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Goronwy Ap Howel Y Gadair: Birth: Abt. 1440.
Ieuan Ap Howel Y Gadair: Birth: Abt. 1444.
Tudor Ap Howel Y Gadair: Birth: Abt. 1442.
Sarah Gaddis: Birth: Abt. 1810.
Sichelgaita Gaeta: Birth: Abt. 855.
Alice Gage: Birth: Abt. 1485. Death: Aft. 1540
Bessie Grace Gahan: Birth: Abt. 1870.
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Mary Gaines: Birth: Abt. 1765 in Albemarle Co., VA. Death: 1830
William Nathaniel Gaines: Birth: 3 Mar 1737/38 in Middlesex Co., VA. Death: 7 Mar 1827 in Danville, Boyle Co., KY
Agnes Gainsford: Birth: Abt. 1432 in Bedgebury in Goudburst, Kent, England.
Anne Gainsford: Birth: Abt. 1515.
John Gainsford: Birth: Abt. 1420.
John Gainsford: Birth: Abt. 1470 in England.
Margaret Gainsford: Birth: 1450 in Swanborne, Hampshire, England.
Mary Gainsford: Birth: Abt. 1499 in Upcott, Devonshire, England. Death: Bef. 12 Feb 1571/72 in England
Nicholas Gainsford: Birth: 1424 in Crowhurst, Surrey, England. Death: 1498 in Crowhurst, Surrey, England
William Gainsford: Birth: Abt. 1422.
UNKNOWN Galahad: Birth: Abt. 700.
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Andregota Galindez: Birth: 914.
Aznar I Galindez: Birth: 785. Death: Abt. 839
Aznar Galindez: Birth: 833. Death: 893
Tota Galindez: Birth: Abt. 890.
Marjory Galithly: Birth: Abt. 1200 in Scotland.
UNKNOWN Galla: Birth: Abt. 354.
Levi Gallaway: Birth: Abt. 1780.
Unknown Of Galloway: Birth: Abt. 785.
George Henry Gallup: Birth: 10 Jun 1864 in Mendota, La Salle Co., IL. Death: 6 Feb 1932 in Washougal, Clark Co., WA
George Horace GALLUP: Birth: Nov 1901 in Jefferson, Greene Co., IA. Death: Jul 1984 in Switzerland
John Nelson Gallup: Birth: 1 Sep 1829 in Escoheag Hill, Kent Co., RI. Death: 27 Dec 1907 in Jefferson, Greene Co., IA
Nelson Gallup: Birth: 20 Feb 1805 in Voluntown, New London Co., CT. Death: 31 Mar 1894
Mary Galpin: Birth: Abt. 1797 in Farmington, Hartford Co., CT. Death: Abt. 1853 in Peru, Miami Co., IN
David Gam: Birth: Abt. 1365 in Fenel Hill, Wales.
Hywel Melyn Ap Gwilym Gam: Birth: Abt. 1400 in Gwyr Byellt, Wales.
Ithel Llwyd Ap Gam: Birth: Abt. 1225.
Morgan Ap Gam: Birth: Abt. 1150.
Thomas Ap David Gam: Birth: Abt. 1400.
Barbara Gamage: Birth: Abt. 1565 in Coity, Glamorganshire, Wales. Death: May 1621 in Penhurst, Sussex, England
Katherine Gamage: Birth: Abt. 1505.
Margaret Gamage: Birth: Abt. 1515 in Coety, Glamorganshire, Wales. Death: 1 May 1591 in Ryegate, Surrey, England
Thomas Gamage: Birth: Abt. 1484 in Coety, Glamorganshire, Wales.
Elizabeth Gambon: Birth: Abt. 1420 in Merton, Devon, England.
John Gambon: Birth: Abt. 1394.
Mary Polly Gambrell: Birth: 6 May 1821. Death: 27 Jun 1897
Amy Games: Birth: Abt. 1532 in England. Death: Abt. 1604 in Wellington, Somerset, England
Robert Games: Birth: Abt. 1500.
