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Marriage: Children:
  1. Giovanni Baptiste Cifelli: Birth: 10 Jul 1886 in Prov,Ri. Death: 16 Jul 1974 in Herbert Nur Hm,Smithfield Ri

  2. Augustine Cifelli: Birth: 10 Jan 1888 in Prov,Ri. Death: 13 May 1952 in Prov,Ri

  3. Maria A. Cifelli: Birth: 9 Feb 1890 in Prov,Ri. Death: 15 Apr 1975 in Prov,Ri

  4. Ernesto Vincenzo Cifelli: Birth: 19 Nov 1891 in Prov,Ri. Death: 21 Apr 1980 in Prov,Ri

  5. Assunta Cifelli: Birth: 11 Jan 1894 in Prov,Ri. Death: 19 Feb 1981 in Providence,Rhode Island

  6. Lucia R. Cifelli: Birth: 1 Apr 1896 in Prov,Ri. Death: 8 May 1896 in Prov,Ri

  7. Elisabetta (Lizzie) Cifelli: Birth: 10 Jul 1897 in Prov,Ri. Death: 12 Nov 1969 in Prov,Ri

  8. Adelina Cifelli: Birth: 19 Nov 1899 in Prov,Ri. Death: 19 Dec 1982 in Anaheim,Ca

  9. Eduardo Alberto Cifelli: Birth: 9 Aug 1902 in Providence,Rhode Island. Death: 30 Aug 1974 in Canoga Park,Ca

  10. Fiorinda Cifelli: Birth: 5 Sep 1905 in Prov,Ri. Death: 29 May 1906 in Prov,Ri

  11. Giuseppe Nicola Cifelli: Birth: 5 Feb 1907 in Prov,Ri. Death: 15 Jan 1986 in Prov,Ri

a. Note:   !Guiseppe Cifelli came to this country from the Community of Frusolon
Note:   e on May 30, 1875 at the age of 27 years. He was a barber by trade and remained one for the rest of his natural life. On May 6, 1892 he finally became a citizen of the United States. It is unknown whether or not he came to America with his brother Domenico, as his brother appears on the family roles at a different time than he did. His story is unique, in that he and his brother married two sisters from the same town in Italy (Frosolne). They married in this country, both had many children. Guiseppe had fathered 13 sons and daughters and Domenico fathered 11 sons and daughters. For some unknown reason both of them named thier first born sons the same name. Guiseppe's son was named Giovanni Baptiste and Domenico named his first son Giovanni Batiste. One was named after the person who baptized Christ and the other after the Italian artist. This is only the begining ofthe complications. One was born on July 10, 1886 and the other was born on Jun 10, 1886. When researching the birth rolls, it was appeared that there was a typo for an individuals who had two wives and many children, in fact it would appear that he was married to his second wife before his first wife past away. Which was not the case. After getting copies of the Family Records it become apparent that there were two John B. Cifelli's, who were related as cousins. Certainly a Genealogist's nightmare.
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