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William Washington III Gordon: Birth: 15 Apr 1866.
William Gordon: Birth: Abt. 1425 in Scotland. Death: Bef. 1455 in Scotland
William Gordon: Birth: Abt. 1303 in Salmesbury, Lancastershire, Engalnd. Death: Abt. 1370 in Scotland
William Gordon: Birth: Abt. 1415.
William Gordon: Birth: Abt. 1533 in Scotland. Death: Jan 1580/81 in Scotland
William Gordon: Birth: Abt. 1600 in Scotland. Death: 1660 in Scotland
William Gordon: Birth: Abt. 1540.
William Gordon: Birth: Abt. 1480 in Scotland. Death: 9 Sep 1513 in Battle of Flodden Field, Northumberland, England
William Gordon: Birth: Abt. 1700.
Zachariah Chapman Gordon: Birth: 1841.
Zachariah Herndon Gordon: Birth: 10 Mar 1796 in Wilkes Co., NC.
Adam Gordon-Sutherland: Birth: Abt. 1584 in Dunrobin, Sutherland, Scotland.
Alexander Gordon-Sutherland: Birth: Abt. 1578 in Dunrobin, Sutherland, Scotland.
Jane Gordon-Sutherland: Birth: 1 Nov 1574 in Dunrobin, Sutherland, Scotland. Death: 20 Feb 1614/15 in Strathnaver, Sutherland, Scotland
Mary Gordon-Sutherland: Birth: 14 Aug 1582 in Dunrobin, Sutherland, Scotland.
Robert Gordon-Sutherland: Birth: 13 May 1580 in Dunrobin, Sutherland, Scotland. Death: Mar 1655/56 in Gordonstown, Aberdeen, Scotland
Isabel Gordoun: Birth: Abt. 1441 in Dumfrieshire, Scotland.
Bessie Lillian Gordy: Birth: 15 Aug 1898 in Richland, GA. Death: 30 Oct 1983 in Americus, GA
Barbara Gorius: Birth: 1676 in Glattfelden, Eglisau, Zurich, Switzerland. Death: 1743 in Glattfelden, Eglisau, Zurich, Switzerland
Peter Gorius: Birth: Abt. 1650.
UNKNOWN Gormand: Birth: Abt. 1000.
Harald II Blaatand Gormsson: Birth: Abt. 910 in Blauzahn, Germany. Death: 1 Nov 988 in Jomsburg, Denmark
Cristin Verch Goronwy: Birth: Abt. 1105.
Edwyn Ap Goronwy: Birth: Abt. 1090.
Merwyl Morfudd Verch Goronwy: Birth: Abt. 1048 in Flintshire, Wales.
Rhiengar Verch Goronwy: Birth: Abt. 955.
Rymel Verch Goronwy: Birth: 1111 in Tegaingl, Wales.
Tudor Ap Goronwy: Birth: Abt. 1405.
Tudor Ap Goronwy: Birth: Abt. 1470.
UNKNOWN Goronwy: Birth: Abt. 1060.
UNKNOWN Goronwy: Birth: Abt. 1000.
Anna Rachel Gorsuch: Birth: Abt. 1660.
Catherine Elizabeth Gorsuch: Birth: Abt. 1585.
Daniel Gorsuch: Birth: Apr 1569 in London, England. Death: 8 Oct 1638 in Walkern, England
John Gorsuch: Birth: 1609 in Walkern, England. Death: 24 May 1648
Richard Gorsuch: Birth: Abt. 1630.
William Gorsuch: Birth: Abt. 1540.
Susannah Gorton: Birth: Abt. 1655.
Clyde Goss: Birth: Abt. 1895.
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Aveline Goth: Birth: Abt. 1066.
Theodora Goth: Birth: Abt. 450.
Joan Gothart: Birth: Abt. 1275 in Somerset, England.
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Maria Empey Gould: Birth: 1 Sep 1844 in Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois. Death: 22 May 1891 in St. George, UT
Anne Gouldbourne: Birth: Abt. 1235 in England.
William Gouldbourne: Birth: Abt. 1200 in England.