Alfhild Gandolfsdottir: Birth: Abt. 665 in Denmark. Death: Abt. 759 in Uppsala, Sweden
Diego Garcia: Birth: Abt. 1160 in Toledo, New Castile, Spain.
Ines Garcia: Birth: Abt. 1261 in Toledo, New Castile, Spain.
Pedro Garcia: Birth: Abt. 1184 in Toledo, New Castile, Spain.
Radbard Gardarige: Birth: Abt. 620 in Denmark.
Julia Gardiner: Birth: 4 May 1820 in Gardiner's Island, NY. Death: 1889 in Richmond, VA
Martha Gardiner: Birth: 31 Aug 1739 in Exeter, RI. Death: 16 Sep 1819 in Stephentown, NY
Mary Gardiner: Birth: Abt. 1460.
Nicholas Gardiner: Birth: Abt. 1654 in Newport, Newport Co., RI. Death: Abt. 1712 in Narragansett, RI
Nicholas Gardiner: Birth: 2 Apr 1688 in South Kingston, Washington Co., RI. Death: 6 Apr 1743 in North Kingston, Washington Co., RI
Nicholas Gardiner: Birth: 6 Dec 1710 in Kingston, Washington Co., RI. Death: 20 Jun 1801 in North Kingston, Washington Co., RI
Richard Gardiner: Birth: Abt. 1440.
Dorothy Ayer Gardner: Birth: 27 Feb 1892 in Harvard, iL. Death: 17 Sep 1967 in Grand Rapids, MI
Edward Gardner: Birth: 1477.
Levi Addison Gardner: Birth: 24 Apr 1861 in IL. Death: 9 May 1916 in Grand Rapids, MI
Thomas Gardner: Birth: Abt. 1449 in West Riding, York England. Death: 1492 in England
Thomas Gardner: Birth: Abt. 1477.
William Gardner: Birth: 1476.
Abram Garfield: Birth: Abt. 1800.
Abram Garfield: Birth: 21 Nov 1872.
Edward Garfield: Birth: 25 Dec 1874.
Eliza Arabella Garfield: Birth: 3 Jul 1860.
Harry Augustus Garfield: Birth: 11 Oct 1863.
Irvin McDowell Garfield: Birth: 3 Aug 1870.
James Abram GARFIELD: Birth: 19 Nov 1831 in Orange, Cuyohoga Co., OH. Death: 19 Nov 1881 in Elberon, NJ
James Rudolf Garfield: Birth: 17 Oct 1865.
Mary Garfield: Birth: 16 Jan 1867.
Caroline Garlinghouse: Birth: Abt. 1856. Death: 1894
Leman Benton Garlinghouse: Birth: 1814. Death: 1872
Alice Elizabeth Garmon: Birth: Abt. 1295.
Theutberga Garnier: Birth: Abt. 995.
Warius Garnier: Birth: 885 in 6 dec 924.
Cynau Garwyn: Birth: Abt. 930.
Agnes Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1389 in Gawthorpe Hall, Yorkshire, England. Death: Aft. 1466
Alice Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1390 in Hunslet, Yorkshire, England.
Anne Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1436 in Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, England.
Elizabeth Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1390 in Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, England.
Elizabeth Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1471 in Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, England.
Joan Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1428.
Richard Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1355 in Hunslet, Yorkshire, England. Death: Abt. 1423
William I Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1025.
William II Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1060.
William III Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1089 in Lasingcroft, Yorkshire, England.
William IV Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1120 in Lasingcroft, Yorkshire, England.
William IX Gascoigne: Birth: 1298 in Harewood, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1380
William V Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1151 in Lasingcroft, Yorkshire, England.
William VI Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1182 in Lasingcroft, England. Death: 1222
William VII Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1218 in Kirkby, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1270
William VIII Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1250 in Harewood, Yorkshire England. Death: 1330
William X Gascoigne: Birth: 1335 in Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, England. Death: 17 Dec 1419 in Harewood, Yorkshire, England
William XI Gascoigne: Birth: Abt. 1370 in Harewood, Yorkshire, England. Death: 28 Mar 1422

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