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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ann Johnson: Birth: ABT 1620 in James City Co. VA. Death: BEF 1682 in James City Co. VA

  2. John "The Elder" Johnson: Birth: ABT 1623 in James City Co. VA. Death: AFT 1681 in James City Co. VA

a. Note:   this John Johnson, though my mother always told me the Johnsons were of Scotch-Irish extraction.)
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 "A Brief History of Jamestown, Virginia"
 John Johnson is presumed to have arrived in the early Jamestown, Virginia settlement sometime between 1607-1619. In 1607 John would have been approx. 16 years old. Of the original 140 colonists, only 105 men and boys landed at Jamestown on Mar. 5, 1607. Feb. 1, 1608 saw the arrival of the "John and Francis", carrying food and 60 new settlers. In 1619: "Young maids to make the former Tenants" arrive. The Virginia Company dictates they are to be priced at not less than "one hundredth and fiftie (pounds)of the best leafe Tobacco." Those who married one of these first 90 women had to pay their passage...120 pounds of tobacco. John's wife, Ann, is believed to have been one of these women. This same year the first 20 blacks are purchased as indentured servants from a passing Dutch ship.
  Per Stacy Penman 'My Johnson Family':
 Property: ABT 1620, received a grant of 100 acres (15 acres near the eastern end of Jamestown Island and 85 acres at Jockey Neck, west of Archer's Hope, now College Creek)
 Will: If he left a will it would have perished in the fire that destroyed the State House about 1655.
 Notes: The Johnson family was one of the first families to come to America.
 John is listed in the Complete Book of Emmigrants. He may be the same John Johnson listed in Early Child Immigrants to Virginia who came in 1618. In the early years of the 17th century, it seems that there were a number of vagrant children roaming the streets of London. It has been suggested that some were orphaned by the plague, while others came from families too large to support them. The Virginia Company, ever hungry for colonists, requested that some of these children should be gathered into groups and sent to Virginia as so-called apprentices, to be given land and freedom on reaching maturity. A natural collection center for the children seemed to be Bridewell Royal Hospital, and so, with the consent of the Lord Mayor of London, and the corporation who paid the expenses, the children were gathered for the voyage on several different occasions.
 It may be possible that John married Ann as soon as he arrived in Virginia and they may have started their family. They lived in the Greater Wiccomico Parish, Northumberland Co., Virginia. John is one of those person referred to as an 'Ancient Planter', the term applied to those persons who arrived in Virginia before 1616, remained for a period of three years, paid their passage, and survived the massacre of 1622. They received the first patents of land in the new world as authorized by Sir Thomas Dale in 1618 for their personal adventure.
 John was living in Virginia by 1616 and when the census was taken in 1623, he was established at Jamestown with his wife and two children, whose names are given in the muster in 1624 and 1625. 'His first person divident, where of 15 acres is situated on the east of the Backe River etc. and 85 arcres are upon a small branch of Archer's Hope Creek, parting the same from the main devdt. of Ensign William Spencer. Upon the back of said land fee rent 1 shilling for every 50 acres. Note: the former patent granted by Sir George Yeardly is to be accounted void.'
 On 16 Aug 1624, John was ordered to repair the late dewlling house of Ensign Wm. Spencer on James City Island and make good the fences about the ground according to an agreement entered into by the two men.
 John was party to a suit over a sow in 1629.
 (Stacy believes John's wife was Ann Goche)
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