. Family moved from NC to VA. John Branson befriended an Indian and was able to escape at night. He found his way home. The family did not recognize him because of his ill condition. He lived approx. 3 years more. �6 1-31-1789 Hannah Branson disowned at Crooked Run MM VA (married Richard Trenary). Richard was a Revolutionary War Veteran (Loudon Militia). In Goodspeed's History of Greene Co. TN 1887, "About 1790 a large number of Friends or Quakers began to come into the county from PA and NC...early Friend John B. Beales". "They established the New Hope MM in Eastern Greene Co. at Quaker Knob.
 This is 1 mile West of Rheatown. Rheatown was the center of all roads at that time, leading West and North through Cumberland Gap." John B. Beales/Beals was Rev. Thomas Beales nephew. John Beales married Lois Branson, Hannah's sister.
 11-5-1791 request from Thomas Branson (Hannah no longer appears with family) to move to Westfield MM NC. He does not end up at Westfield, but instead travels to Greene Co., TN. Thomas Sr. is listed on tax records for 1791, 1792, & 1798.
 Showed ownership of land in 1792 & 1798. Also listed on 1791& 1792 is his son, Robert Branson. Also listed on 1798 are sons, David & Thomas Jr. Branson, and John Beales/Bales. Richard & Hannah Branson Trenary are in Greene County. Richard
 is listed in 1795 on a grand jury. Mary and Thomas Trenary born 1795/96 TN.
 In 1795 Thomas Beals and Nathanial Pope, a personal friend of Daniel Boone, went on an exploratory trip to the region that is Highland Co., Fairfield Twp, by way of Chillicothe to avoid Indians. They met Indians on the trail near 7 caves and
 developed a friendship. Explored streams and Indian trails. Nathanial Pope went back to NC to get his family and make the trip to Ohio - left spring of 1796 in covered wagons with large drove of cattle, horses, chickens, and camping supplies.
 Reached Gallipolis and received fresh supplies from French settlement. Journeyed down Ohio river. Looking for Quaker settlement of "The Big Bottom", which Rev. Beals found earlier. When arrived many Friends families from NC already there.
 In fall of 1798 Pope and son William killed 83 bears, 10 buffaloes, several deer, turkeys, and other wild life on banks of Symmes and Raccoon Creeks. They moved on. Ended up at a camp at the falls of Paint Creek (now Highland County)
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