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Marriage: Children:
  1. Susannah Warner: Birth: 9 Nov 1796 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 11 Oct 1849 in Miami County, Ohio

  2. Henry Warner: Birth: 27 May 1798 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: Jul 1862

  3. Elizabeth Warner: Birth: 10 Apr 1800 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

  4. Abraham Warner: Birth: 27 Sep 1801 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 6 Dec 1825

  5. John Jacob Warner: Birth: 27 Oct 1803 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 31 Mar 1878 in Montgomery County, Ohio

  6. Barbara Warner: Birth: 16 Apr 1804 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 25 Nov 1825

  7. Mary Polly Warner: Birth: 7 Oct 1806 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 29 Aug 1879 in Montgomery County, Ohio

  8. Jacob Lingenfelter Warner: Birth: 7 Jul 1808 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 2 Jul 1891 in Bearcreek, Cedar County, Missouri

  9. Rosanna Warner: Birth: 23 Aug 1810 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 29 Jan 1877 in Montgomery County, Ohio

  10. Nancy Warner: Birth: 18 Sep 1812 in Montgomery County, Ohio. Death: 23 Jun 1884 in Montgomery County, Ohio

  11. George Warner: Birth: 31 Mar 1814 in Montgomery County, Ohio. Death: 1 Jan 1826

  12. Catherine Warner: Birth: 11 Dec 1815 in Montgomery County, Ohio. Death: 1 Oct 1851

  13. Esther Warner: Birth: 3 Mar 1820 in Randolph Township, Montgomery County, Ohio. Death: 5 Sep 1888 in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio

Marriage: Children:
  1. David Warner: Birth: 23 Feb 1828. Death: Jun 1921

  2. Joseph Warner: Birth: 4 Feb 1830.

  3. Daniel Warner: Birth: 31 Mar 1832.

  4. Lydia Warner: Birth: 18 Aug 1834 in Montgomery County, Ohio. Death: 18 Jun 1894 in Covington, Ohio

a. Note:   Jacob Warner's Will
  In the name of God, Amen, I Jacob Warner of Clay Twp., Montgomery County, Ohio, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, blessed be God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner & form following, that is to say: First this is my will and do order that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid out of my estate. Secondly, I give & bequeath unto my beloved wife, Susannah, choice of two horse creatures with gears and plough fit to hitch in for ploughing, also 5 cows, & 1 heifer; also all the sheep own, also 10 head of hogs the choice of the gang, also all the beds and bedding thereunto belonging with the besteads in my possession, also a kitchen dresser with all the furniture therein, also a clothes cupboard with all the clothes therein, also all the kitchen furniture in my psosession, also 2 iron kettles, 10 bags the choice in the number, half dozen chairs, 1 churn; all of which shall be her own property & at her disposal. I further give and bequeath to her my said wife, the new Bible as long as she shall live, and after decease shall revert to my heirs, further is this my will that my real estate shall be sold by my Executors herein named as soon as convenient after my decease, either by private or public sale, & to such time until my said place shall be sold, my said wife & my son Jacob shall continue on the farm as we now do & out of the product of the same my wife & children shall have their necessary living until the place is sold, the balance, if any, shall fall to my estate, & after the place is sold it is my will that my Executors shall purchase for my said wife a small farm at the rate from $1200 to $2000 and that shall be her residence as long as she is my widow, after which it shall revert to my lawful heirs.
  I further give & bequeath to Catherine Warner, formerly Seas, the sum of $50, also Abraham Seas $50, also to Jacob Seas $50, and also to the said Abraham and Jacob a good suit of freedom clothes to be paid out of my estate. The balance of my estate shall be equally divided among my lawful heirs, excepting the share that would fall to my son Henry, I will and do order to be laid out in land for the use of his children by my said Executors and my said son Henry shall have the privilege to live on the land as long as he shall live and after his decease it shall be the sole property of my grandchildren, the lawful heirs of my son Henry and further a balance of $50 charged in my book against my son-in-law, John Ditmer, no interest shall be charged on the same. Further I do order that John Teirman now living with me shall see to another home after my decease & I give & bequeath to him $10 out of my estate, further I constitute & appoint my son-in-law John Baker & my son John Warner to be my Executors of this my last will & testament ratifying this & no other to be my last will & testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 13th day of June 1835.
  Witnesses: John Studybaker David A. John John Spitler Read in court July 10, 1835.
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