Elizabeth Goushill: Birth: 1404 in Derbyshire, England.
Joan Goushill: Birth: 1402 in Hoveringham, England. Death: 1459
Margaret Goushill: Birth: Abt. 1290.
Nicholas Goushill: Birth: Abt. 1320.
Robert Goushill: Birth: 1350 in Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England. Death: 2 Jul 1404 in Shropshire, England
Isabel Govily: Birth: Abt. 1340.
Anne Gower: Birth: Abt. 1490 in England.
John Gower: Birth: 1433.
Lowys Gower: Birth: Abt. 1431 in Surrey, England.
Richard Gower: Birth: 1429.
Richard Gower: Birth: Abt. 1350 in Woodhall, Hallow, Worcestershire, England.
Thomas Gower: Birth: Abt. 1398 in Surrey, England. Death: 1458 in Brabourne, East Ashford, Kent, England
Thomas Gower: Birth: Abt. 1375 in Woodhall, Hallow, Worcestershire, England.
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Bridget Grace: Birth: 1365 in Norfolk, England.
Richard Grace: Birth: Abt. 1330.
UNKNOWN Grace: Birth: Abt. 1130 in England.
UNKNOWN Graciana: Birth: 1393 in South Denchworth, Berkshire, England.
UNKNOWN Gracie: Birth: 10 Oct 1897. Death: Jun 1985 in Ringgold, Catoosa Co., GA
? Graham: Birth: Abt. 1300 in Abercorn, Linlithgow, Scotland.
? Graham: Birth: Abt. 1275.
Alexander Graham: Birth: Abt. 1395.
Alexander Graham: Birth: Abt. 1495.
Alexander Graham: Birth: Abt. 1472 in Scotland. Death: 1537 in Scotland
Alexander Graham: Birth: Abt. 1400. Death: Bef. 1420
Catherine Graham: Birth: Abt. 1497 in Montrose, Angus, Scotland.
David Graham: Birth: Abt. 1233.
David Graham: Birth: Abt. 1390.
David Graham: Birth: Abt. 1443.
David Graham: Birth: 1210 in Dundaff Castle, Dunure, Ayrshire, Scotland. Death: 29 Apr 1296 in Battle of Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
David Graham: Birth: Abt. 1274 in Old Montrose, Angusshire, Scotland. Death: 1329 in Kincardine, Perthshire, Scotland
David Graham: Birth: 1185 in Kinnabar, Forfarshire, Scotland. Death: 1244 in Dundaff Castle, Dunure, Ayrshire, Scotland
David Graham: Birth: 1165 in Montrose Castle, Angusshire, Scotland. Death: 1200 in Kinnabar, Forfarshire, Scotland
David Graham: Birth: 1295.
David Graham: Birth: 1320. Death: 1376
Egidia Gille Graham: Birth: Abt. 1535 in Scotland.
Elizabeth Anne Graham: Birth: Abt. 1385 in Dundaff and Kincardine, Lanark, Scotland.
Elizabeth Graham: Birth: Abt. 1440 in Scotland.
Elizabeth Graham: Birth: Abt. 1400.
Elizabeth Graham: Birth: Abt. 1452 in Scotland.
Elizabeth Graham: Birth: Abt. 1516.
Elizabeth Graham: Birth: Abt. 1490 in Scotland.
Euphemia Graham: Birth: Abt. 1422 in Scotland.
Euphemia Graham: Birth: Abt. 1408 in Kilpont, West Lothian, Scotland. Death: Bef. 1 Nov 1468 in Cadzow, Lanark, Scotland
Gilbert Graham: Birth: Abt. 1520 in Scotland.
Henry Graham: Birth: Abt. 1216 in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland. Death: Abt. 1284 in Eskdale, Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
Henry Graham: Birth: Abt. 1185 in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland.
Henry Graham: Birth: Abt. 1154 in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland.
Isabel Graham: Birth: Abt. 1298.
Isabel Graham: Birth: Abt. 1300 in Abercorn, Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland.
James Graham: Birth: Abt. 1447.

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